I just found out that my boyfriend cheated on me. What should I do?! Help!

Izzy 2008/12/25 01:47:17
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I just found out that my boyfriend of over 10 months cheated on me. He only did it once and they only kissed and he's stopped seeing her, but still I feel betrayed. He assured me it will never happen again and I truly love him. Also, this s the first time he's ever done anything like this. But can I trust him? None of my friends agree what I should do. These are some of the suggestions that my friends gave me:
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  • Morgan Carwell 2012/05/19 03:46:52
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    Morgan Carwell
    Dump him! or cheat on him. My bf told me he kissed a girl and that was it. Later he told me they kissed and touched. Then he told me they had sex.I forgave him and he did it again with a different chick and he said the exact same thing. You deserve better
  • erica 2010/02/22 23:37:54
    Forgive him, but if it happens again...
    ive been in the exact situation. im actually going threw it write now. im trying my hardest to forgive and he is trying to make it all better. i love him also. i know that if you both try you can get threw it. as long as you love each other
  • sandy 2009/10/08 12:56:41
    Cheat on him so he knows what it feels like.
    cheat on him gurl !!!!!
  • Emily4 2009/03/24 22:28:51
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    make him feel gilty and then dump him
  • JDLogan 2008/12/28 22:48:26
    How old is he? How old are you? If you're both young, this (unfortunately) is to be expected, and will probably be repeated, either with this boy or another. You may be able to instill a sense of loyalty, with work, but don't let this discourage you, boys eventually grow up.
  • Asha - Em 2008/12/28 17:25:28
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    Asha - Em
    he doesn't deserve you, and you can do better than him! leave plz, coz u neva no, he mite cheat again... besides there are plenty more fish in the sea (wot a cleche lol)x coz neva mite cheat plenty fish sea wot cleche lolx
  • blackbarbie 2008/12/28 14:38:56
    idk what to tell you 4 yrs ago the same thing happened and i forgave hi but were not together no more and my other ex just left me two mons ago he was cheating on me to but i will tell you this if you can forgive him then you must trust him and it will take time and if you cant trust him at all or ever then it is time to move on and getting even wont take nothing he did back be the bigger person b/c i got even but then again i was immature @ the time too.
  • Bethany 2008/12/28 04:36:50
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    Same thing happend to me. He said he wouldnt do it again i trusted him and a month later i found out he'd still been seeing her behind my back...once a cheater always a cheater.
  • Squint 2008/12/27 16:40:20
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    If you even have to ask then he is going to play you for a sucker!
  • T.J. 2008/12/27 12:27:59
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    My first question is how old are you? My second is, how serious is this relationship? 10 months may seem like a long time, but it depends on much you see of each other. Do you live together? Cheating is cheating but it may not have seemed to serious to him.
  • thakatchaser 2008/12/27 09:15:30 (edited)
  • Holliegirl11 2008/12/27 08:05:00
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    I have zero tolerance for cheating.
  • No More Commies 2008/12/27 03:33:51
    No More Commies
    Forget about it. He's with you and not still on the prowl. If it bothers you that much seek professional help.
  • thakatc... No More... 2008/12/27 09:17:03
  • Lilly<33 2008/12/27 03:30:36
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    10 months whatever leave him u can do better
  • LadyAngel80 2008/12/27 02:10:09
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    From experience I've learned once a cheater always a cheater! It's nothing you did and you deserve a whole lot better!
  • thakatc... LadyAng... 2008/12/27 09:24:32
  • jaja or jj 2008/12/26 20:53:37
    jaja or jj
    look at everything that you know about him
    is he a nice guy?? even if he is once a cheater always a cheater
    next look at do you love him?? not the puppy love kinda thing but that kind of you want to marry him love
    and think if he really loves you he would put you before any other woman and he obviously didnt with this girl because he would have to know that would hurt you. so my advice to you sweety is think long and hard and dont let him sweet talk you!!!
    would he give up everything for you??
    would he give up dating other people???
    would he put you before everything else that comes towards him in your lifetime??
    if the answer to those is yes then keep him around dont guess on those quesstions either you call him and ask him and if one is no then start ddating someone else but try and stay friends with him because maybe some day you could trust him again but NOT anytime soon!!!
    and remember this is coming from me and i know what position you are in and my life is working out very fine and i have your best interests in mind
    listen to your heart not anyones advice :)
  • Nikki 2008/12/26 20:44:27
    just be aware now. if your relationship is strong, and you trust him with all your heart, then stick with him. just dont go out and cheat on him, because that will make everything waaay worse. good luck!
  • Undecided
    ≤З cRaZy₀⁰₀⁰ BiTch ≤З~In My Bitches I Trust
    You can forgive him. But don't you dare forget girl!

