If You Could Invite 3 Famous People, Living Or Dead To Dinner, Which 3 Would You Pick?

Astro-Boy 2009/03/14 22:31:18
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Inspired By The Golden Girls Episode where Miles has Rose over to a dinner party and she is totally out of place..Love it!
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  • Rebby Kai 2014/08/18 19:40:49
    My 3 would be:
    Rebby Kai
    Chris Cerulli, Ricky Olson, and Austin Carlile.
  • Olivia Nichole 2013/08/21 06:16:27
    My 3 would be:
    Olivia Nichole
    Nick Jonas Demi Lovato & Joseph Jonas
  • kaitlyn 2013/05/24 00:56:34
    My 3 would be:
    Andy Biersack
    Christian Coma/ Jayy Von Monroe
    Ronnie Radke
  • kaitlyn kaitlyn 2013/05/24 01:01:44
    Andy Biersack- he's extremely attractive, funny, and his voice just makes me melt
    CC- he's super sweet and hyperactive and yeah
    Jayy and Ronnie- same; I just LOVE them
    :) :) :) :) :)
  • kaitlyn kaitlyn 2013/05/24 01:07:35
    I'd also invite Ashley Purdy to stare at. He's Purdy. ;)
  • luke 2012/03/27 16:25:21
    My 3 would be:
    Jack Kerouac, Ewan MacGregor, David Tennant.
  • Cookielane 2012/03/26 15:27:38
    My 3 would be:
    Maya Angelou, and my Grandma Lane and Great Grandma Rogers.
    virgie ann rogers mary mcada elkins maya angelou
  • Cookielane Cookielane 2012/03/26 15:30:13
    oops - that was supposed to be famous people, so change grandmas to Janeane Garofalo and Rupaul! rupaul janeane garofalo
  • Cassi 2012/03/23 16:11:53
    My 3 would be:
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2012/03/23 15:41:37
    My 3 would be:
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Serious answer: J.K. Rowling, Cliff Burton and Mia Hamm.

    Joke Answer: William Moseley, Derek Hough and another hot man for something other than dinner.
  • Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of P... 2012/03/23 04:41:45
    My 3 would be:
    Latti Ice Nerd Gangsta of PHAET
  • Ruby Dear - The Grifter of ... 2012/03/23 04:36:07
    My 3 would be:
    Ruby Dear - The Grifter of PHAET
    Bill Hicks, Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra.
  • Jackal 2012/03/23 00:47:03
    My 3 would be:
  • Bozette 2012/03/23 00:03:42
    My 3 would be:
    Jesus, Winston Churchill and Oskar Schindler.
  • Jordache 2012/03/22 22:59:21
    My 3 would be:
    Missy Peregrym, Missy Peregrym's Dad, and Missy Peregrym's Mom. And after dinner, I would ask for her to spend forever with me right in front of them.
  • Detective_Alibi_Lawliet 2012/03/22 22:38:36 (edited)
    My 3 would be:
  • sczen8 2012/03/22 22:30:37
    My 3 would be:
    Jesus!!! Joan of Arc.....Beethoven!~ If one couldn't make it--reserve a place for Edgar./..;-)
  • Crime Time 2012/03/22 22:10:10
  • DiViews2015 2012/03/22 22:07:56
    My 3 would be:
    George Washington, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X. george washington
    martin luther king

