I have an urgent prayer request. I want you to pray for Prometheus.

Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2011/01/31 12:21:34
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As you know Egypt is having some problem with protests and riots and because of that I am worried about Prometheus. He lives in Egypt. Please pray for his safety.

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  • Puck ~PHAET 2011/01/31 15:21:42
    Puck ~PHAET
    Well, he's certainly in my thoughts, but being that he's an atheist, I'm not certain he'd appreciate me asking goddess to look out for him, though I'm sure he'd appreciate the sentiments. So I think I'll just keep him in my thoughts and reserve my prayers for a swift and as bloodshed-free as possible ending to the violence overseas.

    "I pray for all of humanity to one day feel the pulse of the Mother Earth in their feet as they tread. I pray for mankind to find the faith to believe in the messages carried by their dreams and to see beyond the visible world. I pray that everyone I come in contact with can walk away with much, or at least some, of the happiness that lives within me. I pray for peace, acceptance, and tolerance for all who express their love for the higher power (whatever that name may be). Most of all, I pray for an end to the violence and depravity that darkens many souls. Peace be with us all."

    love higher power pray violence depravity darkens souls peace blessed be

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