I lost one of my best friends today.

-Echo- 2011/05/16 22:43:04

No he's not human he's my lovebird of
well over 15 years. It's one thing to lose friends or family. But
when you lose a pet that you see as human, it hurts just as much. One
year ago i lost a cockatiel. He was such a character he didn't want
to be bothered. He was a loner. But was funny as hell get him
around a mirror and that's it no one could touch him. But peewee just
held his guns always chasing to play around.

Doc would get mad and hiss at him but,
peewee didn't care he would just want to play nothing but play play
play. Doc finally passed on. But always wanted love before he passed
on.I had a hard time dealing with that because he was my buddy my
best non human friend.

So then when doc passed peewee was left
alone. About 2 years before his little wifey died. So, it's been about
a years since doc died. Peewee was doing good every afternoon when my
mother and i would eat he refused to not be uninvited always calling
when food was being cooked. His favorite food were potato's,
spaghetti, bread especially if it had seeds in it.

He refused to eat from the table. He
had to eat from a plate."NO QUESTIONS ASKED".When he ate he
ate like some other bird was going to steal from him. But he loved
his taters:).Sadly he suffered from a mild stroke which happened
about a few months ago.

He became incapable of flying. Speak
about a bird who flew like an eagle around the house from the moment
you open the door to his cage get petted for 2 seconds and get
irritated then off he would go. Though he would do things he knew he
shouldn't have he would always go to this piece of furniture that
angered my mother.

Til I get mad at him. I would say,

With no hesitation he would fly back to his cage and slide down waiting for the door to open. But it
wasn't the same once he had his little stroke it was painful to see a
bird that lived 17 years just go the way he did and I know it
bothered him he couldn't fly. Today my mother found him on the bottom
of his cage. In the corner. I was in the restroom and I rushed out my
mother in tears because she lost her little son as she would call
him. But he was still alive and just died at 3:30 pm this afternoon.
My little buddy is gone:(

He's on his way to The rainbow bridge.
Rip little buddy. Anyways I'm sorry I had to share this. But I know
people lose pets all the time and have stories aswell. It's up to you
if you'd like to share. But if not that's cool. I just might not be
on for a while. Thanks ladies and gents for making my time on here

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  • Welshtaff 2011/05/19 23:59:00
    Sad, we have 24 rescue birdsnd have lost a few over the years because we didn't know how old they were, its always sad for us so we know how you feel.
  • -Echo- Welshtaff 2011/05/21 16:30:03
    thanks it's been one lonnnng week.
  • schjaz 2011/05/18 14:56:48
    Sorry, my friend.
  • -Echo- schjaz 2011/05/18 17:25:34
  • SadieJane 2011/05/18 05:50:22
    Condolences for your loss.
    Everyone here understands, all too well.
    Hope things transition to fond memories quickly for you.
  • -Echo- SadieJane 2011/05/18 13:37:04
    Thank you so much.
  • allanbard 2011/05/17 18:05:02
    One of the greatest delusions of manekind is that humans are superior to animals... Your post rerminded of this quote of mine from my next book. I've lost a pet too a couple of years ago, a nice female cockatail ... We had a great time together, every morning/ evening when she saw me coming she climbed up and bended her head to be caressed :). She became a character in my next book The Opposite Of Magic, so i guess that way she would live forever... and that's something encouraging! I'm really sorry she's gone, I'm mreally sorry for your pet too... I know how you feel... book magic guess live encouraging shes mreally pet feel cockatail
  • -Echo- allanbard 2011/05/18 00:45:34
    I'd love to read your book,hah doc my other bird was like that.He had this thing he would come over to your hand nibble so you pet him,Then if you didn't pet him the way he wanted he'd tell you.He was also something else.The attachment that pets have is like a different kind of love.It hurts when they are gone.
  • Patty 2011/05/17 16:59:32
    Sorry echoman, My heart was sooo empty and painful, back and forth when I lost my playful little Sugar Princess, an 11 year old kitty to liver failure in February. My other cat, Sir Isaac went around the house for days crying (calling for his playmate/sister) Sugar Princess was actually put to sleep at the vets' and I held her...later they sent me some of her hair wrapped in a pink bow with her date of departure written on the envelope. Ikeep that in my jewelry box. Our pets are so devoted to us, and we to them...I understand your loss...
  • -Echo- Patty 2011/05/18 00:40:48
    Thank you patty.I know cats my sisters cats were a bunch .she had four cats now down to one. the little one lost her momma 3-4 years ago and her sister last year now the boy the man of the cat club like 1-2 months ago.He was diabetic it was like a never ending story for him.But it was like he was human reincarnated as a cat lol.
  • dink 2011/05/17 16:26:31
    Pets are like part of the family; sorry that you lost yours.
  • -Echo- dink 2011/05/18 00:36:16
    Yes they are and today is like one day that keeps dragging on.I'm so used to seeing my little buddy and my kitchen was missing someone for lunch today.I keep trying to think of other things but I just can't.
  • Red 2011/05/17 16:06:35
    Really sorry to hear that! hear rainbow bridge
  • -Echo- Red 2011/05/18 00:53:17
    It's ok he is at the rainbow bridge with his buddies:)
  • JanHopkins 2011/05/17 08:32:27
    So sorry to hear that. I believe he'll watch for you on the other side. There is no love more unselfish than that of our animal friends.
  • -Echo- JanHopkins 2011/05/17 13:08:38
    thank you very much.
  • ELLIE 2011/05/17 07:39:56
    How sad,that is one of the most horrid things to happen after losing some one close from your family.Looked right cute and I bet he had a character to match.
  • -Echo- ELLIE 2011/05/17 13:13:35
    I lost family within this time.My sister lost 2 cats recently.My mothers cousin passed away in New York.Friends losing their mother these last few years haven't been easy.It's one thing after another.He was and i don't think i'll ever know.He aswell as doc were such a joy to have around.
  • ELLIE -Echo- 2011/05/17 13:17:09
    So sorry to hear all that grief going on in your live.I hope that there will be a reprive soon and you will have a life again.Cheer up and carry on is all I can offer you,sorry.
  • -Echo- ELLIE 2011/05/17 13:50:44
    A vacation to see family would be perfect.:)Thanks again.
  • ELLIE -Echo- 2011/05/17 13:52:37
    I hope it gets better for you in the near future.
  • -Echo- ELLIE 2011/05/17 15:46:26
    thank you ellie
  • Scooter 2011/05/17 07:25:28
    Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. Just lost our Siamese cat a couple weeks ago...not the same around here without her.
  • -Echo- Scooter 2011/05/17 13:14:45
    It's like a piece of life taken away.Sorry to hear aswell.
  • Scooter -Echo- 2011/05/17 14:34:09
    Thank you.
  • NekoChan 2011/05/17 07:10:40
    I'm really sorry for the loss of your beloved friend. I know exactly how you feel so I know what you must be going through. We lost a dog some years ago and, to this day, I can't think about him without tearing up. He was the sweetest and goofiest doggy ever. ^-^

