I LOVE cover songs. What new cover song have you discovered that you really enjoy?

Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~ 2010/01/02 17:52:47
I just came across this one and I can't stop listening to it.

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  • ch0c0l4tt3 2010/01/03 05:47:36 (edited)
    use somebody by the KOL sung by paramore

    and umbrella by rihanna sung by all time low

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  • Gemma 2011/09/29 23:15:18 (edited)
    I'm addicted to cover songs! :P And no offense to Nelly, but I think these two did a much better job with this one. :)

    Check me out at: http://xplorethecovers.wordpr...
  • joshtara 2011/09/04 16:21:41 (edited)
    A Static Lullaby covering Britney Spears's Toxic
    The Berzerker covering Tatu's All the Things She Said
    Son Of Dave covering Dizzee Rascal's Bonkers

    I also love cover songs

    Cover Songs

  • ashley b. {THE REV FOREVER ... 2010/01/11 15:46:14
    The Atari's Cover of "I Remember You" is REALLY good.
  • musiklstnr121 2010/01/11 05:03:00
    oh my god Daughtry's cover is great lol.

    Although it doesn't sound that great i honestly like Secret Handshake's cover of 'Party in the USA' and 'I Wish'...

    I like I wish a lot because it just sound SO good haha ... him and his autotuningg
  • black-wedding *~Seven, Dead... 2010/01/07 02:28:39
    black-wedding *~Seven, Deadly, AND Sinful~* ΨρנατσΨ
    Haha, I love Daughtry.

    Not just this, because thanks to you, I found, but anything by them...

    Anyways, I don't know... I guess:
  • The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck No... 2010/01/07 01:14:35
    The Big Taboo [AKA Phuck Norris]
    Oh wow. Probably the whole album Renegades by Rage Against the Machine, Instutionalized by Senses Fail (original by Suicidal Tendencies), and Metallica's One covered by Korn

  • Rocker4life634 2010/01/03 18:25:58 (edited)

    and George Martin's A Day In The Life cover
  • Chancy99: Plague Rat 2010/01/03 17:18:14
  • The heartless 2010/01/03 10:09:10
  • ch0c0l4tt3 2010/01/03 05:47:36 (edited)
    use somebody by the KOL sung by paramore

    and umbrella by rihanna sung by all time low
  • musikls... ch0c0l4tt3 2010/01/11 04:53:45
    totally agree with the Paramore version. Both version are great -- but Hayley sounds great with that cover :] along with Hero I believe it is?? and Bloody Sunday. She's made great covers.

    ATL's Umbrella cover got old with me but it is a great cover.
  • ch0c0l4tt3 musikls... 2010/01/11 19:47:05
    yeah, i love haleys voice!! and i love ATL so i just cant get over this cover!!
  • BeeBop 2010/01/03 02:51:28
    I love paramore's cover of ring of fire, I love flagpole sitta by chiodos, beat it by pierce the veil, bitches aint shit by ben folds, i'm on a boat by broadway, etc etc :))
  • ReaperGirl 2010/01/03 02:14:46

    Just to Name a few
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2010/01/03 01:25:25
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    I enjoyed the one you posted and these aren't new but they are some of my favorites.

  • *Ash*~In Conor&Murphy I Trust~ 2010/01/03 01:15:42
  • scene_queen 2010/01/03 00:40:15
    sorry i dont have one. :(
  • Shadowstalker -In my awesom... 2010/01/03 00:36:29
  • MissX-files 2010/01/02 23:38:26
    Just Like Heaven- Charlotte Martin version
    Paint It Black- Vanessa Carlton version
    Dream On- Kelly Sweet version
    Annie's Song- Faryl Smith version
    Beat It- Fall Out Boy version
    Scarborough Fair- Hayley Westenra version
  • Nature Boy: The Naked One 2010/01/02 23:19:34
    Nature Boy: The Naked One
    It's kind of vile, but rapper Tony Yayo made a sample of "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" by Roy Ayers. It featured both musical similarity and sounds and was called "Fake Love."
  • Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the... 2010/01/02 23:17:53
    Jehnyhal~ Hope Not Hate~the Renaissance Women of PHAET
    You should like this:

    Take Me Out -which I'm listening to right now; slightly creepy- by the Scissor Sisters!
  • Teda 2010/01/02 23:07:33
    Ladyhawke's cover of Split Enz song "Message to my girl"

    and The Fray's cover of Kanye West song "Heartless"
  • Puck ~PHAET 2010/01/02 21:54:49
    Puck ~PHAET
    Eh, I don't think I've heard any new ones lately that I like, but some of my favorite covers are HIM's versions of "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Enjoy the Silence", and "Larger Than Life" and Marilyn Manson's versions of "Personal Jesus", "Golden Years", and "This Is Halloween".
  • Raindro... Puck ~P... 2010/01/02 22:43:19
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    I love Marilyn Manson's version of "This is Halloween".
  • Archer ~ The Limit Break of... 2010/01/02 21:46:02
    Archer ~ The Limit Break of PHAET

    God I love when Brian speaks french... *purrrs*
  • Anarchico Anthony 2010/01/02 21:28:11
    Anarchico Anthony
    Smooth- Escape the Fate - Santana and Rob Thomas
    Crazy Train- BFMV - Ozzy Osbourne
    Smells like teen spirit- Flyleaf - Nirvana
    Smooth Criminal- Alien Ant Farm - Michael Jackson
    Brickhouse- Rob Zombie - Commodores
    You give love a bad name - Atreyu - Bon Jovi

    There is alot of good ones, but thats just a few lol
  • Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    Here's an odd cover....lol

  • Raindro... Lady Ju... 2010/01/02 21:43:26
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    Haha that's so strange. I love Alanis Morissette though. Her voice is amazing.
  • I_heart_Alucard 2010/01/02 20:51:46
    The Lonely Island Medley by Leann Rimes, Chris Issak, & Forest Whitaker

  • BreeMoore 2010/01/02 20:25:23
  • Raindro... BreeMoore 2010/01/02 20:30:26
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
  • BreeMoore Raindro... 2010/01/02 21:51:00
    Just hearing Daughtry do Gaga is weird to me...
  • ~Doll Princess~ 2010/01/02 19:18:00
    ~Doll Princess~

    Saw her and her bloody crumpets perform it live. -swoon=
  • Raindro... ~Doll P... 2010/01/02 19:24:07
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    Oh, I really like that.
  • ~Doll P... Raindro... 2010/01/03 02:12:01
    ~Doll Princess~
  • BreeMoore ~Doll P... 2010/01/02 20:26:49
    That is pretty fanffrickentastic!
  • crotchrot 2010/01/02 19:16:17
  • Mei 2010/01/02 18:02:40
  • zzerorealityy. 2010/01/02 17:54:37
    it's not new, but i enjoy the cover song of Eyeless from Slipknot by Bring Me the Horizon.

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