If you could, would you outsource your work and goof off instead?

L.A. Times 2013/01/17 17:00:00
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It's a worst-case scenario for most employees: There's someone in China who can do your job quickly, efficiently and for about one-fifth of your salary, and your boss absolutely loves his work.

But one U.S. software developer turned this nightmare on its head and actually benefited from outsourcing, a report says. That's because, unbeknownst to his bosses, he hired a Chinese developer to do his job, allowing him to take home impeccable performance reviews while actually spending the day watching cat videos and shopping on EBay.

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  • Scheißegal 2013/01/18 21:18:51
    You're a bunch of useless slackers...
  • Ike Scheißegal 2013/02/03 13:48:05
    I have had a full time job making near or above six digits since 1975. I don't have to outsource my math skills to know that that is 38 years in March. I can't outsource my job as I sit in the pointy end of an aluminum tube and cart ever fatter humans around from point A to point B... but if I could, I would. I've watched over the years as this country has become the land of the non-working living off the working. I've been in the latter category for long enough. My feeling now is "If you can't beat 'em join 'em." Now, all I need to find an guy from Asia who is 6'4", pudgy, balding and with a cranky attitude to "be" me. I am accepting resumes at crankyoldwhiteguy@badattitude... : )
  • Scheißegal Ike 2013/02/03 16:15:27
    Oh no, I hope that was sarcasm. Please don't join them. It saddens me enough the percentage of unemployed that choose to be unemployed and harvest money from those who are employed.
  • Jim 2013/01/18 20:41:06
    This is the epitome of selfishness. The ultimate flower of Reaganomics and all the evil that Era spawned for 30 years.

    There is a point where popular buzzwords like "efficiency" and "excellence" has to take a back seat to Doing What Is Right. That means there is *NO* Comparative Advantage opportunity out there worth destroying the social fabric over!

    If China can do consumer electronics and programming better, it's because we spent the last 30 years moving vast amounts of capital and talent over there to help them achieve it. The reason that was done was to take advantage of the "business-friendly" atmosphere and oversupply of docile cheap labor.

    How's sucking up to Wall Street and giving business everything they wanted for 30 years worked out for ya lately??? That disgusting pro-business pro-Wall Street morality begat twits like this one who offshored his job to China. He should get a taste of being on unemployment and seeing his years of training mean absolutely nothing as he is given a job reference to hold up a We Buy Gold or Five Dollar Pizza! sign on a sidewalk.
  • S123 2013/01/18 18:09:54
    I wouldn't want to get payed to pretend to work.
  • shiva 2013/01/18 17:47:42
    Does anyone remember in math class when they said to "show your work"? Yea not a smart idea to do what this guy did for any extended time. When your boss approaches you to say GREAT WORK how'd ya do it?! You're gonna be sweating bullets.
  • bootlegga 2013/01/18 17:30:16 (edited)
    This is the American Dream - money for nothing! ;)

    Besides, let's be honest, if the Verizon CEO outsourced this guy's job, he wouldn't have gotten fired, he would have gotten a raise and/or stock options.
  • Will of Truth 2013/01/18 17:02:57
    Will of Truth
    65% of you need to get the hell out of this country. Your slacker losers, with no morals, initiative, common sense, and drive. The fact you consider your selves American is a disgrace.
  • Brave & Crazy 2013/01/18 16:29:08
    Brave & Crazy
    As a manager, I out-source my job to other employees every day! But what this guy did? Genius!
  • ibsteve2u 2013/01/18 15:16:07
    As you can hardly blame somebody else for a screw-up that you submit in the limited described scenario, I'd have to go over everything they did with a fine-toothed comb anyway...so I might as well do the work myself.

    The described scenario would be impossible to believe, by the way, except for the fact that countries in that area rig their currency exchange rates with the dollar. That ensures they'll always have competitive primacy...and our top-echelon political and corporate leaders are loving the money they harvest by using the resulting cheaper labor instead of American labor too much to care about the fact that the consequence is America decays under us all.
  • harasnicole 2013/01/18 14:57:24 (edited)
    I wouldn't watch cat videos, though. Also, I would first need a job to outsource.
  • The Andoxico 2013/01/18 14:42:51
    The Andoxico
    it sounds like a win-win situation
  • Kota 2013/01/18 14:42:33
    If I could save myself time and money... Why not?
  • Aleksandr 2013/01/18 14:33:33
    Never trust a communist with my firm books.
  • Professor Wizard 2013/01/18 14:15:38
    Professor Wizard
    I would not.. I like my job.