    good luck to you
  • Shelby 2008/12/26 20:13:53
    Forgive him, but if it happens again...
    i am usually a very forgiving person so thats why i picked my answer, also you dont need to stoop to his level its not worth it, what do your instincts tell you? listen to your heart!
  • vvrelover 2008/12/26 20:05:58
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    Honey I have been done the same way and they just get better a lying. You are setting yourself up for a disaster. Flirting is even unacceptable. Turn the tables on him let him know what he is missing. You deserve better. That street your walking on goes two ways just remember that. Yea is hurts like the devil but lesson learned and keep walking.
  • Dark N Lovely 2008/12/26 18:15:49 (edited)
    Dark N Lovely
    U have to do what makes you happy!Under no circumstances should you listen to anyone else.Especially your friends b/c they always give you advice that they would never follow if they were in your shoes. Take time and think about this and make sure u have no regrets later about the decision u make. The onlyadvice I have for you is that life goes on and you don't want to look back 5yrs from now and be with the same person and your heart is filled w/ regrets. So,just think about it and don't allow him to rush you. I was just in the same situation 1 month ago. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!decision onlyadvice life 5yrs person heart filled regrets sojust rush
  • BURNT OUT! 2008/12/26 15:57:55
    your 17. keep him around for affection when you need it, but try to acknowledge your hormones, and redirect that energy into sumthin else. silly girl!!
  • Alice Cullen 2008/12/26 06:26:18
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    Alice Cullen
    that is not right 10 months dump him
  • Heather123abc 2008/12/26 03:08:26
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    it seems harsh, but you can do better...find a guy who doesnt need to say sorry for cheating on you....because he never would
  • vvrelover Heather... 2008/12/26 20:07:22
    Amen girl.
  • crimson dragon 2008/12/26 01:50:00
    Forgive him 100%!
    crimson dragon
    But that doesn't mean you have to pretend that nothing happened. Be fair. Be cool. Be yourself. Don't try to control him and don't let him control you. I had a few romances in high school and none of them were "it". Virginia and I met while I was in college and we've been together ever since.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
  • krayzrick 2008/12/26 01:45:06
  • Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    Take it from a guy once a man cheats he'll always cheat.
  • ≤З cRaZ... Яᴇv☠Doɴ... 2008/12/26 20:35:02
    ≤З cRaZy₀⁰₀⁰ BiTch ≤З~In My Bitches I Trust
    I have seen that happen. It's sad.

    They might be able to hide them for a while. But A leopard never changes their spots.
  • thakatc... Яᴇv☠Doɴ... 2008/12/27 09:26:14
  • Apple 2008/12/26 01:38:04
    If I were you I would work it out. It's really hard to forgive, but if you decide to work through the infidelity, you have to remember you made the choice to make the relationship work. With this being said, you can't hold a grudge against him for what he did or it may end up pushing him away and you risk the chance of him being unfaithful again. You also have to work on getting yourself happy again and to the point to where you trust him . If you find that you can't get past the memory of him cheating, you may want to explore more options and end the relationship. I hope everything works out for you, and whatever happens, I hope you are happy :)
  • maralis Apple 2009/08/09 03:29:14
    I think this is a good advice . I am going trough the same situation so your opinion helped me too . However I think that to take him back he reallyyyy ! has to try his hardest
  • mark 1 2008/12/26 01:37:28
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    mark 1
    Make him an Ex boyfriend!
  • Suki 2008/12/26 01:37:28
    Dump him girl, he lied to you. You could do better.
    You deserve better! Do not ever accept being treated like garbage. You deserve better. Unless you get rid of him, you will never find that person who loves you enough not to treat you like that. You may feel uncertain about it now, but if you don't move on with your life without him, you might miss the love of your life and you will always regret it. Do yourself a big favor and kick him out now.
  • Alexis 2008/12/26 01:34:53
    Forgive him, but if it happens again...
    Kill him... No don't kill him. Just make him wish you had. You'll be able to enjoy his pain more if he lives. Find a way to tourture him painfully though.
  • joanne 2008/12/26 01:30:08
  • Dr.Peper 2008/12/26 01:28:19
    Forgive him, but if it happens again...
    I would forgive him, but if he does it again dump him because you shouldn't have to deal with that.... forgive forgive dump deal
  • vvrelover Dr.Peper 2008/12/26 20:09:14
    Again there should never be again. If he really truly loved you and thought only of you that is the done deal. If not have the balls to break it off with a little respect.

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