Ginger Snapp 2009/11/14 03:41:30
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this is me blowing off steam k?

I despise this girl

we were best friends for 2 years

i used to stay overnight at her house whenever i had to run away

i took her with me to a concert free 400 bucks for the 2 of us!

i would go steal pregnancy tests for her, one time my mom dumped out my backpack and i had to pretend to fall to cover up the preg test
i wouldve gotten beaten six ways to sunday if she saw it!

she asked if i wanted to move with her fam and go to this new art school in the desert
i said yes
she cheats on her bf all the time, not sex, just everything but

and on my birthday, when i was supposed to go see my gramps, she booked a motel and screwed her bf all that night

her mom stole 200 bucks from me!!!! and took 50 bucks from my gramps the weekend before she kicked me out on the street

then her mom tried to make me leave the school, called the principle, tried to dis- enroll me etc

this girl is tryin to turn my friends against me

fed my beloved diary only thing i have of my past to her stupid dog!

and threw out the paper of mine that held the only chance i have of passing govt class/highschool

If i die soon, im going to stick around as a ghost just to tourment her for the rest of her life!!!
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  • Ginger ... Isma'il... 2009/11/15 20:13:20
    Ginger Snapp
  • Isma'il... Ginger ... 2009/11/16 05:38:47
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
  • Dan 2009/11/14 05:05:10
    Gena, after reading the title of this I knew you were a teenage girl. You're 19 years old but sound like you're 14-16 years old (according to the words you've chosen). At 19, you shouldn't be wasting your time with juvenile crap like "friends" who have stabbed you in the back more than once. Don't waste your time with this traitor, Life is too short to waste it on unreliable people.
    There's a saying: "Those who anger you, control you." So, don't let this waste of oxygen ruin one more day of your life. OK?
  • Ginger ... Dan 2009/11/14 23:10:17
    Ginger Snapp
    thanks, but im in almost all her classes and see her 5 days a week
    so its kinda hard
    but thanks :)
  • GreatLakes 2009/11/14 05:04:59
    Sheesh~that's terrible!!
  • ¬©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2009/11/14 04:48:15
  • alonnastorm 2009/11/14 04:44:13 (edited)
    What her family did to you was horrible. When you stay angry at someone you give them power over you! I learned a long time ago the best revenge is no revenge at all. Let go and let God!!! He will take care of it...
  • joey carranza 2009/11/14 03:52:31
    joey carranza
    im srry, you should kick her A$$
    if anyone makes u mad, they make me mad
    KILL HER srry kick mad mad kill
  • Mel 2009/11/14 03:44:01
    Time to find some new friends, just move on without her you'll feel better in the end, it's not worth the headache and drama to let this shit eat at you.
  • Ginger ... Mel 2009/11/14 03:48:48
    Ginger Snapp
    its kinda hard when im at a new school senior highschool year
    and its a VERY small one
    and we have the same friends

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