How Much Time Do You Spend Looking in the Mirror?

Living 2010/10/27 21:03:30
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Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who wastes the most time of them all?

Researchers have found that the average woman spends a whopping five days a year peering at herself in the mirror, the Daily Mail reports. That's 120 hours a year, for those of you who are not mathematically inclined.

And nothing comes between a woman and her makeup. Almost 40 percent said that they wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without applying cosmetics, and 19 percent would rather spend less on food than trim their beauty budget. So you might be hungry, but your brows sure look defined!

Women spend an average of $1034.24 a year on cosmetics, more than $68,000 in a lifetime, and 53 percent say that the recession has had little effect on their beauty budget, according to QVC Beauty, which interviewed 1,000 British women for the survey.

We're always careful to dab on a little concealer and lipstick before we go out, but in the end, few people can ever tell that we're even wearing makeup. Guess that's the point, right?

Here's what it looks like when Paul Rudd looks at himself [VIDEO]:

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  • Torchy 2010/10/28 15:53:15
    More than 5 days a year.
    I'm just that vain. If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would. :)

    vain run beach arms

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  • Lexandrea 2011/04/08 02:22:50
    More than 5 days a year.
    I don't really like what I see.....
    But I do spend way too much time looking at myself and picking at different body parts and my face and hair a lot........

    spend picking body parts hair broken reflection
  • Sammie 2011/02/25 08:39:12
    More than 5 days a year.
    I look in the mirror when I put on mascara and eyeliner..I have to, or else I'll go blind. Haha..
  • Rabi Lee Can 2010/11/01 23:46:25
    Less than 5 days a year.
    Rabi Lee Can
    I just don't look in he mirror :D idk why
  • SunShine 2010/10/29 15:21:07
    Less than 5 days a year.
    I'm definitely not in the 40%... lol. I leave my house all the time without makeup. Hubby says I don't need it, so I reserve it for days we're out and about together, or a night out. I refuse to spend my money on tons of makeup. I prefer hair products LOLOLOL.. j/k No really though. We all spend way too much time worrying about these things. Don't get me wrong, I take care of myself, I'm just confident in the way I look without makeup, so I don't feel the need to spend hours getting ready. And on days I do wear it, it takes me a whopping 5 minutes to put on.
  • Amy 2010/10/29 13:49:57
    More than 5 days a year.
    Though 120 hours sounds high, I steal a glimpse every chance I get. In fact, I'm worried I look crazy sometimes, checking my reflection in tinted windows and such. I don't even understand why, really. I don't wear much [if any] make-up. I always seem to be worried I'll look fat or something. Do I feel pretty today? Should I go put my head in my locker and stay there?
  • JCD aka "biz" 2010/10/29 11:19:31
    Less than 5 days a year.
    JCD aka "biz"
    Ten minutes every morning when I shave, thirty seconds to make sure that my tie is OK.
  • Farah 2010/10/29 08:28:38
    More than 5 days a year.
    I look in the mirror like alot. Everyone does. Even when you feel ugly, useless or even when u cry. When I feel sad and want to cry I just look in the mirror and smile. I talk to myself and that's how I handle stuff . by looking in the mirror. Haha That's weird but it helps alot. :D
  • Mechild 2010/10/29 04:53:12 (edited)
    More than 5 days a year.
    Over a week a year, I do my makeup every time I go out. Also when I wash it off at night.

