How short do you have to be to be a "official midget" or "legal dwarf"?

lolaissocute 2010/05/14 21:43:08
I'm 16 years old, and I'm 3'9" and 49 pounds. Would I be either of those? I'm smaller than anyone I know. Could I get a handicap sticker if I was, or disability checks?
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  • lintlicker 2010/05/14 22:49:50
    you should be a gymnast :D
  • lolaiss... lintlicker 2010/05/15 00:29:21
    Hahaha, I'm not flexible at aaaaaaaaaall.
  • lintlicker lolaiss... 2010/05/15 00:32:33
    aw :(
  • lolaiss... lintlicker 2010/05/15 01:28:56
    Tell me about it. xD
  • Crystal Chan Deliers 2010/05/14 21:46:40
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    that does seem short for 16, how about the rest of your family? have you been tested? your doctor is really the best place for answers...
  • lolaiss... Crystal... 2010/05/14 21:48:16
    We don't see doctors, we have freaky herbal dudes. xD I have a strange family. Can you go without health insurance?
    But my parents are fairly short, my dad is like 5'7", and I'd say my mom is 5'1". Not near close to me though.
  • Crystal... lolaiss... 2010/05/14 21:52:33
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    oh.. well you can go without insurance it just takes money...

    have you searched the internet...???

    this might help answer some of your questions
  • lolaiss... Crystal... 2010/05/14 21:57:09
    I was reading through that... If I did have dwarfism, it would be proportionate dwarfism. I don't have weird sized limbs or anything. (;
  • Crystal... lolaiss... 2010/05/14 21:59:29
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    you may be a slow grower too... I know someone who didnt grow till he was about 18, he stayed short though not quiet that short until he was out of high school then he just shot up...
  • lolaiss... Crystal... 2010/05/14 22:03:50
    That'd be good. (:
    It seems like everyone's hit their growth spurt but me, haha.
  • Crystal... lolaiss... 2010/05/14 23:36:30
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    give it time... eat healthy and get lots of exercise.... I know another person who grew a couple of inches after he turned 21... and he is now 6'3"... so dont give up!!
  • lolaiss... Crystal... 2010/05/15 00:29:31
    Oh wow! =o
  • Crystal... lolaiss... 2010/05/15 01:05:52
    Crystal Chan Deliers

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