How old is too old for mini skirts?

~Go Away~ 2010/06/01 20:49:47
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I was a bit disturbed by my 63 Year old neighbor walking out in a denim mini skirt. I just hoped she didn’t drop anything that day.
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  • Patagoniakid 2013/01/31 16:18:58
    None of the above
    There is NO cutoff age! I've seen plenty of women into their late 70's look great in mini skirts! Can't wait for the idiots here that say 22, 30 or whatever to get old then see what their attitude is...
  • Sable 2011/09/28 22:20:37 (edited)
    No age.
    I don't think it's about age, but instead, how one looks wearing one.... And not just their legs, IMO, they must be on point from head to toe.

    All 5 pics are of the same person:

    @ 40 years old...
    40yo legs mini

    40yo legs mini

    41yo legs mini

    43yo legs mini

    45yo legs mini

    And now, at 52, she's still turning heads.in her minis.
  • Haley!!!!!!! 2010/07/24 19:59:45
    This age.
    30 nd over
  • C-Dog 2010/07/24 19:37:49
    This age.
    35 and over why
  • Patric 2010/06/22 13:02:46
    No age.
    it is not the age of the booty,
    the looks of ...

    hot is hot, regardless of age.

    the flip side,,,, gross is gross,
  • Sable Patric 2011/09/28 23:25:12
    "hot is hot, regardless of age."

  • Dee 2010/06/10 18:09:39
    No age.
    It depends on her body type/condition. If she still looks good, then she should go for it, but some women just need to realize their bodies aren't fit for mini skirts.
  • Blueskies 2010/06/02 04:19:07
    No age.
    I think it very much depends on the lady. I see 20 year olds I wish would cover up.
    60 to day is like being 40 last generation.
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/06/02 03:04:04
    This age.
    Sally Rand was the famous girl who danced naked at the New York 1939 worlds fair. The problem was she did the same routine until a few months before her death. She was 79 at her demise. The same thing goes for mini-dresses. If the audience is saying put it back on then you should bnot be wearing mini-skirts or taking your closthes off for a living.
  • Jason~Art is Life~RWAC 2010/06/02 01:03:22
    None of the above
    Jason~Art is Life~RWAC
    As long as you can pull it off.
  • PRISCIℓℓA♥ 2010/06/02 00:33:21
    No age.
  • kevracer 2010/06/02 00:11:56
    please post a picture of your neighbor in the skirt

    (and her phone number)
  • ~Go Away~ kevracer 2010/06/05 21:14:32
  • Mechild 2010/06/01 23:21:09
    No age.
    It doesn't really depend the on the age it depends on the body a young person that is not in good physical condition cannot pull it off while a older woman in good shape can
  • chrissy 2010/06/01 22:52:43
  • memebev1 2010/06/01 21:55:55
    This age.
    All I can say is ewwww age ewwww
  • ~Go Away~ memebev1 2010/06/05 21:15:05
    ~Go Away~
    I know!
  • wolf sloan 2010/06/01 21:21:10
    No age.
    wolf sloan
    As long as she is still hot enough to pull it off
  • No age.
    Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    Heck there's a woman here in town that's well into her 70's and none of the guys complain when she wears her mini skirt. LOL
  • ClassicBeauty ~ is classy 2010/06/01 21:08:35
  • Kati~Hopelessly In Love~ 2010/06/01 21:01:21
    This age.
    Kati~Hopelessly In Love~
    over 30....
  • ~The Tickler~ 2010/06/01 20:59:53
  • ~Go Away~ ~The Ti... 2010/06/01 21:02:35
  • LexyBoBexy:D 2010/06/01 20:56:14
    None of the above
    when your don't have nice legs, or a nice butt, don't wear them lol legs butt wear lol
    they shouldn't wear minis. they shouldn't even be wearing what they have on now lol
  • ~The Ti... LexyBoB... 2010/06/01 21:04:30
  • Melizmatic 2010/06/01 20:54:40
    It depends on the physical fitness of the woman wearing the skirt, IMO.

    If she has the legs for it, why not?

    Hell, look at Tina Turner...

    depends physical fitness woman wearing skirt imo legs tina turner
  • ~Go Away~ Melizmatic 2010/06/01 21:00:15
    ~Go Away~
    Now that is true!

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