belle 2009/03/24 14:19:58
yes ,I know some games
Sorry, I don;t know any.
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I would like some simple but fun party games to play at my husband's birthday party the weekend of Easter next month. It will be a family gathering with friends at a backyard party. Mostly adults and maybe a few teenagers. Hope you can help me with some ideals.
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  • KJMAX 2009/03/25 11:40:27
    yes ,I know some games
    Here's an easy one...ask your family/friends what your husband is wearing. They'll see him of course initially, but what can they remember when he has to go inside while they try and remember the colour of his shirt, his slacks, brand names if any, colour of hair exactly...for friends eye colour and family.

    Are you putting together party favours? Also an easy one is to put a special symbol at the bottom of a plate or glass, cup whichever...and that symbol is a prize winner.

    I hate party games if they are too long and too tough. Thus, my ideas probably sound moronic. Hope that I could be of some assistance.

    Last but not least (just popped into head)...he'll be opening Birthday presents. Afterwards, have a game where your guests have to write as many of his presents as they can remember and the one with the most wins something.

    I'm exhausted. Need a nap. Hee hee.
  • belle KJMAX 2009/03/25 13:10:53
    thanks, I had kinda thought about the clothes wearing color. I like the symbol ideal as well thanks. I want just simple games.
  • Silky pal of Jesus 2009/03/25 03:02:28
    Maybe, let me think
    Silky pal of Jesus
  • SparkleyPie 2009/03/24 15:03:17
    yes ,I know some games
    I'm not sure what it's called, but it's always a hit.

    Break everyone up into teams of two. Give them each a several rolls of toilet paper. The first one to completely wrap their partner in TP wins.

    It's not as easy as it sounds because the TP breaks. Use the cheap stuff. That makes it harder.
  • belle Sparkle... 2009/03/24 15:31:22
    sounds like fun and very easy to set up, thanks please share the question
  • Sparkle... belle 2009/03/24 15:35:33
    Sharing is down.

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