How would life be different if you were born the opposite gender?

jt 2011/08/06 01:51:55
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  • skittlesgirl 2011/08/09 05:32:42
    It would be fun...
    And way easier
  • disclaimer 2011/08/09 05:14:19
    You know how it would me majorly different? I would have a dick.
  • LittleMistersMom 2011/08/08 18:58:41
    I'd probably be gay.
  • music4life 2011/08/08 18:12:55
    It would be fun...
    People wouldnt judge me for having a girlfriend. I wouldnt have to lie to people at church. I wouldnt doubt whether God ment for my relationship to be or not. People wouldnt tell me i have to wear a skirt or dress. Uggg. Hate dresses. And i wouldnt have to worry about not being able to buy a swimsuit cuz my boobs dont fit...
  • Cloaked_In_Darkness 2011/08/08 05:49:20
  • XxJamberxX 2011/08/08 03:07:27
    I can't imagine...
    Too strange for me 0_o
  • JohnnyRudick 2011/08/08 02:07:18
    I can't imagine...
    I guess I would be a girl?
    Yes, most definitely.

    I would be a girl.
  • Crime Time 2011/08/08 00:10:26
  • briannenicole2 2011/08/07 02:23:13
    It would be fun...
    Hahaha, and easier! If I were a boy...
  • English Truther 2011/08/07 00:42:01
    English Truther
    I would hate to be a woman and live as a 2nd class citizen because of gender!
  • ibangel6 English... 2011/08/08 02:57:47
    2nd class citizen... *eye twitches* what's that supposed to mean..? lol...
  • Angel 2011/08/06 22:27:21
    It would be fun...
    Heh...that sounds kind of fun actually xD. I'd probably play a lot more sports, and be a lot more social.
  • Angry Amber 2011/08/06 21:39:18
    Angry Amber
    It wouldn't be much different. I'm told I'm more like a guy. So if I were a guy, the only real difference is, I'd have a girlfriend. Which trying to find a girl that wasn't annoying would be hard, so maybe I would be gay. hmm....
  • Windy Gap 2011/08/06 20:09:01
    It would be fun...
    Windy Gap
    The possibilities could be endless
  • zgnehm 2011/08/06 19:24:08
    I can't imagine...
    no thanks
  • BackRoadz 2011/08/06 19:13:58
    I can't imagine...
    being a female...i'd have to fork out the big bucks to become a male lol....
  • Jessica 2011/08/06 19:01:50
    It would be fun...
    Wayyy easier xD
  • All Hers 2011/08/06 18:48:01
    I can't imagine...
    All Hers
    I do not know how i would handle all the female....... tendencies
  • cassidysf 2011/08/06 18:47:42
    i dont know.
    i think that i would be a totally different kind of person,
    in the personality and character way.
    most of the people in my family are women,
    and all the guys have different major problems they have to deal with,
    so i think i would be either very girly or very rebelious.
  • CopperheadPride2016 2011/08/06 18:30:00
    I think it would be fun but I can't imagine it at the same time so I am pretty stuck in between.
  • Emanon 2011/08/06 16:45:15
    I can't imagine...
    Noo. I do not want periods hahaha
  • Elz 2011/08/06 16:31:50
    I can't imagine...
    i know i wouldnt have to worry about having a menstrual cycle for sure lol
  • Milodic_Mellodi 2011/08/06 14:53:55
    It would be fun...
    then again, i wouldn't know what being a girl is...
  • wallygator64 2011/08/06 14:38:30
    I can't imagine...
    Pms,cramps,menstruation,wearing bra,thong,worrying about how I smell "down there"getting pregnant.
  • It would be fun...
    I think I would have been the same because my mother is can be strict sometimes.

    Different appearance, but the same personality.
  • Magyarita 2011/08/06 13:34:37
    It would be fun...
    It'd be really different, and I'd be gay. YAY. XD
  • xy 2011/08/06 13:06:08
    It would be fun...
  • ruthannhausman 2011/08/06 12:54:29
    I can't imagine...
    I can't even imagine that because I am so darned ultra comfortable being a woman! I have not the slightest thought, curiosity, whatever you want to call it, for how a man might think in any situation I am facing. Now, getting away from all the touchy-feely stuff, though, were I a man instead of a woman, I definitely would have gone into the military. How's that for a thought!
  • kimi8910 2011/08/06 12:37:06
    I can imagine it but... I like how i am so i wouldnt really want it to happen. Lol
  • Eizzy 2011/08/06 12:22:46
    I can't imagine...
    I was born a female and because of that I could never truly understand how it's like to be male.
  • Allysså 2011/08/06 12:22:29
    It would be fun...
    I've always wondered what it's like to wake up with morning wood, and to have balls.
  • T1 2011/08/06 11:50:37
    I can't imagine...
    no thanks, i like being a man.
  • Gypsy Witch 2011/08/06 07:58:37
    Gypsy Witch
    It would be different but I would never know about the difference because this version of me would never have existed. I imagine it would be. Lots of things would be different. Bad things wouldn't have happened, good things wouldn't have happened...or at least not the same things.
  • Jensola 2011/08/06 07:52:43
    I could shag my way around the United Kingdom and never develop feelings! I could go around getting girls numbers and never call and feel no guilt! I could make babies all over the place and then just leave the woman to pick up the pieces! I would see hot people of the opposite sex every day instead of perhaps once a month! I could ridicule women with PMT and periods because I have no idea of the horror they go through! The list is bloody endless!!!! Sorry for the rant, not saying all men are like that, a lot though...
  • Gypsy W... Jensola 2011/08/06 07:59:38
    Gypsy Witch
    I LIKE THIS! (had to say it again as if that rave thingie is not enough)
  • Jensola Gypsy W... 2011/08/06 10:05:50
    LOL, turned into a right old rant though.
  • T1 Jensola 2011/08/06 11:51:25
    damn girl, mistreated much?
  • Gracie38 2011/08/06 07:08:30
  • Benji 2011/08/06 07:07:13
    I can't imagine...
    I would hate it
    hate period
  • Pops 2011/08/06 07:04:51
    Right now I have one of these..But if I were the opposite gender I would have one of those, so I would have all of these I wanted. But I'm very happy being a man !

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