How much reading do you do these days?

Ismael 2007/09/13 17:16:06
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  • Ana 2008/06/21 21:40:58
    Everyday or alot
    I have to have my escape otherwise i would probably go insane
  • Lou 2008/01/23 00:48:38
    Everyday or alot
    I usually read the newspaper and then a book before going to sleep at night.
  • chici25 2007/11/19 00:13:56
    Everyday or alot
    But mostly "school" books (the syllabus..) and the news (+ fashion magazines. I know, I shouldn't since I've a exam next week)
  • HIM'S PARATIISI 2007/11/13 07:39:52
    Everyday or alot
    I love to read - sometimes I run out of books and head to Borders or Barnes and Nobles - and buy an arm full !!!!
  • *manda* 2007/10/10 23:40:44
    Everyday or alot
    I'm really into reading now! I use to hate it and say what's the point, but thats only because most of the books they make you read in high school aren't what im interested in and i got turned off by books, but now i'm always going to the bookstore or the library. I've shocked my parents!
  • Maria 2007/10/03 16:08:46
    Whats a book?
    i never have time to read
    i dont spose i would read even if i had time
  • Ben 2007/10/03 15:55:34
    Everyday or alot
    Reading can be fun when you read something you are interested in.
  • Celeste-o-bot 9000 2007/10/03 15:45:38
    when i have time to read
    Celeste-o-bot 9000
    I love love love love love reading, but, I don't have a lot of time to do it. Or my attention span sucks.
  • Ben Celeste... 2007/10/03 15:57:10
    Yeah, you are reading the words but your mind is somewhere else?
  • Celeste... Ben 2007/10/03 16:02:07
    Celeste-o-bot 9000
    Yeah, pretty much. I do the thing where I read an entire page and have no idea what was actually on the page, lol! Or I re-read the same line again and again. Or I just trail off into my own thoughts and forget I was ever reading until I realize the book is open in front of me, haha.
  • Ben Celeste... 2007/10/03 16:07:38
    Wow! That used to happen to me all the time when I read textbooks for school...lol.
  • Litbuff 2007/09/18 23:45:06
    Everyday or alot
    I've ALWAYS loved books. In fact, I used to have a friend in school that teased me about having a different book every day. heh Then I minored in English Lit...and became a teacher....and now I just read for enjoyment whenever possible. Although, the creation of the Internet has kind of put a damper on my reading time. lol
  • mslsa2u 2007/09/16 00:51:09
    Everyday or alot
    Whenever I'm not on sodahead or at work. I live and breath to read a good book. Knowledge is power.
  • Fef 2007/09/14 06:35:38
    once in a while
    I read a lot online. Save the paper ;)
  • reminder 2007/09/14 06:06:28
    Everyday or alot
    I usually have a book going most of the time. SH does cut into my reading time to.
  • Josean 2007/09/13 17:42:34
    when i have time to read
    I love to read so I try to when I can.

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