If You Could Have One Dream Come True Today, What Would It Be?

Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2010/11/08 12:32:44
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  • XxKarissa Rawr Bieber!xX 2010/11/09 22:18:48
    XxKarissa Rawr Bieber!xX
    my major dream would to meet justin bieber and to become something i never thought of befor
  • twiggy 2010/11/09 18:24:39
    To allow my daughter the opportunity to grow up in the country I grew up in. Where hard work and dedication is rewarded and not looked down upon as evil and greedy. A place where the lazy and entitlement seekers are left behind and the ones willing to go the extra mile are rewarded. A place where every word out of ones mouth isnt picked thru and classified as hate speech, derogatory and insensitive. A place where one can be proud of who they are and what they believe in not what the media or social groups dictates as the norm. A place where everyone has the same opportunity to get ahead based on their merits and experience not political quotas.
    This is the dream I would like to have come true. Sounds impossible doesnt it?
  • Treasur... twiggy 2010/11/09 21:27:47
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    No, it actually sounds realistic and what every parent wants for their child.


    bravosounds realistic parent child bravo
  • whatever 2010/11/09 18:24:24
    to have the guts to run away from home and travel the world by hitch-hiking or by bike
  • darwolf 2010/11/09 17:59:07
    To rule the world.
  • sicksicksick 2010/11/09 17:45:26
    The one where I win a large sum of money and somehow know how to fly.

    But with my luck, it would be the one with the Praying Mantises with the heads of Paul Rudd and Famke Jansen eating smaller, non humanoid, praying mantises and having a conversation with me about the fall of Troy.
  • Treasur... sicksic... 2010/11/09 21:28:26
  • starguide 2010/11/09 17:29:40
    i dream of flying flying boydream flying
  • maria 2010/11/09 16:54:15
    i whant to be a vampier of vampier diarys and go out with damon salvitor
  • prettypatriotic 2010/11/09 16:44:03
    To have/see some proof of an afterlife. (without dying that is)
  • Treasur... prettyp... 2010/11/09 21:29:28 (edited)
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I've seen proof....my daughter died at the age of 5 on the operating table and was brought back to life.....she is now 25. ; ) She watched herself on the operating table and has quite a story to tell. : )
  • prettyp... Treasur... 2010/11/09 22:52:58
    Really? that's a great gift to posses - that she has.
  • kimmi<3 2010/11/09 15:21:43
    that ide have all of the leaf village in meh back yard and have the man of my dreams come to meh ;)
  • MisunWahya 2010/11/09 15:11:48
    To know.
  • Diamond Girl 2010/11/09 14:29:47
  • Treasur... Diamond... 2010/11/09 21:35:41
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I am so sorry that you couldn't say goodbye. My grandma passed away without me saying goodbye too so I do understand. : (

    i m so sorrygoodbye grandma passed goodbye understand
  • Diamond... Treasur... 2010/11/09 22:07:25
  • Cherrylin 2010/11/09 13:58:11
    That all my wishes come true.
  • postmamy 2010/11/09 11:35:17
    I might be in my own business to help others live better.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/11/09 11:13:06
    Lady Whitewolf
    WINGS!!! and be able to fly!
  • Lindsey 2010/11/09 10:25:16
    I want to get my drivers license, a car, and move to California to follow my dream and become an actor. Oh yeah, it takes money to accomplish all of that. So, I would need money! :))
  • Destiny 2010/11/09 06:28:03
    Either....lots of money.....a house...a car...or unlimited access to any drug i want
  • jerrbear 2010/11/09 06:06:49
    Only one thing over money and that would be being able to walk again, no wheel chairsmoney walk
  • Treasur... jerrbear 2010/11/09 21:36:28
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I wish that could happen for you... I am so sorry. : (
  • sabbatha 2010/11/09 05:45:59
    to be all done and moved away from Florida and in a new apartment.
  • Son of Furious 2010/11/09 03:12:44
    Son of Furious
    America would be in a sound financial condition.
  • maria Son of ... 2010/11/09 16:55:54
    hi and im american and do you whant to be my frend!!!
  • Bobby 48 2010/11/09 02:49:28
  • David 2010/11/09 02:46:00
    That is a hard question. I have so many dreams I couldn't really decide. But if you insist... to hold the one I truely love, my twin flame, my twin soul, and embrace them for what what would seem to be forever and eternity. I know sounds a little much does it?
  • Ton-0-Fun 2010/11/09 02:40:43
    Today? There's not much day left so ..... a tasty supper with my honey for desert.
  • Toria5637 2010/11/09 02:29:59
    Wishes and dreams always backfire.. but if it randomly didnt ahah I would wish that..my stomach almost never hurt ever.. it always hurts and it sucks xD or that I loved to run because it would sooo make daily life seem so much easier xD
  • greggerz 2010/11/09 01:52:56
  • Sam<3(: 2010/11/09 01:19:23
    That i could overbear the things that hurt me, that i could release the love tht has bound me to something that could only harm me, and to live every wish i could ever have upon a star.
  • zsazsa 2010/11/09 01:13:44
    To have enough money to be able to not have to worry about money so my husband could find a job where he would not have to be gone so much.
  • ♥♥Hearts♥♥Of♥♥Hearts♥♥
    That this world would end and I could go be in heaven with God.

    No more pain :)
  • Dana 2010/11/08 23:50:17
    That the man I love would fall in love with me as much as I am with him.
  • SA 2010/11/08 23:40:20
    That my friend dying of cancer, would find peace with God.
  • ASPEN SA 2010/11/09 08:09:11
    I am so sorry about your friend.

    Praying for your friendfriend
  • SA ASPEN 2010/11/09 13:23:15
    Thank you.....
    Please pray for my friend. God will know who you are praying for. ;)
  • ASPEN SA 2010/11/09 19:43:18
    I will pray for your friend.

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