How Young Is Too Young for a Mobile Phone?

Fef 2012/07/03 13:00:00
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Parents give their kids mobile phones at very young ages. It seems that each year parents lower the minimum acceptable age for a kid to have one. Some parents give mobile phones with limited capabilities to match the child's needs ("Mom, come pick me up!") instead of his or her wants (sexting?).

Michael Arcand wrote an article on Mashable.com to help parents make this decision and find the right phone. Mashable.com reports:If you're thinking about getting your kid a cell phone, first consider school policy, usage, cost and your child's privacy.

thinking kid cell phone school policy usage cost childs privacy

Read More: http://mashable.com/2012/07/02/too-young-for-a-mob...

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  • Gregory Kramida 2012/07/03 13:08:49
    Younger than 18 years old
    Gregory Kramida
    As much as I'd like to be liberal on this issue, for a kid younger than 13 a mobile phone, especially an expensive one, is little more than a fancy toy and a source of distraction. Moreover, it will tend to get lost, broken, borrowed and never returned.

    If you have a phone at an early age, it doesn't in any way reflect your level of maturity. How about reading a good book instead?

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  • P. Sturm 2012/09/13 20:25:21
    Younger than 10 years old
    P. Sturm
    A 10-year-old can safely use a restricted phone.
  • Andrea Rodriguez 2012/08/01 22:58:59
    Younger than 10 years old
    Andrea Rodriguez
    There is girls at my cheerleading gym who are 6 and younger who fricking have iPhone 4S!!!!! Im thirteen and I had to pay my self to get my iPhone 4S and i have to handle all my bills!!
  • ErinPooh 2012/08/01 11:24:08
    Younger than 10 years old
    Noone should be using one at 8 years old
  • Heart Tears 2012/07/25 14:00:29
    Younger than 13 years old
    Heart Tears
    though my Brother is 12 and he has one !
  • Tiny Tawnie 2012/07/23 20:17:40
    Younger than 13 years old
    Tiny Tawnie
    I got my first phone when I was 13 years old
  • émilie✿ 2012/07/16 19:55:19
    Younger than 13 years old
    I hate seeing little kids with phones. Makes them look spoiled and bratty.
  • kelly 2012/07/15 19:40:10
    Younger than 10 years old
    Depends on the intent of the phone. Is it going to be pretty much a toy for them to play around with, or would be one of those cases where it would only be used to contact parents.
  • iPredator 2012/07/15 12:54:15
    Younger than 10 years old
    Actually most children do not understand the meaning of technology of phonic commutions. Normaly, children during puberty will start racking their brains. "How do I do this" or "Hmm, I could do something good with this." I got my FIRST phone at 10. But then it was quite useless. I am now 12 and most of the time of my "phone-using" was calling, less playing.
  • iPredator iPredator 2012/07/15 12:54:57
    "....technology of phonic communications..." <- correction
  • autumn 2012/07/15 09:41:50
    Younger than 10 years old
    if they can use it properly why not.
  • james.a.peters.71 2012/07/15 08:37:21
    Younger than 10 years old
    Kids can write letters and postcards age 10.
    Kids can chat on a land line phone age 10.

    A mobile phone is just an extension of communication methods already well established.
  • Rebellion 2012/07/12 18:19:46
    Younger than 13 years old
    I'm 14. I got my first ( working ) phone on my 13th birthday.
    However, I only use it for serious things. Not playing games or listening to music.
  • Aegle 2012/07/11 20:35:48
    Younger than 13 years old
    The only reason I got a phone when I was ten was so that I could call my mom if I did not have a ride home from soccer practice. I, honestly, never used it, though. On the contrary, I have a friend that got a phone for her 9th birthday...
  • Izzy<3; 2012/07/11 04:16:54
    Younger than 13 years old
    iSay 11 Annd Oldeer Should Gqett Phones Becausee They Could Be iN Dance Practices And All That So They Cann Text Ther Mom Come Pick Me Up ! Plus Its Also Good When We Are iN The Middle Of The Summer Because We Dont Gqett Tooh See Ouur School Friendds !
  • Emily Keck Izzy<3; 2012/08/02 07:05:47
    Emily Keck
    I say eleven and older should get phones because they could be in dance classes or things like that. That way they can text their mom "Come pick me up." Plus, it's also good when we are in the middle of summer, because we don't get to see our friends from school.

