How's your life?

~etoile~ 2007/11/12 18:59:41
Going way too fast.
So friggin slow.
Stuck in a moment and going nowhere.
Loving every second of it!
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  • Mar~y~Sol~101 2009/11/04 00:26:25
    Stuck in a moment and going nowhere.
    thers 3 options
    1. life sucks
    2.i suck at life
    3. im an alien whos not supposed to be human (cuz i sure don't look human!) sucks 2 suck life 3 alien supposed human cuz human
  • ♥Stephii!♥ 2008/05/13 22:00:08
    Loving every second of it!
    =) viva life!
  • Kodabear 2008/03/30 04:11:00
    Some days it is fun but other days it is full of loneliness and sadness... I swear I must be bipolar! lol.
  • ~etoile~ Kodabear 2008/03/30 05:47:03
  • Kodabear ~etoile~ 2008/03/31 16:52:31
    Well, its true! lol
  • sam 2007/11/27 19:13:06
    Loving every second of it!
    I am really trying to be greatfull and love or at least embrace every little second of it. I cherish my life.
  • B4Real2Me 2007/11/12 19:18:47
    Loving every second of it!
    I'm loving every second of my life... the ups and downs, the valleys and the mountain tops, the ins and outs and everything in between.
  • ~etoile~ B4Real2Me 2007/11/12 19:20:04
    the way it should be.:) hehe... i love life.(^__^)
  • B4Real2Me ~etoile~ 2007/11/12 19:30:05
    I can't understand people who don't love life, the graveyard is full of dead people who would love to trade places with anyone alive.
  • ~etoile~ B4Real2Me 2007/11/12 19:30:56
    true. life is beautiful.:)
  • B4Real2Me ~etoile~ 2007/11/12 19:42:46
    And life is way too short to spend it being miserable.

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