    rel="nofollow">http://cache3.... week year makeup wash relnofollowhttpcache3
  • Sarah BN-0 2010/10/29 02:45:24
    More than 5 days a year.
    Sarah BN-0
    My mom says "Vanity thy name is Sarah101" lol
  • UnckSam 2010/10/29 01:47:37
    More than 5 days a year.
    Not as much as charlie
  • MizDinosaur 2010/10/29 01:36:19
    Less than 5 days a year.
    everytime i take a shower.
  • gabe 2010/10/29 00:07:06
    More than 5 days a year.
    in the mornin when i derr my hair
  • letzper 2010/10/28 22:34:01
    More than 5 days a year.
    you kind of have to look in a mirror for a lot of things...like brushing your hair! How can you not brush your hair!?
  • LuridLolita 2010/10/28 21:48:10
    More than 5 days a year.
    Maybe once daily.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2010/10/28 20:53:28
    More than 5 days a year.
    who seariously looks at themselves in the mirror less than 5 days a year..or better question how? unless they are afraid of mirrors or they don't have mirrors in their house..i don't understand ?_? seariously mirror 5 days year afraid mirrors mirrors house understand
  • L-train 2010/10/28 20:45:15
    More than 5 days a year.
    Thats how I build myself for a show! i look in the mirror and tell myself to Get out there and get er done!
  • Angela M 2010/10/28 20:37:17
    Less than 5 days a year.
    Angela  M
    Only long enough to be sure I don't look slovenly before I leave my house, or when I'm bemoaning all the gray in my hair,lol
  • maryum 2010/10/28 20:27:58
    More than 5 days a year.
    i have no problem looking in the mirror cause i like the way i look LOL
  • omecko 2010/10/28 19:43:18
    More than 5 days a year.
    I look in the mirror everyday. More for my hair then makeup though because I don't wear makeup.
  • mysticmatriarch 2010/10/28 19:27:30
    Less than 5 days a year.
    It really depends on the style I am wearing. Some times take more care than others.
  • nherdi.nerd 2010/10/28 19:10:15
    More than 5 days a year.
    I can't help it!
  • Madara 2010/10/28 17:37:32
    More than 5 days a year.
    It's really bad, that i sometimes obsess about my outer appearance too much. I don't think that others should always look good and i don't think that it's something bad if my friends don't care about their appearance much, but i am kind of critical about how i always look. I might try and learn to be more laid-back, though..
  • Mrs Reckless 2010/10/28 17:37:30
    More than 5 days a year.
    Mrs Reckless
    i know its completely sad, but i like my hair to look good wen i go to sleep......*blush*
  • Bulanova (Team Hargitay) 2010/10/28 17:10:58
    More than 5 days a year.
    Bulanova (Team Hargitay)
    5 days a year sounds pretty low to me.
  • Melicious Kiss of PHAET 2010/10/28 17:08:14
    More than 5 days a year.
    Melicious Kiss of PHAET
    I have a lot of mirrors in my house.
  • Torchy 2010/10/28 15:53:15
    More than 5 days a year.
    I'm just that vain. If I could run across the beach into my own arms, I would. :)

    vain run beach arms
  • omecko Torchy 2010/10/28 19:43:42
    Looove it!
  • xNinjaM... Torchy 2010/10/29 19:53:03
    haha, thats funny.
  • christo... Torchy 2013/12/26 20:12:49
    Torchy lol You should be a stand-up comedian. I could not stop laughing at that.
  • XxXTiffany ScreamXxX 2010/10/28 13:51:58
    5 days a year sounds right.
    XxXTiffany ScreamXxX
    ahha. LIKE, every Dminiute of the day! hahaha.
  • Grrr 2010/10/28 13:26:38
    More than 5 days a year.
    i look at myself a lot lol
  • WalterCharlesWhite 2010/10/28 13:19:21
    More than 5 days a year.
    LOL ! Lots and lots. I love to look at myself in the mirror whilst pulling silly faces. Really enjoy laughing at myself sometimes, especially in the morning. If I can smile, I just know it is going to be a great day....
  • PaRtYgIRl5593 2010/10/28 12:50:02
    More than 5 days a year.
    everytime there is one
  • GirlyGirl™ 2010/10/28 12:24:11
    More than 5 days a year.
    I really don't know. It takes me 20 minutes to put on my makeup, less than one to apply lipstick in the car before work, and occasional re-applications of lipstick throughout the day. After lunch, a quick look at my hair while washing my hands, then again at night when I take it all off and moisturize. I use a little square mirror that I keep in my desk for lipstick, and I can't really see my whole face in it, just my lips. Shouldn't I get some time knocked off for that?
  • Roxxi 2010/10/28 12:21:02
    Less than 5 days a year.
    I only really worry when I'm going out or something. Don't bother with makeup for school.
  • Nisa PinkySwear(*~*) 2010/10/28 11:55:12
    More than 5 days a year.
    Nisa PinkySwear(*~*)
    well. yea i tend to have a lot of eye accidents and i alwasy freak when i feel something in my eye
  • Bye =) 2010/10/28 10:04:44
    Less than 5 days a year.
    Bye =)
    opps i mean more than but i look everyday and time i go to a bathroom or pass by one ill walk back and look in it
  • Myrle Hulme 2010/10/28 08:39:50
    Less than 5 days a year.
    Myrle Hulme
    I just look in the mirrow in the morning
  • Nikol Kaulitz <3 @ <3 2010/10/28 07:30:07
    More than 5 days a year.
    Nikol Kaulitz <3 @ <3
    Yes, very often...
  • ShayShay 2010/10/28 06:58:35
    More than 5 days a year.
    way more then 5 times a year it's like 20 times a day!!!

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