I want your honest opinion on LaVeyan Satanism people. (And if you do not know shindle about it, I advise you to just ignore this.)

666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/08/03 09:47:51
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And no, we don't worship Satan....
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  • Jenna 2012/08/04 08:00:21
    I'm a spiritual satanist but I have complete respect for LaVeyan Satanism. My second choice as a religion. I love the idea of being your own god and admire the message they convey.
  • dekecds 2012/08/03 23:32:21
    It's better than Luciferian, but I still think that a lot of them are narcissistic to a fault. Of course, I have been told by some that Narcissism would be considered a positive trait to a La Veyan. If that is true, then at least they are not trying to deceive anyone. Live and let live.... I believe that La Veyans adhere to that concept as well, right?
  • 666_Mag... dekecds 2012/08/04 03:10:13
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
  • DizziNY 2012/08/03 18:10:43 (edited)
    Satan worship. I have a friend who is in OTO. They pray to a statue that looks like the devil. Alister Crowley was an evil person.
    NO they don't eat babies, only an idiot would think that. At least not as far as I have seen.
  • 666_Mag... DizziNY 2012/08/03 18:12:14
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    We don't even believe in Satan. We are Atheistic, Non-Daulistic and Autodeistic. Luciferians Worship Satan, not us.
  • DizziNY 666_Mag... 2012/08/04 00:51:35
    If you are talking about Anton LeVay, he founded the first church of Satan. For me, that says it all. You have the right to do what you wish, but I call it as I see it and I steer clear of anything that even hints of devil worship.
    Either way, it's your free will to do as you please.No ill feelings, really.
  • Zero 2012/08/03 17:32:42
  • 666_Mag... Zero 2012/08/03 17:35:51
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    Haha I've gotten the eating babies part. I also sacrifice blonde virgins and we are fighting over territory with Luciferian Satanists.... It's insane..... O.o
  • Zero 666_Mag... 2012/08/03 18:19:01
    Its a very simple google search. I guess people have yet to realize that.
  • dekecds 666_Mag... 2012/08/04 23:57:49
    geez! It's like "Duh! LaVeyans only sacrifice red headed virgins! Everyone knows that!"
  • L1 2012/08/03 15:34:21
    I already knew that and read about Anton LaVey decades ago. It's not about demon worship, but their own take on life principles in relation to the nature, existence, and this finite universe.

    Anyway, since he tried to organize his beliefs, I don't follow anyone nor anything organized. No churches of any kind. I follow my own beat.
  • moonsong 2012/08/03 12:09:07
    they are awesome people if they are nice to me :)
  • Metaldane 2012/08/03 10:50:29
    I like it and a lot of it fits my beliefs too plus I've yet to have any satanist act like a disrespectful idiot towards my beleifs can't say the same bout some others
  • Elizabeth 2012/08/03 10:33:37
    i don't really care.
  • JMCC 2012/08/03 10:04:34
    It is a form of egocentric anarchy which seems to believe that men are no different from beasts and that to have any higher ambition than that is either illusion or delusion.

    I can see how teenagers would find it attractive, because it is the antithesis to an over controlling society and "nanny states".

    Personally I believe the philosophy to be fundamentally flawed and self destructive for the individuals involved.
  • 666_Mag... JMCC 2012/08/03 10:29:09
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    Can you explain your reasoning behind that opinion? And most teenagers don't even know what it is.
  • JMCC 666_Mag... 2012/08/03 10:34:02 (edited)
    Easily? No - to do so would require a lengthy treatise on the morality and responsibility of man to the rest of the species and the continued evolution of both.

    Which is perhaps another reason for each to form their own opinions...
  • 666_Mag... JMCC 2012/08/03 10:44:50
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    Um is there something wrong with the religion and it's teachings? O.o
  • JMCC 666_Mag... 2012/08/03 10:57:10
    I suppose that rather depends on how someone sees themselves in context of society or species and the responsibilities that might be derived from that...
  • 666_Mag... JMCC 2012/08/03 11:38:23
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    Okay, gotcha. ^_^
  • Heathen 2012/08/03 09:58:16
    Can't say I care. As long as they don't try starting a silly religious war with the Odinists, or try hurting any innocent people, I really don't care, and have no problems with them.
  • Snowman :3 2012/08/03 09:56:49
    Snowman :3
    Panda hats
  • 666_Mag... Snowman :3 2012/08/03 09:57:30
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
  • Snowman :3 Snowman :3 2012/08/03 09:57:42
  • Kitty Kat 'CARROT' 2012/08/03 09:49:46
    Kitty Kat 'CARROT'
    Their ok. i only knw what my sister told me but they same cool
  • Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bage... 2012/08/03 09:49:03

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