How often can I dye/bleach my hair?

KelciLynDiNatale 2011/03/27 01:09:28
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In the past 9 months I have dyed my hair purple 2 times bleached it 2 times, dyed it black, red, and blue recently leaving about two months space between each...not including bleach, 8 months between the 2 bleachings...my hair has now turned a grayish color....I hate it...i want to dye it black again with a bleached bang...how soon do you think i can dye it? last time i dyed it was march 2
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  • kent 2011/03/27 03:33:37
    I would guess it's ok to bleach it blonde until you need help spelling your name. Then dye it up one shade for resonable brain wave activity.
  • thepastord 2011/03/27 03:05:04
    The structure of your hair shaft is ruined at this point........... You have a lot of damage! I don't know the length of your hair but you may need to cut it shorter and go to a PROFESSIONAL, for a color choice, and stick with it. You need to get your hair to a point where it can hold a color decently. Also, going from one extreme to another is brutal on the hair! You see celebrities doing it, but their REAL hair is short and they use extensions................... Please stop the drug store products, and seek a hair color correction professional.
  • KelciLy... thepastord 2011/03/27 04:09:17
    my hair is about to my chin, if that makes any difference, and yes, it is damaged, but i dont think its completely ruined because its not falling out, besides some split ends and being a little dried out...but yes..i think ill go to a professional and start deep conditioning my hair once a week. thanx for all your help:)
  • thepastord KelciLy... 2011/03/28 03:17:38
    Yes, under the circumstances, they will be able to advise you the best action to take. My sister was a fantastic hair beautician. She use to say, once the hair cuticle (shaft) becomes so damage that it stays open, and the hair will no longer stay smooth. It will actually feel bad even when it is wet!

    Keep us posted on the results! :+)
  • lrb 2011/03/27 02:14:58
    Considering my luck with hair, I would be the last person you should be taking advice from. I would consult a certified beautician for advice.
  • GoodEncounter 2011/03/27 01:59:38
    No more than once a month. Any more than that and you'll fry it.

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