    But that was pretty creative!
  • Yu Ogata 2013/01/18 13:55:07
    Yu Ogata
    I have no job to outsource to India or China.
  • SezMichael 2013/01/18 11:28:27
    first off, I like my job. second if I found out I was paying an IT employee for work he didn't do, I'd cut out the middle man and go the talented person he hired. That happens all the time, too.
  • Joey 2013/01/18 10:02:34
    I like my job, and I like doing it .
  • hatter 2013/01/18 07:18:00
  • SezMichael hatter 2013/01/18 11:56:45
    depends on the kind of work. If it's programming and I find out you're not the talent behind your work, then why should I pay you so much when I can get it cheaper dealing with India like you did?
  • Profess... SezMichael 2013/01/18 14:15:04
    Professor Wizard
    The key is you finding out...

    If you hired a guy to redo your bathroom, and he charges you $30k.. then he hires someone to do it for $15k... you would drop him and hire the worker direct once you found out.

    subcontracting is a pretty normal thing.
  • SezMichael Profess... 2013/01/18 15:31:30 (edited)
    Home renovations are different. The homeowner doesn't care if you do it or got someone else to do it as long as we stick to the nagreed price.

    My line of work is software and hardware design. If you signed a non-disclosure agreement, then getting a non-employee involved in doing your work means you've violated the agreement and you can lose your job.
  • Profess... SezMichael 2013/01/18 19:29:58
    Professor Wizard
    Yea.. those ND's do get in the way of such plans.. LOL

    and he DID lose his job! :)
  • hatter SezMichael 2013/01/18 16:27:04
  • wolf 2013/01/18 04:55:28
    I cant live without cat videos
  • Steelshrt 2013/01/18 04:22:15
    Corporations do it every day. Why not the individual? As long as the work is getting done with quality results.
  • Gregaj7 2013/01/18 03:25:38
    No job to outsource.
  • NotTargetMaterial 2013/01/18 01:47:54
  • SezMichael NotTarg... 2013/01/18 11:40:11
    no it isn't. The company is paying the same salary they would have paid anyway. But on the other hand, now that company knows he's not the real talent behind his work, they could skip the middle man and go directly to the source. I would.
  • NotTarg... SezMichael 2013/01/22 02:07:10
    Thats only if they find out.
  • SezMichael NotTarg... 2013/01/22 04:27:53
    well apparently it's not hard to find out because the guy got fired. Is that anyway to have a career? Just living day to day hoping this isn't the day they find out?
  • NotTarg... SezMichael 2013/01/23 10:04:49
    Thats how EVERYTHING is. We are all living day to day. Theres no guarantee that you will wake up tomorrow. But I don't sit down and worry all day long hoping that this isn't the day I die.
  • SezMichael NotTarg... 2013/01/23 12:12:40
    So...you cheat your employers because tomorrow you might not wake up anyway.
  • NotTarg... SezMichael 2013/01/24 07:50:57
    No. I mean worrying about not having a job tomorrow is not worth worrying about.
  • dru dixon 2013/01/18 00:47:05
    dru dixon
    Only if they throw in those CAT VIDEOS!
  • KaWa 2013/01/18 00:30:06
    Everybody wins. If I like my job, I can just get hired for the same exact thing at another company and actually work for them, while outsourcing the first job. THAT'S ingenuity.
  • liz 2013/01/18 00:25:23
    it was pretty genuine for this guy to do that. companies do it all the time ... Who cares if the job was done correctly & in a timely manner & it was his own $$
  • nightcrawler2005 2013/01/18 00:14:13
    Yes and No.
    I would outsource my job but there is no way I would be goofing off. Instead I would look for other jobs that I could outsource to India.

    Why work at one job when you can work at 5 places at the same time and outsource them all?
  • SezMichael nightcr... 2013/01/18 11:46:10
    Depends on the job. But if I found out you're not the talent I thought I hired, I might do an end run around you and go straight to India myself. Hey. If you feel comfortable outsourcing your work to India, then I should stop paying you and do it, too.
  • nightcr... SezMichael 2013/01/18 15:38:55
    Yup you could if you caught on but by that time I would be doing the same at 4 or 5 other companies you didn't know about.
    Hell even better just come above ground and start an outsourcing company offering the service to every company in that field.

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