How to Make Your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Cry?

jt 2011/06/05 08:11:49
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  • Gothamjedi311 \m/ 2011/06/05 11:06:47
    Gothamjedi311 \m/
    Give them a very expensive gift...something they would never expect from you...and something you know they are going to simply Love.
    expensive gift expect simply love Tears of Happiness
    _Works everytime. Just put some thought into it. And give the Gift of LOVE.

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  • ur death 2012/07/07 14:50:49
    ur death
    u bitch.. u think boys r lab rats??
  • Kim 2011/06/27 14:37:16
    I wouldn't want to make my boyfriend or anyone cry with a negative feeling :(. It only makes me sad.

    But if you're talking about tears of joy... the best way is to give the person something or do something for the person that really means a lot to him/her.
  • PDenoli 2011/06/17 12:28:55
    My recommendation: If this is something you *want* to do - get your head examined.
  • ♥Bunny ♥ 2011/06/07 12:29:45
    ♥Bunny ♥
    easy break up with them :'-(
  • HiYa 2011/06/07 02:23:34
    Why do you want to make your significant other cry? Get a new mate (or check yourself) if this ever becomes a relationship goal.
  • Charlie 2011/06/07 01:40:46
    I'd never want to make my sweetie cry unless they could be tears of happiness.
  • fay 2011/06/06 11:28:20
    tell him "I'm sorry i want to be with your best friend"
  • Cherie Bomb 2011/06/06 06:47:15
    Cherie Bomb
    Tell them 'I hate you!' and 'I don't love you!'
  • Dirty red 2011/06/06 05:50:42
    Dirty red
    Well i would say cheat on them but that ain't right but you asked the question
  • Zombie Cute Girl 2011/06/06 05:34:21
    Zombie Cute Girl
    When I called my boyfriend and said :- I'm in Portland!
    He made me cry when he asked me : - marry me?
    Of course I answered - Yes!!!
  • XRenX 2011/06/06 05:11:32
    Tell your boyfriend you're not going to make him any more sandwhiches. lol
  • ILovedYouTilTheEnd. 2011/06/05 22:51:28
    Juss say something sweet and from the heart! Works for me(:
  • XxAnn!exX 2011/06/05 21:56:39
    Lie to them..or cheat..
  • KinnUzumaki 2011/06/05 21:33:27
    i have no idea...
  • Autumn 2011/06/05 20:18:15
    making them laugh so hard they cry laugh  laughing so hard they cry
  • gothbride666 2011/06/05 19:30:52
    brake w/ up him
  • Cassidy 2011/06/05 19:01:18
    Why would you want to make him/her cry?
  • ♥Bribri♥ ~Killjoy!~ IchLiebeDichCody(: {08.13.09}
    break his arm? hahaha jk don't do that :) but it would make him cry.
  • BreeMoore 2011/06/05 18:11:17
    I don't do the upset crying thing, usually. It takes a lot to make me cry when I'm upset. However, if someone does something really, really sweet and totally unexpected, I might shed a few tears. Same goes for my guy. Don't make it mushy, though, please. I don't handle romantic, over-emotional moments well. Haha
  • Hil 2011/06/05 18:05:10
    All guys have to do is b really sweet.
  • SummerTime <3 2011/06/05 17:37:03 (edited)
    SummerTime <3
    "Sparks dont fly, You dont make me happy" Breaking up basically.
  • jt SummerT... 2011/06/05 20:29:33
    oops... sorry... U just 13? lol
  • ♥♥BVB♥♥ 2011/06/05 17:32:30
    say " we r over !!!!!!!! " haha jk dont !!!!!!!!
  • ☠Marz555☠ 2011/06/05 17:23:18
    IDK?? how do you make your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Cry?

    Waiting for a punchline...
  • Idc anymore 2011/06/05 17:11:21
  • Miko 2011/06/05 17:07:47
    Deceive, Betray or Cheat her
  • animelover123 2011/06/05 17:06:53
    say i don't love her and i'm going to leave her
  • Paint it Black 2011/06/05 17:01:58
    Paint it Black
    Dump them and lie about the reason you dumped them in front of their face and then tell other people the real reason why you dumped them and talk bad about them. idk.
  • ♥EnjoyTheSilenceWhileItsThere♥
    i don't wanna..but i guess you could yell at them or tell em i don't love you.
  • Bob 2011/06/05 15:56:36
    The Titty Twister or Nurpple would do that fine.
    titty twister nurpple fine Nurpple
  • Mecynogea 2011/06/05 15:51:52
    Thats insane. Why would I want to make my boyfriend cry? O.o
  • kfallslady 2011/06/05 15:20:22
    why would you want to?, playing games with peoples feelings is not cool.
  • joyce 2011/06/05 15:17:49
    Say All The Bad Habits About Them
  • sparkling dreams 2011/06/05 14:29:15
    sparkling dreams
    JUST make 'em confused :D
  • XxitaliandrummerXx 2011/06/05 13:58:07
    heres a question why would u want to thats just messed up
  • brtndr 2011/06/05 13:13:16
    I tell them that I faked all my orgasms.
  • Theresa 2011/06/05 12:49:49
    Tell them you never really loved them...
  • Dub 2011/06/05 12:41:32
    If you poop on their side of the bed, and hide it under the pillow they will cry when they realize they are sleeping on poop. Peeing in the breakfast cereal also works.
  • Bearish~PWCM~ 2011/06/05 12:00:23
    How to Make Your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend Cry?
    Stick a needle in their eye
  • jt Bearish... 2011/06/05 20:32:23
    Hey... it seems pretty easy..for U to do that? lol

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