How would life be different if you were born the opposite gender?

gonesimera 2011/09/04 14:06:10
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  • Big Battles 2012/02/23 14:25:29
    Big Battles
    Thats the question I ask myself every once in a while I would imagine better grades for one.
  • Holly Wood 2011/12/11 21:46:03
    Holly Wood
    I would first explore every inch of my "NEW" body. Then I'd live out my fantasys. 1st make out with another woman and since I enjoy the kinky side of life...see what it's like to be the submissive.
  • karen 2011/09/12 16:19:18
    i've been told that i'd be an amazing sex partner if i were ever a guy
  • Playerazzi 2011/09/06 08:33:28
    Hmmmm . . . .

    I would have lost my virginity sooner (maybe)
    I would have continued in music and theatre as opposed to science (probably)
    So, I would not have majored in Physics in undergrad, which in turn
    Would have changed the major re-direction in my life (Orthodox Judaism)

    And more than likely I would have found that re-direction later, and married later and not moved to Israel, and stay in the US.

    Big differences.
  • AvaC 2011/09/06 05:35:19
    The thought of not have a menstrual cycle sounds REALLY good!!!!!!! lol
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/09/06 03:42:55
    Lerro DeHazel
    I would sit more in the restroom as opposed to standing sometimes . . .
  • Lilymoon 2011/09/06 01:49:47
    Now how the hell would I know.
  • Magyarita 2011/09/06 01:06:24
    I'd be a really effeminate gay boy named Clyde Andrew. XD
  • KinnUzumaki 2011/09/05 23:38:19
    i would have had a peaceful and beautiful life if i were a boy
  • Saint Paul the Decider 2011/09/05 08:56:06
    Saint Paul the Decider
    Would not to have gone to college on a football scholarship

    college football scholarship college football
  • Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2011/09/05 03:20:43
    Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT
    I would not be happy I understand why women are so moody... No PMS or pregnancy for me thanks
  • TommyC 2011/09/05 02:27:16
    i think i woud be straight i think lol
  • Fresno State Fan CB-05 2011/09/05 00:30:53
    Fresno State Fan CB-05
    I'd be a lesbian. Probably really butch too.
  • MustangSally 2011/09/05 00:15:36
    I'd be able to stand up to pee
  • gonesimera Mustang... 2011/09/05 11:07:19
  • mello 2011/09/04 23:29:08
    I'd be a really wimpy boy. :D
  • volubleasteroid 2011/09/04 23:11:13
    my god
  • volubleasteroid 2011/09/04 23:11:07
    my god
  • JanHopkins 2011/09/04 22:03:14
    Not so very different. I work in a factory, pay the household bills from my own money, do yardwork, stand ready to defend my family with force if I have to. The only big difference would be that I could write my name in the snow.
  • gonesimera JanHopkins 2011/09/05 11:08:06
  • Fun-Betty 2011/09/04 21:17:59
    I'd totally do me.
  • gouki 2011/09/04 20:26:56
    id wear alot of purple.
  • sydneewashere☮ 2011/09/04 20:21:01
    My mom would probably like me more.
  • gonesimera sydneew... 2011/09/05 11:09:07
  • YourToy Soldier. 2011/09/04 20:20:58
    YourToy Soldier.
    A lot i guess
  • Magical Mushroom 2011/09/04 20:01:57
    Magical Mushroom
    No I like my gender. I can be stupid and get away with it. If I was a guy I would be pissed off with the world and a virgin. So no I don't want to be a guy.
  • Sandy 2011/09/04 19:07:25
    I would have missed out on all the cool things I got to do as a woman... and I wouldn't have gotten to marry the most awesome guy...
  • gonesimera Sandy 2011/09/05 11:09:44
    sweet !
  • animelover123 2011/09/04 18:57:06
    ummm my lover would be gone i think but other than that nothing
  • Zero Harte~King of Nothing~ 2011/09/04 18:52:59
    Zero Harte~King of Nothing~
    I'd be a whore?
    Wait, correct term would be slut.
  • Vision of Verve 2011/09/04 18:29:00
  • gonesimera Vision ... 2011/09/05 11:10:42
    nice !
  • HRGROCK 2011/09/04 18:19:01
    I would get more chicks xD im not sure really.
  • Comment Removed 2011/09/04 17:51:26
    Comment Removed
    I would be rich, rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams.
  • Cunningmungus 2011/09/04 16:50:18
    I wouldn't get along so well with women..
  • Anariashki 2011/09/04 16:41:44
    It certainly would have saved me a lot of money, pain, and public humiliation.
  • Sofahead 2011/09/04 16:18:20
    Difinitely would have had a vastly different relationship with almost everyone I deal with in person, one or two might still be friends, on SodaHead it might have impact some of the opinions I express.
  • dandieselonian 2011/09/04 16:10:58
    I would not want to have to deal with menses and I would hate to have to quit peeing outside at nite
  • Death On Two Legs 2011/09/04 16:01:20
    Death On Two Legs
    Let's see...

    I'd be free of huge boobs :D
    I wouldn't have a period
    I'd be the only dude in my group of friends

    I don't know what else
  • Zammo 2011/09/04 15:56:43
    I would have to buy bras and things.

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