How Often Do You Go Grocery Shopping?

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What can we say? We're gaga over groceries! While we shop for our favorite snacks at the store, we often wonder if our grocery store etiquette is the same as others. Do most people sneak in samples at the candy bins while deciding whether or not they're going to buy the goods? What do you do when the cashier gives you too much change? And is it normal to go grocery shopping three times a week? We're finally going to find out.

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  • Elliot 2012/09/10 16:23:41
    A few times a week
    I typically buy things as I need them. I live walking distance from a grocery store (2 actually) so there is no sense in buying food way in advance and letting it spoil. Why eat food that has been sitting in the fridge for a week when you can get food stocked earlier that day?

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  • Freedom 2012/09/11 19:54:36
    Once a week
    Only one a week, unless I forgot something or whatever.
  • Q 2012/09/11 19:44:41
    Once a week
    Actually once or twice a week, I always seem to forget something.
  • RoyDMercer - IFOTFD 2012/09/11 19:04:53
    A few times a week
    RoyDMercer - IFOTFD
    there's always things to replenish during a normal week for me
  • Aksana 2012/09/11 19:02:54
    Once a month
    once a month
  • janet 2012/09/11 17:46:53
    A couple times a month
    We do large loads of groceries at a time and stock up for the rest of the month.
    Buying little odds and ends throughout : )
  • Keith Moon RIP CYNTHIA❤ 2012/09/11 16:20:18
    A few times a week
    Keith Moon RIP CYNTHIA❤
    but my mom gets angry at me wen i fall asleep and we cant go... she always wants me to go with her i dont know why though its lke its necessary i go but my bro haz a choice its not fair!
  • LILY 2012/09/11 15:43:17
    A couple times a month
    2 xs to get all groceries I will need and a few times more just to get small items or so
  • Joe61 2012/09/11 14:26:29
    A few times a week
    I tend tgo buy things likr staples bread, potatoes milk on a weekly basis and things like fresh meat, fish etc and vegatables on a daily priority listing.
  • Mikado Hikyuu 2012/09/11 14:21:03
    A couple times a month
    Mikado Hikyuu
    we buy fresh vegetables and fruit.. they do not keep very long, so we buy and eat and then buy more and eat.. we shop once each month for the items that do keep, like cans of soup or canned fruit, mashed potato mixes.. and cups of applesauce and yoghurt, but we need more tea and milk and vegetable juice soon enough that we much shop a few times each month.
  • maci.mas.96 2012/09/11 14:14:14
    A few times a week
    I shop as I feel the need for something the week. I don't plan my meals and some of these meals have alot of ingredients that need to be fresh in order for the meal to come out nice and edible, :D. I'd say few times a week because my supermarket is in walking distance from me so I'm good.
  • MorbidCynic 2012/09/11 13:41:37
    A few times a week
    Every week now I go to McDonald's and/or one or 2 of the stores or order from Domino's.
  • Tina 2012/09/11 13:10:04
    A few times a week
    About 3 or 4 times a week, it saves me buying stuff that gets wasted because no one fancies something you planned a week in advance!
  • El Prez 2012/09/11 07:29:15
    Once a month
    El Prez
    I may buy some perishables from time to time but the bulk is done on a Sunday night when there are few other people.
  • mrdog 2012/09/11 06:35:54
    A few times a week
    Sometimes.... more often....to small shops...bread .... Tiger meat...bark
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/09/11 03:42:25
    Once a week
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    Once a week, every Monday. But I always end up going more during the week; because my parents love the fact that they no longer have to drive, with me having my own car and license. They can just send me up there when they want...
  • clh1 2012/09/11 03:14:45
    Every day!
    Almost everyday.... How do u not go to the store almost everyday???
  • jim clh1 2012/09/11 05:30:10
    It's more than that. I find that if I go to the store early, almost every day I can take advantage of sell bys. They cut food cost by half.
  • maci.ma... jim 2012/09/11 14:17:08
    good idea, I hear they cut off prices on certain days when most people aren't there.
  • maci.ma... clh1 2012/09/11 14:16:34
    usually it's a neighborhood market in an urban area, unless you live in the suburbs and the Store's across the street from you. Living in an urban area, we have one close by so there you go. I go almost everyday.
  • Flamingolady 2012/09/11 02:59:29
    Once a week
    But we always need something not on the list, and have to go back.
  • ASithLordsPoet/angelpoet17/ 2012/09/11 02:42:32
    Every day!
    When i have a few extra bucks
  • JCLadybug 2012/09/11 02:28:55
    Once a week
    We do a medium to large list every 2 weeks but we have to get milk and a few other things weekly.
  • Lisey 2012/09/11 01:32:02
    A couple times a month
    I can only afford to do it a couple times each month. Food is expensive!
  • animeknight16 2012/09/11 00:58:42
    A few times a week
    I live in a house of 7..Food goes out quickly.
  • SOUL4REAL 2012/09/11 00:16:36
    A couple times a month
    When you have growing children they can go through some "Food"!
  • Dan 2012/09/11 00:03:36
    Once a week
    There is just the two of us now.
  • shane 2012/09/10 23:39:01
    A few times a week
    I'm a bad planner and and the electric in my neighborhood likes to go on vacation alot.
    So, since the stores are really close, i only buy a few meals at a time to limit how much food i can waste.
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/09/10 23:03:05
    Once a week
    I may go in between times to get snacks as well.
  • bosshog 2012/09/10 22:02:11
    A few times a week
    once or twice per week
  • Fisher 2012/09/10 21:53:55
    Every day!
    I shop everyday. I only buy what I eat or need for the day. There are no left over or waste.

