I feel like an old man....

Even though I'm not a man....

This is pretty pointless......
I beg you not to keep reading.

Fuck you psoriatic arthritis.
pretty pointless beg reading fuck psoriatic arthritis

Making me limp when my toe starts to throb.

For not letting me chillax when I want to chillax
fuck psoriatic arthritis limp toe starts throb letting chillax chillax
my fingers feel dull and pained at this very moment.

But hey I learned to live with it...it sucks and i feel like i'm falling apart sometimes I feel like this:

feel dull pained hey learned live sucks feel falling feel
but if i could deal with it when i was younger...I can deal with it now.

Great. Now my ring finger hurts.
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Laura In Dandyland

Laura In Dandyland

United States

2008/08/19 22:11:57

If I was a zombie, I'd eat you first ;)

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