    friend feel lost dog years tearing sweetest goofiest doggy
    His name was Bubba.
  • -Echo- NekoChan 2011/05/17 13:16:50
    Beautiful dog.The goofiness is what hurt the most they make you smile even when things are bad.
  • NekoChan -Echo- 2011/05/18 00:47:52
    ^-^ Very true.
  • strawberry 2011/05/17 06:38:54
    I know it hurts, lost a few best friend pets to either death or moving. I feel like crying see the picture of your bird. I had to give my Sun Conure parrot away last year when I moved into an apartment. I loved that Parrot, named Petie. They have a very loud screech. My parrot was given a lot of freedom, bought her at 5 months old, had her for 6 years. She belonged to my son also.
    petie loud screech parrot freedom 5 6 years son Sun Conure Parrots
  • -Echo- strawberry 2011/05/17 13:25:28 (edited)
    That hurts just as bad.Beautiful and colorful bird.My sister has a Quaker Parrot and she's sooo loud but lovable, to top it all off her roomy is a Cockatiel and they fight loud but love each other.If you separate them it's like the end of the world for the 2 of them.
  • strawberry -Echo- 2011/05/18 03:48:10
    I was always a lover of all types of birds except crows. I tried to save a Humming Bird. I had a parakeet as a child. I was so upset when he died, and buried him in a box. I want to call the breeder again to see how the parrot is doing. She sees this woman often. I wonder if she would tell me the truth.? According to her this woman is also a breeder, with a house just for parrots. It bothers me because I don't know if my parrot is safe and happy.
  • -Echo- strawberry 2011/05/18 13:53:11
    Have you ever visited her since?
  • strawberry -Echo- 2011/05/25 09:26:21
    No I have not.
  • Sherlock 2011/05/17 06:30:40
    Sorry for your loss, Echo! Recently lost one of our pet cats of over 10 years. I know exactly hou you feel.

  • -Echo- Sherlock 2011/05/17 13:29:30
    Thank you for that. And sorry to hear about your cat.They have such affection on people.
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/05/17 04:56:47
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    AWE thats just plain awful. I hope that doesnt leave you completely "house friendless" It would get too quiet way too fast.
  • -Echo- mg's ha... 2011/05/17 13:30:41
    For the time being.i had pets all my life it's like very quiet too quiet around here.
  • mg's ha... -Echo- 2011/05/17 16:15:02
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    I know its hard to get over losing that close of a friend like that. You might want to listen to some nature sounds until you can get another friend for the house. It might soften the blow a bit. It wont be your friend but it might help with the awful silence in the house. Its help me anyway.
  • -Echo- mg's ha... 2011/05/18 00:50:50
    I'll try i just can't listen to any sad music.
  • mg's ha... -Echo- 2011/05/18 00:52:24
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    I mean literally sounds from outside on a cd. They do have those and I can honestly say they do work. It helped my granny when she lost her cockateil.

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