How to look asian

kawaiigurl1234 2011/08/17 01:54:10
I want the kawaii look (cute the japanese way) but i am not asian,i am black. I want to know how to look asian. If you can look asian without makeup. Thank you for all \(^•^)/
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  • Ahhdamn 2012/04/12 16:26:34
    Put a light color on your crease and tear ducts, do a simple eye liner on your top lid and extend a bit farther on both sides mainly your outer corners * don't go to far or it will look like another crease* Use a very light yellow concealer under your nose, on the corners of your mouth, under your eyes, and on top of your nose. Make sure to blend it in.
  • Cunningmungus 2011/08/18 00:15:16
    How strange .. I wish i was black.. .Until the police show up that is..
  • Yuffie ♫ K-POP Dance Guru 2011/08/17 01:58:33
  • kawaiig... Yuffie ... 2011/08/17 02:12:57
    Wat's that telling me i dnt get it all i c r a bunch of gurls way prettier than i am in da vid. Y is almost every1 prettier than me. ;(
  • Yuffie ... kawaiig... 2011/08/17 02:18:33
    Yuffie ♫ K-POP Dance Guru
    They were all 14 once.You still have lots of growing to do.And always look up .Never look down.
  • kawaiig... Yuffie ... 2011/08/17 23:27:45
  • lonewolf 2011/08/17 01:57:04 (edited)
    why. black women are beatiful
  • kawaiig... lonewolf 2011/08/17 02:07:59
    Omg,my friend(well she isn't my friend anymore) she said dat all da time. It is bcuz i am trying 2get da kawaii look(sayz on my details.) i want to be asian so i can pull da look off. Dats y. Thnx 4 answering
  • lonewolf kawaiig... 2011/08/17 02:09:36
    my girl friend is black and beatiful.
  • kawaiig... lonewolf 2011/08/17 02:14:22 (edited)
    Oh do u know anyways dat can make you look asian bcuz i dnt want 2 bleach my skin again.
  • Yuffie ... kawaiig... 2011/08/17 02:23:14
    Yuffie ♫ K-POP Dance Guru
    Tasha is part black /Korean and she believes you have to love yourself first.

  • kawaiig... Yuffie ... 2011/08/18 00:06:28
    Dang she is good and she is pretty prettier than me.
  • Yuffie ... kawaiig... 2011/08/18 00:12:42
    Yuffie ♫ K-POP Dance Guru
    She over came her pain and fought hard to be herself to feel pretty inside which glows on the outside.
  • lonewolf kawaiig... 2011/08/17 10:02:52
  • kawaiig... lonewolf 2011/08/18 00:06:46
    No wat
  • lonewolf kawaiig... 2011/08/18 12:02:06
    don't no how it can be done.
  • kawaiig... lonewolf 2011/08/19 00:35:03
    How can wat be done
  • lonewolf kawaiig... 2011/08/19 12:23:11
    for you to look asian
  • kawaiig... lonewolf 2011/08/19 22:21:52
    Oh i know but still nobody is help me i want to know how to look asain w/makeup on. And everybody showin me ppl who r mixed wat does dat hav 2 do w/my question @ all dnt take it the wrong way i dnt mind @ all u guys posting vids but u guys aren't answering my question

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