If you found out your neighbor was an illegal alien,would you turn him in ?

Kennedy1st 2010/08/20 16:55:14
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  • Mark 2010/08/26 01:16:50
    NO !
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/08/21 04:19:34
  • lion 2010/08/21 02:22:47
    Hell yes.
  • jaymz 2010/08/20 23:10:45
    unless your 100 % native american -- We are all illegal aliens !
  • santa6642 2010/08/20 22:43:15
    in a heart beat
  • jerrbear 2010/08/20 19:25:02
  • Icedragon1969 2010/08/20 18:50:47
    You bet.
  • FraidSkinkle 2010/08/20 18:28:14
    id blackmail him to do stuff for me
  • Taarakian 2010/08/20 18:19:33
    Oh yeah.. 1 less illegal to worry about!
  • Heather 2010/08/20 18:06:38 (edited)
    Please don't take this the wrong way, but I would not. As my neighbor they have a set, sturdy, established life. I would never dare to take that away from them, it's not my place. Especailly considering how hard they might have worked to get to where they were. If someone else found out and turned them in, I would understand and agree with what they were doing because it is technically the right thing to do. But me, personally, could never take someone's fate (and possibly the fate of their family) in my hands like that. That is unless they have done something horrable like murder or theft, then I would not hasitate to turn them in. But as long as they are decent neighbors I would not turn them in.
  • Knot_RIch Heather 2010/08/20 19:56:08
    I can see your compassion, but, how about that legal citizen who doesn't have a job because this illegal alien has it? What do we dare take away from him, his established life, the clothes from his children, his ability to feed his family? As much as we might feel compassion for the illegal, because he is our neighbor and we see him, the ramifications of his actions extend beyond what is visible to us, even though we do not physically see them they require just as much consideration. Even though we do not see their faces, that unemployed man and his family are just as real. The world is bigger than what meets our eyes, extends beyond our personal emotions, sometimes we need to consider the larger picture. No matter your decision, you are taking the fate of someone's family in your hands, that of your illegal neighbor, and that of the legal neighbor who maybe was, or could be, living there, if he had a job. Just something to consider.
    And thanks for writing a mature response, you don't see many teenagers who know how to use capital letters and punctuation any more, much less think at your depth. I feel better about where my tax dollars are going. You give me hope.
  • Knot_RIch 2010/08/20 17:44:36
    Yep, it's the right thing to do.
  • Foxiie Knot_RIch 2010/08/20 18:29:37
    but not the fun thing to do!
  • Knot_RIch Foxiie 2010/08/20 19:18:11
    No doubt foxie, depending on the situation. But, that's the thing about life. As we grow older we realize more and more that choices we make in our lives aren't always fun, or simple, or easy, or even pleasant in any way. Probably most of the decisions we're forced to make every day are dealing with situations which occured outside our realm of control, yet, there they are, affecting our lives, and we have to make the choice, that thing we will live with for the rest of our lives. It might not be fun, but is it the right thing to do? When I put my head on the pillow, I want to know I did what I believed was the right thing, whether it was fun or hard or popular. God gave us the ability to do that, make those choices, how we use that ability is entirely up to us.
  • Foxiie Knot_RIch 2010/08/20 19:23:51
    if the question was serious i would agree with you,but it's really not!
    there is NO aliens!!
  • Knot_RIch Foxiie 2010/08/20 19:35:07
    I didn't assume there were. I was just responding to the situational question, not suggesting any course of action for you to take. I didn't pick up any indications this was a joke question, sorry.
  • Foxiie Knot_RIch 2010/08/20 19:37:28
    Hey that's fine i understand. :o)
  • Jay0Byrd 2010/08/20 17:38:03
    Oh Hell` Yeah
  • DoingMyPart 2010/08/20 17:37:37
  • JoeLove~PWCM~JLA 2010/08/20 17:28:24
    It doesn't do any good. We had a dozen illegals living in a 2 bedroom house just 2 doors down. They would use the backyard, day or night, as their bathroom. I reported the situation to city, county and federal authorities and not one of them would act. That was a few years ago and now the climate has changed some...but how much would they really do???
  • 0o0SatansEmoChild0o0 2010/08/20 17:26:40
    Errrrrrr heh heh my neighbor IS an alien O.O ... lol XD

  • lorenzo.d 2010/08/20 17:16:19
    Hell Yahh
  • SobeAngel* BN - 0 2010/08/20 17:09:36
  • Foxiie 2010/08/20 17:02:45
    you mean turn the excitement away? NO WAY!!

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