If my girlfriend hits me first, do I have the right to hit her back?

Saddam Hussein 2009/07/29 20:24:59
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  • Alexis.chomakhidze 2013/11/12 10:35:04
    No, be gentle with girls
    trust me for girls its such a betrayal like they always look up to you as someone who will protect them and someone that always holds them, if you slap her thats like a world end to her she will feel very betrayed and those secure feelings towards you will be lost. If she just slaps you mildly explain it to her that you would never hit her back but that you don't like it trust me she will stop if she doesn't stop and its becoming too violent you should just walk away and nobody will ever say that you did anything wrong however if you beat the sh** out of her yea then everyones gonna be like what kind of man is he for beating such a tender thing as woman lol
  • Jack Me... Alexis.... 2015/05/03 05:03:50
    Jack Meeker
    Perfectly said. You're right. Girls are different that way. I didn't understand until I had a girlfriend who was actually really level headed and I pissed her off so much that she slapped me (I barely even felt it). She still felt horrible because I walked away and didn't threaten her in any way. But if you throw something, punch a wall, especially hit her; it might not be "fair" but it's 100% true that she will never feel the same way about you again.
  • Michael Smith~PWCM~JLA 2013/08/24 18:50:18 (edited)
    Yes, self-defense
    Michael Smith~PWCM~JLA
    Im not saying just punch the absolute s*** outta her but im saying if she slaps you, you SLAP her back with equal force. Girls can hurt men. It happens dont be too forceful though if she slaps you you dont need to punch her and break her jaw :O
  • mars Michael... 2013/12/10 17:08:51
    Usually boys don't know their own strength and when they hit a girl back they hit 10 times harder and can actually hurt the girl when they think they're hitting with equal force, so I suggest not hitting at all. Boys are stronger, hold her arms so she can't hit you, it really doesn't take that much effort
  • sheldon.tausch.5 2013/06/13 05:46:04
    Yes, self-defense
    I believe if a woman hits you several times in the face after you tell her to stop, you need to do something not just let it happen
  • kevin reed 2012/10/29 16:28:15
  • A$AP_E kevin reed 2012/12/20 04:24:44
    Hell yeah! I agree with you everyone elses comments are stupid!
  • keeyana chavez 2012/08/26 05:02:32
    No, be gentle with girls
    keeyana chavez
    No girls just wanna have sex and have fun
  • jayla 2012/08/05 06:57:12
    No, be gentle with girls
    look as a girl i believe that when guys hit girls it means that theyre punks! and if any guy hits me ima punch him in the face and run lol. but the truth is is that you gotta be gente with females cause the males are most dominant and are "the head of the house"
  • sheldon... jayla 2013/06/13 05:44:48
    If you punched a guy square in the face several times you wouldn't expect him to hit you back?
  • martin.... sheldon... 2014/10/31 02:22:06
  • sean 2011/10/24 11:15:02
    Yes, self-defense
    It is the 21st century and women alike are all screaming for equal rights! so sure if they hit you then im a firm believer in equality! they only want equal rights when it suits them. The only reason women hit men is because they think they can get away with it and most do. the more you let her away with hitting you the more she will hit you! In my opinion noone should be hitting anyone! Just tell them its cause and effect!! if your mature enough to hit someone then be mature enough to get hit back.
  • 2011/09/28 18:49:18
  • CDot 2011/08/09 14:06:06
    Yes, self-defense
    of corse you should, if shes big and hard enough to hit you then she should be big and hard enough to take it back, not be able to hit a female is sexist, if shes aloud to hit a man, u can hit a girl...
  • bozkat 2010/07/18 11:43:24
    Yes, self-defense
    only if she does it 3 or more (it tell her STOPS CLEARLY
  • horselover5spd 2010/06/23 01:13:31
    Yes, self-defense
    if she hits you, you can hit her back in self defense. it shouldn't matter if the person is girl or a guy. its self defence. if the girl if is tough enough to hit you then she is tough enought to take a hit.
  • keeyana... horselo... 2012/08/26 05:00:17 (edited)
    keeyana chavez
    Wow thats so stupid. Girls cant take the pain guys have to bring to the table. They can talk it out. Not physically
  • sheldon... keeyana... 2013/06/13 05:48:13
    Then why would a girl think its okay to hit a guy?
  • doved 2010/05/13 20:36:27
    No, be gentle with girls
    i was always taught to never hit a girl
  • Johnath... doved 2012/09/01 03:11:41
    dude out of all the people after u u are the only one i respect bc i have never hit a women and i am not planning on it and trust me i have had abusive ones the only thing i do is restrain them from hitting me PERIOD
  • JuanJose 2010/04/17 13:14:48
    Yes, self-defense
    Yeah, i'll hit her if she starts everything... is not only self-defense but remember she is also being disrespectful. Never hit a woman in the face thou.
  • 124c312 2010/02/16 07:27:50
    Yes, self-defense
    Hell yeah...chris brown did the same thing...but just don't go overboard...everyone has the right to defend themselves...girls/ladies don't hit...so if they do...they aren't being a woman...so...yeah...
  • derek 2010/02/12 20:58:54
    Yes, self-defense
    i would let her hit me so many time before i would hit her back
  • JCA 2009/12/01 03:55:47 (edited)
    No, be gentle with girls
    My girlfriend usually never hits me and scratches me, but when she does....It usually just makes me wanna have sex, so I guess this really isn't a problem with me.

