If the price was right, would you wear clothing made out of milk?

Woman of many faces~ijm 2011/10/10 12:50:50
QMilch claims to be the
first man-made fiber produced entirely without chemicals, but that
doesn't come cheap. The designer estimates the quantity of milk
needed to create one dress costs around $200. We know the concept
of milk clothing seems bizarre, but the garments (pictured at
right) look totally normal. And the process sounds pretty
incredible, not to mention environmentally friendly. Domaske told

it has no smell and feels just like silk, but you can
wash it in a machine with no worries. Another impressive fact:
Domaske said "amino acids in the protein are antibacterial,
anti-aging and can help regulate both blood circulation and body
temperature." Seriously?! If this is true, we're sold.
Celebs like Mischa Barton and Ashlee Simpson
are already fans of the brand, so we may see them wearing milk
clothing soon.

Sounds good to me. I would wear it..
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  • Dawn 2011/10/10 23:28:13
  • JoeLove~PWCM~JLA 2011/10/10 19:35:29
    Nothing new. I wore milk about 20 years ago. I was driving along eating my whataburger and as I was taking a drink of my chocolate shake I hit this big ol' pothole. It's slipped outta my hands, the lid popped of and instant chocolate milk clothing.
  • Tunnel Vision 2011/10/10 17:13:19
    Tunnel Vision
    Sure, why not?

    milk clothing

    milk clothing
  • I NEED A HORSE 2011/10/10 15:34:18
  • D.G.rocks 2011/10/10 14:52:48
  • L K 2011/10/10 14:21:54
    L K
    Anything natural that saves the environment and blended with a little stretch for comfort works for me.
  • OhSoNiceMe 2011/10/10 13:56:40
    only if it pure 100% breast milk, from meghan fox or beyouce,
  • Tunnel ... OhSoNiceMe 2011/10/10 17:15:40
  • Will on the road again 2011/10/10 13:27:06
    Will on the road again
    Sounds pretty strange, but cotton balls and plastic probably sounded strange at one time.
  • Ego Death 2011/10/10 13:25:14
    Ego Death
    Bio-degradable potato starch clothing from Japan I understand but this is taking fashion too far.

    When do we dictate that people have too much time on their hands?
    time on hands
  • Boris Badinov 2011/10/10 13:13:03
    Boris Badinov
    I'd put it on.
  • Poet003 2011/10/10 13:02:13
    Yes, if the price was right Iwould wear it.
  • iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~ 2011/10/10 12:56:03
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    That sounds amazing.

    More amazing is the fact that the fiber has multiple health benefits according to the Reuters article, and "[d]ue to its anti-bacterial qualities, [it] can also be used in medicine and makeup. Even some auto companies have looked into using the fiber for car upholstery."
  • Hannah 2011/10/10 12:56:03
    HELL yea!

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