How to Lose Weight With Honey and Cinnamon

bricklyn 2013/05/15 21:12:29
How to Use Honey and Cinnamon to Lose Weight

Did you know that honey and cinnamon can be used to lose weight? Many people who regularly take honey and cinnamon powder together lose weight. Regular consumption of honey also reduces the risk of heart disease and reduces cholesterol. Honey and cinnamon help make veins and arteries regain their flexibility.Honey and cinnamon are also purported to aid hair loss, bladder infections and toothaches.

To lose weight with honey and cinnamon, follow the steps below.


1. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon to 1 cup water.

2. Boil the mixture then strain. Divide the liquid into 2 equal servings.

  • 3. Drink 1 portion upon rising in the morning before breakfast. Drink the other portion in the evening before bed. Supposedly, this concoction of ground cinnamon and honey stops the body from storing fat.
  • 4 If you have seasonal allergies, the using local honey in this recipe can aid in alleviating allergy symptoms, too. Honey contains pollen from the plants and flowers the bees use to make honey. If you ingest the honey made by bees in your local area, the honey may act as an immune booster, and reduce your allergies to the local flowers and plants.
  • 5. For the best tasting and most potent cinnamon, purchase ground cinnamon from a store like Whole Foods or the Fresh Market. Vietnamese cinnamon is the best. Once you have tasted fresh ground cinnamon, the stuff in the jars at the grocery store will taste like cardboard. There is a huge difference in using fresh ground spices. (If you cannot find Vietnamese cinnamon locally, check the resources section below.)

  • 6. See the links in the resources section for more information on the honey and cinnamon diet.

  • Read More: http://www.ehow.com/how_4877056_lose-weight-honey-...

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    • say what? 2013/05/15 22:50:21
      say what?
      It does the body good.
    • Richard M. Nixon 2013/05/15 21:16:32
      Richard M. Nixon
      Works for respiratory congestion; just put 1 tsp Cinnamon in a big spoon and fill with honey. As for losing weight, nah.

      respiratory congestion 1 tsp cinnamon spoon honey losing weight nah
    • bricklyn 2013/05/15 21:15:13
      this certainly sounds cheap and easy

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