    malcolm x
  • $Dreamer$ 2012/03/22 12:54:20
    My 3 would be:
    Tom Kaulitz
    Tom Kaulitz
    Andy Biersack
    Andy Biersack
    Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp
  • Ghostie Of the Night 2012/01/01 14:53:13
    My 3 would be:
    Ghostie Of the Night
    Bill Kaulitz,Jack Skellington and Tom Kaulitz :D
    bill kaulitz jack skellington tom kaulitz
  • ♥♫Kryzten♥♫ 2010/07/03 19:46:09
    My 3 would be:
  • ♥♫Kryzt... ♥♫Kryzt... 2010/07/03 20:01:21
    GerardWay, FrankIero, Marilyn Manson or Andy Sixx (myspacebar's broke) gerardway frankiero marilyn manson andy sixx myspacebars broke gerardway frankiero marilyn manson andy sixx myspacebars broke
  • ash ♥♫Kryzt... 2011/09/30 05:05:56
    Theadore Roosevelt, Bret Mckenzie and Jemaine Clement- I LOVE fotc ;-)
  • birdie1224 2010/07/03 19:43:34
    My 3 would be:
    hayley williams 3 hayley williams
    Steve Irwin 3 hayley williams steve irwin
    M. Shadows 3 hayley williams steve irwin shadows
  • Shalala 2010/07/02 18:54:17
    My 3 would be:
    Gerard Butler, Sean Patrick Flannery, and Norman Reedus all of them of which are not from the United States lol maybe I'll get lucky and one of them will take me to there country. lol
  • GabrielsLoveSlaveLoki 2010/07/01 19:56:11
    My 3 would be:
    A.J Mclean, Backstreet Boy because he's hot and sweet and adorable.
    Johnny Depp cuz hes hot and sweet.
    Adam Lambert cuz hes so different. sweet adorable johnny depp cuz hot sweet adam lambert cuz
    sweet adorable johnny depp cuz hot sweet adam lambert cuz
    sweet adorable johnny depp cuz hot sweet adam lambert cuz
  • hatshepsut123 2010/06/29 22:06:42
    My 3 would be:
    Johnny Depp because i want to stare at him
    Ville Valo because he is smart and funny and my favorite frontman ever
    John Cleese because his humor is brilliant and unique ville valo smart funny frontman john cleese humor brilliant unique ville valo smart funny frontman john cleese humor brilliant unique ville valo smart funny frontman john cleese humor brilliant unique
  • ♥♫Kryzt... hatshep... 2010/07/03 19:47:43
    ville valo ♥^.^♥
  • hatshep... ♥♫Kryzt... 2010/07/03 23:57:59
  • ♥♫Kryzt... hatshep... 2010/07/04 01:11:40
    :) or Ville Valo ♥
  • Jen ~ atheism & abortion 2010/06/29 01:04:42
    My 3 would be:
    Jen ~ atheism & abortion
    Probably Jesus Christ, I'm really curious. Judd Apatow so that he would make me his partner and we would make all the best movies in the world together. andddd hmmm... Gandhi would be pretty awesome but it'd be hard to pass up Bill Clinton. Also Martha Stewart so she'll give me her job. Yeah these are all pretty selfish motives :)
  • My 3 would be:
    Algor. Mortis. - ҎԊǢɬ Physician
  • Paranormal♥Spirit 2010/06/28 13:35:32
    My 3 would be:
    Michael Jackson, Barack Obama, and i can't think of a 3rd one.
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/06/28 06:41:52
    My 3 would be:
    Katie~awkward child♥
    John Lennon
    Winston Churchill
    And Lady Gaga, to liven things up :)
  • booboo 2010/06/28 05:36:59
    My 3 would be:
  • tooner259 2010/06/28 03:26:37
    My 3 would be:
    Guy Fieri
    Stephanie Hodge
    Betty White
  • Big Green Loser 2010/06/28 02:55:30
    My 3 would be:
    Big Green Loser
    abe lincoln 3 abe lincoln
    pete wentz
    guest of choice justin bieber(murder)
  • ♥♫Kryzt... Big Gre... 2010/07/03 19:48:15
    i agree with ur 4th one.
  • JwonGalt 2010/06/28 00:45:53
    My 3 would be:
    Marcus Aurelius
    Abraham Lincoln

    1. I want to talk about his views on virtue
    2. want to know his ideas of what we have gone to
    3. I jsut wanna see what he says when a nazi is serving me
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