    But for guys that really struggle with this issue with their Gf's hitting and attacking them, I would recommend you give them a little Charley Horse on the arm or knee, don't hit them too hard, but don't have too much mercy for them.

    Remember....You're just trying to back them off, you're not trying to really hurt them.

    If that doesn't work then I recommend you jump on her and hold her down until she calms down.

    Never hit a woman in the face, or kick them, or try and really hurt them because it's just wrong in everyway
  • sjeban_lik 2009/11/04 11:20:04
    Yes, self-defense
    tell me this what the hell am i supposed to do with the girl who literally beats me up almost every time we get in a bigger fight... i mean there are scratches, slaps, punches - there is a serious damage shes putting there, once i was wondering if my nose was broken.
    then every time the fight is over she apologies to me, and promises never to do it again and of course every time she breaks that promise.
    so for nine mouths i put up with this and finally i hit her back, gave her a slap in the face...
    i felt terrible after it, but now can anyone tell me how i broke the law here, and that she didn't deserved it?
  • SATAN 2009/10/26 10:42:59
    No, be gentle with girls
    Would you hit your mother? it's the same thing...


    stupid question....
  • CDot SATAN 2011/08/09 14:07:35
    no it aint u idiot
  • abhi SATAN 2011/11/19 03:49:50
    would she hit her Dad? so its also the same thing.if girls have self respect n not to beaten by other then guys have too same rights.we r not as like dog for them.everything they need equally,do they expect if they hit guys they will say " its ok sweetheart u can hit me bcz i love u" lol ..they must also respect their man.i think u r a stupid.
  • Jay 2009/07/30 06:36:54
    No, be gentle with girls
    No, but you have the right to leave, and never see her again. You have the right to charge her with assault. Hitting back is never the answer, unless of course, your life is really in danger. Generally speaking, boys/men are much stronger then girls/women. Of course, that's not always the case. A man should never remain in an abusive relationship, nor should a woman.
  • TheatreAddict 2009/07/30 06:28:45
    No, be gentle with girls
    NEVER hit a girl. Unless she's seriously beating you up. In which case you probably shouldn't be dating/married to her. And like someone else said...it's probably your fault sh hit you....lol. Unless she has some phycological problem. :)
  • 007 2009/07/30 05:14:40
    No, be gentle with girls
    you can still get in trouble. if you do nothing and they call the cops after they are beating on you there is a good chance you will go to jail.
  • FEer 2009/07/30 04:46:59
    Yes, self-defense
    Yeah, if she hit you once, you can hit her once, and so forth. Try to make it an even blow, though. I think, legally, it needs to be a strike of roughly the same pressure. So pick a good spot on the body to take full advantage, but nothing too bad.
  • socokid 2009/07/29 23:19:43
    No, be gentle with girls
  • ivan 2009/07/29 22:44:48
    No, be gentle with girls
    Ya can't hit women, no matter what, pick up a chair and play lion tamer if you have to, but ya can,t hit em
  • tonecatastrophe 2009/07/29 22:39:01
    Yes, self-defense
    It's not necessarily self defense... But when a woman puts herself in a man's position, it shouldn't go unpunished. By no means do I mean lay her out and beat her half to death... I'm talking about if this girl is going absolutely crazy and just trying to punch bite kick and claw you to hell, then you have to stop her somehow... That's all I'm saying......
    And that's coming from a girl... So take it into consideration. :)
  • emmalove84 2009/07/29 21:43:00
    No, be gentle with girls
    never hit a girl yes there is a double standard here
  • ''Giggle Box'' 2009/07/29 20:51:00
    No, be gentle with girls
    ''Giggle Box''
    it is the law a man must never hit a woman even if she hits u
  • isaiah ''Giggl... 2011/10/06 23:10:37
    no it is not
  • emily i love twilight 2009/07/29 20:46:54
    Yes, self-defense
    emily i love twilight
    well i am ont sure if you are gey or not but if you are gey you can hit your girlfriend if she hits you first but if your not dont hit her just argue
  • jody 2009/07/29 20:44:29
    No, be gentle with girls
    sure if you want to end up in jail

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