I have a really evil side. Do you?

Sunshine 2010/02/14 02:28:25
One of my personality flaws is that there is a side to my personality that is truly demonic and intimidates even myself. In most instances people who have fallen victim to the response of this demon fear agitating me directly ever again. I myself fear provocation of such a response from myself due to the fact that I cant control the destructive elements involved in what I refer to as my stronger personality traits. I usually sit people down and tell them "Do NOT piss with me at any stage because if you are harmed by me you will beg for DEATH!" But in a more subtle and polite manner and with conviction. I would not lie about such behavioral flaws especially flaws within myself.
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  • Satanic 20 2010/02/16 16:11:46
    Satanic 20
    i do have a nasty side but im also a really nice person 2...when the others come out they cry out 4 blood...literally. and they tend 2 lash out very quickly...another thing i cant prove is they say my eyes turn & glow red...most ppl learn not 2 try anything around me especially sex related when im with a guy...u could say ud see an aura pretty easily
  • Sunshine Satanic 20 2010/02/16 20:43:24
    My eye's turm from blue to grey and the blacks of my eyes expand
  • Sparklee 2010/02/14 03:20:02
    I don't think I do,even in my dreams I'm never evil.i have so many dreams I don't remember,so maybe in those I'm evil. I don't want to be evil so maybe thats why I never remember them.
  • Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy* 2010/02/14 03:13:40
    Seth (crazy Iowan) *Burgundy*
    I do...it rarely shows. I've been destructive to others (and even myself) at times, unfortunately. It's usually set off by another person, as I'm usually reacting to something or someone.
  • Sunshine Seth (c... 2010/02/14 08:24:05
    Mine is always reaction.
  • divajinx 2010/02/14 02:47:37
    I do have an evil twin but she's nothing like yours! My evil twin likes to pull pranks on ppl and say mean things - and we both only speak the truth! - so I've lost several good friends due to her honesty. She doesn't think before she speaks so "anything goes"! I've actually kept her in cheque lately tho, so she's not been seen or heard from for quite awhile now. That's a good thing! lost friends honesty speaks ive cheque tho shes heard awhile
  • Vault Dweller 101 ~In Flame... 2010/02/14 02:37:14
    Vault Dweller 101 ~In Flames I Trust~
    I have more of a very morbid side.
  • Megan ~ PHAET 2010/02/14 02:30:48
    Megan ~ PHAET
    Sadly, I'm not a mean or vengeful person. =/
  • Sunshine Megan ~... 2010/02/14 02:36:54
    I'm not mean or vengeful either I am very happy, passive and friendly. All I'm saying is that like the moon I have two sides I just prefer that only the deserving people (bad & unjust) see the darker side of the moon.

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