I broke a meth head's leg.

Methamphetamine is some bad shit. A dude I used to know had been arrested this past week for running around his neighborhood nude, peering into windows, and beating his girlfriend. One of his good friends had set up a drug lab, and he had been high for almost two weeks straight because he got free dope. One day, he randomly got the notion that the FBI was after him. So, he started roaming around the streets trying to find where they were camping out. Then, he got worried they put GPS devices in his clothes. He ended up stripping them off. Some elderly neighbors saw this and called the cops on him. He ran back to his house after one of the old ladies verbally informed him that she had called the authorities. He came home cranked out of his fucking mind. His girlfriend was yelling at him for being so fucked up on meth. He then proceeded beating the hell out of her. That's when I heard her scream and run to her front yard. I grabbed the aluminum bat that the neighbor kids play baseball with out of their front yard. He was beating her like you'd beat a grown man for knocking up your 15 year old daughter. It was brutal. He stopped for a quick second, and I ran up on the side of him and swung the bat as hard as I could. I heard a "crunch" as the guy screamed and the bone in his leg caved in. I broke his left leg immediately and fractured his right. I helped the guy's girlfriend back to her feet. Then, I held her as she hobbled inside while her boyfriend laid out on the lawn screaming in agony at the top of his lungs. She was bruised, both eyes swollen, and bleeding from the nose.The cops came followed by the ambulance and fire rescue. They took them both to the hospital. She's finally pressing charges on his abusive ass! She called me tonight asking if I'd like to go out sometime. I gladly accepted. She's such a doll. I hope his dumb ass stays in jail for a long time.
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  • Astro-Boy 2010/05/27 06:37:05
    Good for what you did. I've seen what Meth does to people, it ain't pretty. Good she is finally getting away from that asshole.

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