If a guy apologizes, does he mean it?

alexa237917 2009/03/06 05:36:33
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guy advise
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  • MarineGuloyan 2010/12/23 08:11:19
    i dont know
    my boyfriend says me sorry everytime when i tell him that he was rong he tells me sory babe that i m kind of rude with u ,,i m so confused i really dont know does he really mean that?
  • xXEmoSk8rsRuleXx 2009/03/27 16:17:11
    it depends
    depends i can tell by their voice and how they say it
  • IzzyJr 2009/03/06 19:30:34
    it depends
    ..on the guy and whether or not he really means it.
  • Rosary 2009/03/06 15:42:54
    it depends
    My bro laughs when he says sorry.
  • cindyher 2009/03/06 14:51:24
    it depends
    it just depends on the guy and the situation. some guys are real ass holes... i mean, they'll say sorry or whatever and then turn around and do the same damn thing all over again. some don't say anything at all, and eventuallly the couple just gets over... real douche bag right there. when it all comes down to, some guys say things just to say it. doesn't matter if they're apologizing or not... they're just passive, which makes me so irritated sometimes!
  • UnwrittenSong 2009/03/06 13:47:10
    it depends
    When my guy apologizes, he means it. But it depends on the guy and the situation.
  • LPYasna 2009/03/06 07:24:07
    it depends
    Most of time thay " just say to bring back peace in relationship ", and sometimes thay mean it realy....
  • 1014589 2009/03/06 06:48:22
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2009/03/06 06:43:36
    it depends
    sd *TROUBLE*
    It really depends on the guy.. >_>
  • Misa Misa **Team Shadowstal... 2009/03/06 05:45:35
    it depends
    Misa Misa **Team Shadowstalker**
    i think so i mean i not say sorry unless i sorry but i not guy so maybe guys don't care...lol i no help
  • haarp35117 2009/03/06 05:44:37
    it depends
    I wouldn't say it unless I meant it
  • SeaSparkzz 2009/03/06 05:40:50
    it depends
    Some people mean it when they apologize, and some people don't.
    How much pride does he have? How easy is it for him to apologize? If its hard for him, then he means it.
  • Tarryn 2009/03/06 05:39:42
    it depends
    depends on the guy..... if he says it all the time then he is just a blowass and will hurt you over and over because you let him....but if he says sorry very rarely like almost never then i would say that he has had time to think about it and think about how much he hurt your feelings and he means it :)
  • Shadowstalker -In my awesom... 2009/03/06 05:39:26
    it depends
    Shadowstalker -In my awesomness I trust-
    seriously, it depends on what he's saying sorry for, give an example and i'll let you know

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