How would you stop a 18 month old from pulling her hair out?

Jessa ~COB 2008/03/07 19:46:16
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MY 18 month old daughter has this thing, where she sits up in the rocker with me and then sits there and begins to tear her own hair out, I tell her no, dont, that can hurt you, with a straight face, and as calmy as possible, but imma start pulling my own hair out if she doesnt stop, quick,, plz CALLING ALL PARENTS..!!!!!! i need YOUR HELP!!!
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  • Jamie 2008/03/19 05:07:31
    my children did it too and .....
    I know how you feel my daughter who is almost 2 now does the same thing and i think she started doing it almost a year ago and it slowly got worse. We recently cut her hair really short and she could still pull a little bit but not pull it out now its starting to grow back and she is able to pull it out again. Cutting it short is not the answer i think im going to have to shave it as sad as that sounds so that there will be nothing to pull and the habbit will go away... i really dont know what else to do.... i figure better to do it now then when she's five and going to school. :(
  • kmay 2008/03/08 18:57:37
    sure you can try..
    Actually not all that unusual. A habit is exactly what it is – a nervous habit, much like thumb sucking or lip licking which equally can cause sore irritated skin around the base of the thumb and the outer surfaces of the lips. it should pass. If it is a problem ask your doctor to rule out any medical problem.
  • Ichigo 2008/03/08 07:09:23
    Smack da bitch!
  • Ant~ All Woman All Amazing~ 2008/03/07 21:20:11
    Ant~ All Woman All Amazing~
    I am not sure , I have children but none of mine did that .. It does seem like a strange thing to do , I mean if she is pulling her hair out it must hurt .. Maybe she has pain there and the pulling helps, and this is why she does it , best to see a doctor just to put your mind at ease.. Please let me know what they say ..

    I really hope you get this sorted out soon , and it is nothing to worry about : ))
  • I Luv Hillary 2008/03/07 20:21:39
    I Luv Hillary
    Shave her head! Carefully..........
  • Jessa ~COB I Luv H... 2008/03/07 20:31:04
    Jessa ~COB
    thats messed up..
  • ღ✞☮ νєя... I Luv H... 2008/03/07 20:35:47
  • I Luv H... ღ✞☮ νєя... 2008/03/07 20:44:12
    I Luv Hillary
    Veronica....assuming your female! Would you ask a personal question like this about your 18 mt old child in a public forum? I wouldn't either, so point in the correct direction please!
  • Jessa ~COB I Luv H... 2008/03/07 20:52:48
    Jessa ~COB
    Sure i may not be veronica, but ill ask my question to any one and everyone who listens and is willing to help, I dont care if its someone in the damn grocery store,

    see, sorry luv, but when you have a question its best to ASK a QUESTION!!!
  • I Luv H... Jessa ~COB 2008/03/07 21:03:15
    I Luv Hillary
    Bad judgement!
  • Jessa ~COB I Luv H... 2008/03/08 00:27:05
    Jessa ~COB
    sure it would be considered bad judgment if anyone listened to you!
  • sadiesmom 2008/03/07 20:10:57
    Is she really pulling it out or just pulling it?

    If she's pulling it out, I'd take her for testing to see if it's a medical condition...otherwise, baby, I don't know!
  • Jessa ~COB sadiesmom 2008/03/07 20:11:33
    Jessa ~COB
    She actually pulling it out. like clumps at a time
  • sadiesmom Jessa ~COB 2008/03/07 20:14:18
    I think, not that I know the situation, but, she needs to be taken to the doctor and see if anything is wrong with her physically........just my momma two cents!
  • Jessa ~COB sadiesmom 2008/03/07 20:22:24
    Jessa ~COB
    thanks, i just made an appt..
  • Lykos 2008/03/07 19:48:26
  • Jessa ~COB Lykos 2008/03/07 19:49:22
    Jessa ~COB
    LOL thats just mean lol ..
  • Lykos Jessa ~COB 2008/03/07 19:52:52
  • sadiesmom Lykos 2008/03/07 20:09:59
    hmmm, like that mom and her two year old?
  • Jessa ~COB sadiesmom 2008/03/07 20:11:02
    Jessa ~COB
  • sadiesmom Jessa ~COB 2008/03/07 20:15:02
    It was on the news...a mother that was at a car wash-sprayed her 2 y/o with the power hose because she was crying.......WHATEVER!
  • Jessa ~COB sadiesmom 2008/03/07 20:23:00
    Jessa ~COB
    wtf. id kill that woman. if she ever did that around me.. grr.. stupid humans

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