If somebody calls U a liar, how do U react?

jt 2011/06/14 19:56:35
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If it happens to me, I'll look around then kick his/her ass off.... hbu?

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  • Burnjuan 2011/06/17 02:53:37
    I ask them to prove that allegation or shut up.
  • Karin 2011/06/15 06:14:14
    If I were lying... my face and my eyes would tell :(
  • Bella 2011/06/15 04:19:59
    Well, depending if you are a liar or not. If you are then they are just telling the truth. If you are not then you can do what you think is best. Sometimes when you get angry that is when you know you are a liar.
  • wtw 2011/06/15 04:06:15
    I ask them to clearly define how they can say that?
  • BreeMoore 2011/06/15 03:25:57
    Takes one to know one.
  • Julien 2011/06/15 01:15:08
    Prove to them that I am not a liar and violently protest
  • Old Nellie Bones 2011/06/15 01:06:32
    Old Nellie Bones
    I prove them wrong.
  • animelover123 2011/06/15 00:47:46
    I say no i'm not but it depends on what it is
  • UNEEQ 2011/06/15 00:42:20
    I would make my point clear that I am not a liar. The person has been mis-informed or has there facts wrong.
  • sam123 2011/06/15 00:31:19 (edited)

    typical British Attitude that you can't find anywhere
  • Vision of Verve 2011/06/15 00:21:57
  • apachehellfire65 2011/06/14 23:42:43
    i just laugh at them. who gives a chit what they think.
  • Fran-Halen 2011/06/14 23:41:57
    "See if you can guess if I'm lying to you now....."
  • Mordecai Jones 2011/06/14 23:36:32
    Mordecai Jones
    In real life or on the internet?
  • Moonbeams 2011/06/14 23:34:44
    I am usually a blunt person, So who knows me, Knows that.


    If they do accuse me of lying, I'll just say, "Good to see you're living in my brain and know the truth before I do". Gday mate!
  • Hobbitt / Oldsquid 2011/06/14 23:16:19
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    I tend to ignore A$$HOLES..
  • Ravensoul 2011/06/14 23:11:31
    It's a reflection of that person. I know who, what, I am and am not.
  • beachbum 2011/06/14 22:43:52
    People who know me know I don't do that. I've been called that here a couple of times on SH, so I either just consider the source, or I'll politely tell them to buzz off - on a rare occasion, I've blasted them.
  • GayButNowFree 2011/06/14 22:41:35
    I don't, because the more you protest, the more they think you are a liar. But if I'm a legal setting and it comes from a lawyer, I simply ask them for evidence. That usually shuts them up.
  • angelbaby 2011/06/14 22:36:44
    "Liar" is a very strong and offensive word. It would only make me determined to act
    like they don't exsist from that point on!
  • Paint it Black 2011/06/14 22:21:29
    Paint it Black
    I usually say that "i don't lie, i just joke around"
  • terrking24 2011/06/14 22:15:50
    i tell them to shut the f*ck up
  • amazinggrace 2011/06/14 22:12:47
    I don't lie so I react badly
  • Silver Dew 2011/06/14 21:19:49
    Silver Dew
    People have called me a liar. My reaction is usually anger, but I need to stop that because it can give the person a sense that I am guilty, when I am not. I need to act calmer to certain situations.

    I need to stop acting like a raged person, but eventually I calm down though :D
  • ¬©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2011/06/14 21:10:43
  • Stacie's Mirage 2011/06/14 20:56:20
  • NhytFahl 2011/06/14 20:34:27 (edited)
    I say "OK. Prove it."

    Show me evidence that I'm wrong, and persuade me that it's valid. I'll happily change my mind.
  • SA 2011/06/14 20:31:42
    I know the truth. That is all that counts. I laugh and say "Sure.......WHATEVER!!" LOL
  • EMO VAMPIRE PRINCE 2011/06/14 20:30:40
  • SmexiLexi[; 2011/06/14 20:27:29
    its depends if im lying or not
  • Liz 2011/06/14 20:25:23
    That depends on if they're telling the truth or not. lol
  • Jana~ una chica loca 2011/06/14 20:19:53
    Jana~ una chica loca
    depends when and who
    I am a liar and I dont' deny it
  • Panloker 2011/06/14 20:19:25
    I have a lot of personal flaws, I am moody, I don't always understand jokes, I can be negative, I tend to be distant with people, but one thing I do possess is my honesty, I take pride in it so when someone accuses me of being a liar that really sets me off. I will not lie about anything so when I am accused of it I really let it get to me...and often t hings will turn ugly between me and the accuser if they refuse to take my word for something.
  • Chaya2010 2011/06/14 20:18:20
    I ask them to explain how and why?
  • Recruit 2011/06/14 20:17:17
  • SCOOP--RIP, MY DEAR MAX 2011/06/14 20:15:19
    I just ignore them. As long as I know the truth, it doesn't matter what people say about me. Only God can judge me because He sees and hears everything I do.
  • Pocahontas 2011/06/14 20:13:04
    yes, stupid, because I care.
    stupid care
  • VoteOut 2011/06/14 20:11:17
    guess it depends on if you lied or not
  • Stoner 2011/06/14 20:04:51
    I cant change what a person thinks about me. They can make my reputation seem as if i am a liar but my character i control! Others will see that im an honest person. WHICH I AM! =]
  • Miss_Metalgirl 2011/06/14 20:04:35
    I dare them to prove it. Then they shut up. If not, ass-kicking is on!

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