    I used to shop once a week and I spent a lot because I almost buy everything that are on sale....and most of the time it ended up on the shelves and than in garbage.
  • sami 2012/09/10 20:48:34
    A few times a week
    I try to shop 3 quick times a week because I live near a store ... I don't waste gas since I am going right by it ... That way I almost never lose food to spoilage ... My niece lost all her food in the fridge to the recent hurricane ... I plan what I am going to buy by looking at the ad and I just zip in and get enough for 2 days ... Also I run by the milk to see if there is any marked down today ... I also add a little water to it to make it go further ... I always have the store ads in the car in case I find myself near a Walmart so I can run in and shop all the ads at once ... If you have any money saving ideas add a comment so I can learn your money saving ideas too ...
  • ed 2012/09/10 20:42:12
    A couple times a month
    We are single nesters so we don't eat alot at home or out for that matter so we tend to just pick up say fresh veggies or meat for a meal at home
  • heirsoftheking 2012/09/10 18:16:50
    A few times a week
    In my opinion "Too often!"
  • Rocky 2012/09/10 17:17:55
    Once a week
    Usually I wait until we run out of everything and hope my husband does it!
  • sami Rocky 2012/09/10 20:51:30
    Very SMART ... It would cost me more but it would be worth it if my husband would do it ...
  • dj 2012/09/10 17:10:36
    Once a week
    Most of the time once a week with a grocery list and ads and coupons from the newspaper. Whatevery I forget it will have to wait until the next week.
  • PeeDonkeyPit 2012/09/10 16:59:25
    A few times a week
    Five growing kids. My car can't fit all the groceries we need in one trip, and the current economy demands we shop sales, so it's multiple stores; multiple trips...
  • sami PeeDonk... 2012/09/10 20:52:39
    I was too lazy to have 5 kids ... I don't know how my Grandmother did it with 8 ...
  • barby karring 2012/09/10 16:47:31 (edited)
    Once a month
    barby karring
    That's because I absolutely hate grocery shopping with a passion.
    Only drawback I have in doing it once a month, my fresh fruits and veggies just don't hold up for long in veggy bin (phooey' party pooper). Only thing I may have to run out for is bread and milk.
    I hate shopping, need to hire someone to do it for me.
  • vaughnsimkins 2012/09/10 16:47:04
    A few times a week
    I shop for different products at different store, can't do it all in one day.

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