If aliens came to earth and declared that religion (as a whole) is incorrect and their is no God, what would happen to our religious parties ?

Aldric 2009/05/26 20:20:21
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Would religions crumble
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  • JarJarThinks 2009/06/01 08:19:56
    Would religions survive
    I'm assuming you mean "World religions survive" here - I think they will undoubtedly try to proselytize these fictional aliens - you never know, what if these aliens have their own Xenu they follow? What if they are dumber/weaker than we are? People who follow a religion for the most part believe it to be true, else why follow? The question reads to me like this: what can one do to stop people from believing in what I clearly see as a fairytale? Most beliefs are not based on anything solid, and belief, the need to explain and feel like you have control over the unknowable and chance, is an age old thing - it is an essential part of our make-up. People used to bow in front of rocks and statues, did rain dances, carried lucky charms, sacrificed to the volcano gods - in a small attempt to make sense of the world and have the belief that they controlled their own fate. Now that we know a tiny bit about how the world works, this need has been pushed into the realm of fairy tales, where it will live, regardless of whatever proof you think you have uncovered. For a person who simply wants to believe, who does believe in things that can't be proven, there is nothing you can put in front of them that would negate their belief. As long as they don't try to force me or others to bow down to their statues or sacrifice me to their volcanoes, I don't give a rats ass what they believe. Live and let live.
  • Adam 2009/05/30 04:32:19
    Would religions survive
    They would claim that the aliens were in league with the Devil. Which is what they say about anyone that contradicts their beliefs. Although, the existence in a alien race that resembles our own would almost prove God since the likelihood of another planet evolving another humanoid species would be slim. And yes I know about the drake equation. It is that evolution explains that we are products of an environment that exists exactly here on earth. To find another environment else where would be very unlikely, but not impossible.
  • ladypuppylove 2009/05/27 20:00:37
    Would religions survive
    then we would know who satan really is
  • Aldric ladypup... 2009/05/28 07:41:15

    my neighbours dog =)
  • ladypup... Aldric 2009/05/28 20:06:39
    lol lol
  • shrimpster 2009/05/27 04:06:14
    All of the above
    They would call the Aliens satan and his demonic army, then attack them.
  • ASithLordsPoet/angelpoet17/ 2009/05/27 01:20:39
    None of the above
    knowing us we would probly make a war.
  • IsleOracle 2009/05/26 22:37:04
    None of the above
    Dumb! Dumb! Are you of legal thinking age?

    Why ask a question based on fantasy?

    Why accept an answer based on fantasy?

    If your looking for a reason not to believe in God then go ask those that don't.

  • Aldric IsleOracle 2009/05/27 10:43:40
    Easy Tiger . . . . God and Aliens are both fantasy. Give me proof of either and i can accept it. I condsider myself a rational thinker but dont go dissing people for a simple question, also, age of legal thinking ? dont think so
  • Adam IsleOracle 2009/05/30 04:39:26
    It is just a question. If you are looking for a website that is always serious then maybe you could search elsewhere. These questions are just for fun. A better question would be, what words in the Bible are from man? I would guess, all.
  • jt 2009/05/26 21:07:46 (edited)
    None of the above
    religions would fall apart athiest would keep walking by and there would be a fall in christian bookstores and a fall in points for religous products at the stock market.but the main thing is people would begin to falloew the aliens and seek answers to questions about the meaning of life why we were created and what happens after death
  • Adrienne 2009/05/26 20:44:14
    Would religions survive
    mankind had this big thing called....denial, and that's exactly what we would do faced in the situation. if the government didn't blow up the aliens ship before they landed..
  • Adrienne Adrienne 2009/05/26 20:45:06
    everyone would keep worshiping what ever they were before the given info....yupp
  • Aldric Adrienne 2009/05/26 20:46:13
    knowing governments they would probably send a helo up and paint Goodyear on the side of the UFO and say it was a blimp lol
  • Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2009/05/26 20:32:42
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    I actually don't know....but want to find out lol

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