If you could change a school rule what would it be?

Amaya 2008/12/13 14:28:08
the dress code
the rule against having your cellphone
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One rule I'd change at my school would be that we don't have to wear our ID's on a lanyard and around our necks.
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  • juicii~sitrus 2009/09/21 16:21:06 (edited)
    The rule against cellphones (only the ones with no camera). Those should be allowed IN the school but not in class or at least turned off in class. Cameras though... they can stay restricted. Kinda annoying when an acquaintince is walking around with a camera and recording and then talking to you (I've experienced this a few days ago)...

    Oh and I'd also change the food in the foyer/lobby rule... let there be food and drinks there because some people don't like sitting in the cafeteria (like me for example...). XD Plus I SEE people take a drink into the gym (for intramurals) and they're NOT allowed to take food & drink into the class or gym but some teachers let them anyway... how hypocritical the teacher, who told me not to eat in the foyer, is. XD
  • JenHeartsConverse 2009/04/11 14:35:56
    None of the above
    Peircings? i mean what is the big deal? shouldnt it basically just be the same rule as ears? not to noticable, small studs etc.
  • Mistress Shai 2008/12/16 17:05:40
    the rule against having your cellphone
    Mistress Shai
    It's stupid. I mean, most teachers at my school have phones on them. Why can't we? And sometimes it's important that we do have them, for instance, when my son got sick and my cousin had to take him to the doctor. I wasn't allowed to answer the call! What sort of crap is that?!
    I realize why they do it, but if that's the case, just take the phones away during tests and stuff. Otherwise, let us have 'em!
  • Ally 2008/12/13 22:44:54
    the dress code
    No uniforms. I do not wish to look like a clone.
  • Amaya Ally 2008/12/14 00:20:34 (edited)
    Eww uniforms yuck. Who ever came up with the idea of having school uniforms in the first place? I agree with you, I wouldn't like to look like a clone.
  • Mistres... Ally 2008/12/16 17:07:21
    Mistress Shai
    Honestly that part doesn't bother me. I mean, sure, it takes away some individuality, but conforming is part of society. It wouldn't kill you to do it for a few hours 5 days a week.
  • Shrekk 2008/12/13 16:02:56
    None of the above
    i havent been to a school for a long time, but my school had some great corridors and ramps. i have always thought what it would have been like racing up and down the corridors in a go-kart or on a motorbike. if i could change a rule it would be to allow thus.

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