    Learn spelling and grammar, please.
  • SarahMohan 2012/07/10 11:38:31
    Younger than 18 years old
    Actually the moble rays affects .Proven scientifically.so,its good to18 yrs
  • click1695 2012/07/10 08:36:59
    Younger than 13 years old
    I got my first phone at 11, but i never actually used a phone till I became 14 (now), that's when i started becoming more independent, I think it's whenever kids become more mature and are responsible enough to not lose it.
  • Roguebear55 2012/07/10 02:08:52
    Younger than 10 years old
    At this age the parents should be with them so they sont need one
  • Dave Ruble 2012/07/10 00:30:27
    Younger than 18 years old
    Dave Ruble
    Of you use Facebook, you should not be trusted with a cell.
  • bryisme 2012/07/09 19:56:31 (edited)
    Younger than 10 years old
    around this age, children start doing things after school or with their friends more, so it's a bit of a necessity. but it shouldn't be a smart phone with internet and apps and such, it should just be a simple phone with limited minutes that is only to be used for emergencies.
  • Alex Rider 2012/07/09 17:21:53
    Younger than 10 years old
    Alex Rider
    11-18 is old enough but Younger then 10 is to little.
  • Maryam 2012/07/09 10:51:40
    Younger than 18 years old
    and more.....
  • Poison Ivy 2012/07/09 02:41:39
    Younger than 13 years old
    Poison Ivy
    I hate watching them walk around with it, but if it means keeping my son safe, plus knowing where he is at, then so be it.
  • brittany 2012/07/09 02:12:06
    Younger than 13 years old
    i got my first phone at 13 and i thought it was a great idea. not only did i have an amazing 13th bday gift but i also learned to not have a dependency of a cell phone at that age
  • Arpegiando 2012/07/08 13:19:54 (edited)
    Younger than 10 years old
    A phone is a saftey device too. Even if they can text and be idiotic it is good to have around in case of an emergency and is especially useful if the parents work late. They can rest knowing if something bad happens they can call them. Plus with kids going out and doing whatever around the street, using manditory times to call their parents is a good way to keep track of them
  • Michelle Nguyen 2012/07/08 07:32:17
    Younger than 13 years old
    Michelle Nguyen
    im 13 and i got my phone just this year. but the only thing i use my phone for is emergency cuz there is no point on using it for anything else. i dont randomly just text my friend to say hi. i usually use my phone to text my mum and ask her when shes picking me up etc. but i dont call anyone cuz i think its a waste of money. unless in emergency. i would stck with my home phone if i want to call someone at home.
  • utkrisht singh 2012/07/08 06:14:55
    Younger than 13 years old
    utkrisht singh
    It is the best age for any child to have a phone.
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/07/08 03:18:35
    Younger than 13 years old
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Unfortunately where my kids go to school, rich parents buy their kids everything at an early age. If it weren't against the law, I imagine 3rd graders would have their own cars. I wasn't having any of that, even when we had the money. A lot of it comes from parents showing off through their kids and/or just throwing money at them so they, the parents, won't be bothered with having to pay any attention to their kids.
  • HighSchoolPhilosopher 2012/07/08 00:37:50
    Younger than 10 years old
    I can't believe some of you actually think you shouldn't get a cell phone until you're 18. How out of touch with reality do you need to be to seriously think that? Just because you're 60 years old and can't remember what it was like being young doesn't mean teenagers aren't capable of talking to their friends responsibly.

    As for my vote: my brother is 10, and he has a phone. He only uses it to contact family members, and I don't see a problem with it. It just makes things more convenient.

    So many of you just assume the worst about kids. It's like you just regurgitate what you hear on TV and don't stop and think. Don't be so paranoid.
  • wassup 2012/07/07 19:11:36
    Younger than 10 years old
    Anything younger than 10 is too young. The kids won't even have anyone to talk to except their parents. I think an appropiate age is 12 or 13. Unless there is special circumstances where a cell phone is needed.
  • Dave 007 2012/07/07 14:49:24
    Younger than 13 years old
    Dave 007
    But it should not be a smart phone. Just basic for calls only (maybe texting).
  • Angryface01 2012/07/07 03:09:56
    Younger than 13 years old
    I don't think that people realize that with mobile phones, the child has less ability to shut out social pressures. They bring the bullies and the A crowd-demands right into their bedroom. This presents a real problem. They have no space that is a safety zone for them to just exist without the pressure.
  • Jenna 2012/07/07 03:01:51
    Younger than 13 years old
    I still don't have one I have to wait until my 14th birthday
    Cause my parents thinks it's bad for kids to have cell phones
  • chyla 2012/07/06 21:17:01
    Younger than 13 years old
    I'd say 15 is an alright age.
  • Taxman 2012/07/06 20:49:12
    Younger than 18 years old
    My wife and I have a phone and one community phone for the kids to share (they take it when they need it--no internet, no texting).
  • The Bee Guy 2012/07/06 19:36:43
    Younger than 18 years old
    The Bee Guy
    Younger then 18 should be restricted to a phone with restrictions which permit calls only to parents, maybe siblings, and 911. Not to other neighbors or friends.
  • wassup The Bee... 2012/07/07 19:14:42
    That's ridiculous! Teenagers have the right to talk to their friends.
  • The Bee... wassup 2012/07/17 21:33:16
    The Bee Guy
    Yup, you are right of course. But for the parents who had a predator pick up one who was less then 18 by way of their cell phone, you may have a hard time convincing them...
  • wassup The Bee... 2012/07/25 05:38:23
    Some teens are more responsible then others
  • The Bee... wassup 2012/07/26 01:30:22
    The Bee Guy
    I know, so I cannot generalize that all teens (or younger) are ready to handle protecting themselves from predators, often the same age as they...
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