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Human Sperm: An Effective Skin Softener

- The obsession with staying youthful has led many to paralyze their faces with toxin and completely alter the face they were given. But the beauty industry offers an even more bizarre way to keep skin soft and supple. Beauty insiders are touting spermine, a powerful antioxidant found in human sperm, as the solution to diminish wrinkles and smooth skin. Bioforskning (yes, that’s the actual name), a Norwegian company, is now synthesizing the substance in laboratories and selling it. And stateside, some women are shelling out as much as $250 for a spermine facial at spas. They could keep their money and head to a college dorm, where, I’m sure, the occupants would be more than willing to give sperm facials for free. There’d probably be free beer, too.... Read full article »
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  • Arrow the Anti-Con 2009/06/04 23:43:17
    Arrow the Anti-Con
    Is that why so many men have such soft hands?
  • Ron 2009/06/04 21:44:26
    I think you are so right, donate that cash to a strapped college student, now that's economic stimulus.
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2009/06/04 20:18:45 (edited)
    ♥Nicole A♥
    GROSS! No thanks, I will stick to the real skin softeners!
    gross stick real skin softeners
    Sperm facials? No comment!
    gross stick real skin softeners sperm facials comment
  • devontae jones 2009/06/04 17:34:43
    devontae jones
    Why buy it at a spa for $250 when I'll give you a free supply.
  • Todd 2009/06/04 16:53:56
    Do you get paid for donations to the cause?
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2009/06/04 14:24:17
  • wicked 2009/06/04 13:07:39
    I don't need to try using it. I already do and have been for some time.

    A good facial, nice and glazed sticky wet!
    A few heavy meat slaps and rub it in for me.
    Most is cleaned up but I do love when a coating is dried on my face. A very nice moisterizer indeed!

    Sorry ladies, I just don't understand how a woman can NOT love a mans load showered on your skin.
  • Chris -... wicked 2009/06/04 14:18:14
  • wicked Chris -... 2009/06/04 16:03:54
    Sure! ( grin )
  • Superman wicked 2009/06/04 19:52:00
    I just passed out. That was easily the most frank and hot post I've ever seen on here. And I've been looking for them.

    I may not have been fast enough to be the first to say how awesome you are. But you are. Absolutely.

    Clearly you're comfortable with your sexuality and that is always fantastic for a woman.

    Glad to have you here!
  • Tiffany... wicked 2009/06/06 04:08:09
    I must admit, I agree 100% admit 100
  • wicked Tiffany... 2009/06/08 13:57:51
    Lovely shade of pink lipstick!
  • Tiffany... wicked 2009/06/11 03:46:31
  • Wayne 2009/06/04 08:50:36
    The Good Lord has given me an effective apparatus for dispensing this wonderful solution. The issue is getting access to the appropriate receptacle for operating the apparatus. Even then, it will take some significant agitation … but keep the faith … the solution will come.
  • ctrlzmankind 2009/06/04 08:39:54
    I could be making money of off this stuff!

    Where do I sign up?
  • StarringU 2009/06/04 08:24:36 (edited)
    UMMMMMMMMm, and this is a all the sudden a NEW discovery??? giggle. Mkay then. Who wants to go around smellin like BLEACH , anyhoo??? i mean, u know? and what's with the comment about the DORM why does this bring to mind the nasty movie "ThERes just something about MaRY /??haha

    just sayin.....the anal creame has been FaMOUs for century for wrinkles on celebs like ; Michael jackson, donny osmond,.....Keith or otherwize known as DAVID CASSIDY. lol. yeppers. meN!
  • Ju Ju 2009/06/04 06:35:23
    Ju Ju
    hahahahah fantastic
  • The Bantam Seditioner 2009/06/04 05:53:15 (edited)
    The Bantam Seditioner
    No way. If that were true, my right hand would be a feather duster by now.
  • StarringU The Ban... 2009/06/04 08:27:24
    giggle. Ken, is that you? ROfLMAO!
  • Queen B 2009/06/04 03:13:32
    Queen B
    I've heard this for at least 30 years. Don't know if it works, but I sure as hell wouldn't be paying $250 for a sperm facial.
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