How often do you fight with your other half?

seldombites 2010/03/16 03:57:37
Several times a day
A few times a week
Once or twice a month
Occasionally, but not often enough to count
None of the above
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  • freelunch 2010/03/28 03:59:41
    None of the above
    we disagree regularly but seldom fight. I think we're good at agreeing to differ.
  • Bill 2010/03/16 20:11:53
    Occasionally, but not often enough to count
    Dude...you've never been married...have you?
  • seldomb... Bill 2010/03/18 12:29:21
    My husband have lived together for 15 years and have been married for five of those years.
  • Annie 2010/03/16 11:51:40
    None of the above
    We never fight; but since we are together so much we tend to disagree at least once a week.
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2010/03/16 10:18:19
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    We aren't fighters, we are open communicators.
  • Grape :) 2010/03/16 05:46:49
    Occasionally, but not often enough to count
    Grape :)
    We dont really fight, as much as we bicker....
  • Captain Sticky 2010/03/16 04:42:08
    Captain Sticky
    Never. Not with my ex in 33 years of marriage and not with my current. We discuss, as we are civilized.
  • betrayed~in nyx i trust 2010/03/16 04:01:56
    Several times a day
    betrayed~in nyx i trust
    my other half lives in my head so pretty often
  • Ana B0n B0n 2010/03/16 04:01:23
    None of the above
    Ana B0n B0n
    hmmm idk but doesnt really matter
  • figwill06 2010/03/16 04:00:16
    None of the above
    i haven't had to yet maybe i won't have too
  • Crystal Chan Deliers 2010/03/16 03:59:49
    Occasionally, but not often enough to count
    Crystal Chan Deliers
    not very often, we have been together a very long time and have learned the value of talking things out... we do argue though but not often
  • seldombites 2010/03/16 03:58:34
    Occasionally, but not often enough to count
    We do argue occasionally, but hardly ever :-)

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