How Much Do You Spend to Keep Your Gal Happy on Valentine's Day?

Catch My Party 2013/02/05 18:00:00
$200 - A romantic dinner out
$80 - A bouquet of roses
$5 - A simple card is enough
$500 - Something sparkly and very expensive
$0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
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According to the LA Times, the average man spends $169! I like to keep it simple and do something at home with my family. Here are some cute Valentines Day party inspirations!

valentines day money

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  • paramoo 2013/03/01 16:48:42
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    nah. HIMYM marathon sounds more fun
  • Cookie Monster 2013/02/20 23:34:43
    $80 - A bouquet of roses
    Cookie Monster
    I actually spend about $20 on Valentine's Day. But I spend those 20 bucks on really good things. I bought a collectible of something my BFF likes and a card.
  • cingular 2013/02/20 02:49:48
    $500 - Something sparkly and very expensive
    I bought a ticket to surprise my fiance
  • Ramón 2013/02/10 18:10:16
    $500 - Something sparkly and very expensive
    ...maybe more than $500. I have a standing order to send my wife flowers to her office the first of each month. So Valentine's day adds to the count. But, who's counting?
  • nicesteve 2013/02/10 04:15:13
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    Actually, corporate or non corporate is an irrelevent issue for me,
    in this case. The main reason that I'm not spending a dime on
    Valentine's day, is I don't have a significant female in my life at
    the present time, and as such, it's illogical for me to spend any
    money on Valentine's day, before my luck in love improves, and
    I do get myself a significant female to share my life with.
  • Platinum Fangs 2013/02/09 19:00:02
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    Platinum Fangs
    Because I save my money for Feb. 15th

    When all the candy is half off.
  • Dave 007 2013/02/09 16:24:14
    $5 - A simple card is enough
    Dave 007
    It's just another corporate holiday that with all the advertising has made them rich.
  • XxDirectioner_MariexX 2013/02/07 21:58:24
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    I actually do but I don't usually have a "valentine"
  • ❦♚Miranda♚❧ 2013/02/07 21:45:59 (edited)
    $5 - A simple card is enough
    Lol no, not for a card :) $5 is enough for a pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice cream for myself c: Long distance relationships are difficult, but hey, more ice cream for me! strawberry cheesecake ice cream
  • musiclover92 2013/02/07 21:19:56
    $80 - A bouquet of roses
    meant to click on 0
  • blackrings70 2013/02/07 20:27:34
    $200 - A romantic dinner out
    I buy my mom a big bouquet of flowers and have them delivered, which lights up her day,then my husband and I go out to a nice restaurant.....it could get up to $300-$350 I suppose.
    mom bouquet flowers delivered lights daythen husband restaurant 300-350 suppose
  • Joachim 2013/02/07 20:00:05
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    The question is insulting on several levels and seems to be a thinly disguised ad for a party store that stands to benefit by guilting people into spending money on the upcoming corporate holiday.
  • Karen Hill 2013/02/07 16:48:27
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    Karen Hill
    Women who make a big deal out of Valentine Day tend to be insecure, high-maintenance, or petty. Valentine Day used to have a sweet quality to it. Now it seems more of a non-descript obligatory function that has no meaning other than $$$ for corporate America.
  • Sophia Karen Hill 2013/02/13 01:10:20
  • mikeyavelli 2013/02/07 16:43:49
    $80 - A bouquet of roses
    depends though, some more , some less, it's different every year.
  • Fuzzymachineguns 2013/02/07 15:27:59
    $80 - A bouquet of roses
    less than $80, but i do plan on getting her some flowers, along with a more personalized gift :)
  • Glen McLeod 2013/02/07 14:54:20
    $200 - A romantic dinner out
    Glen McLeod
    200 bucks seems to be reasonable, not everyday is valentine's day after all.
  • duckmandrake17 2013/02/07 14:48:39
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    I spend nothing, because I'm lonely
  • cancled 2013/02/07 14:33:37 (edited)
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    I use to spend plenty on my girlfriend. But I don't have a girlfriend today so i won't be spending a dime, Lol.

    I remember 7 years ago on V-day (my gift to her) I picked my girlfriend up and drove to the airport, we flew to Las Vegas for dinner and a show........... gambled some, then returned to the air port to go home, and at the air port slot machine she won 5000 dollars 10 minutes before we had to board the aircraft, Lol, so she took me to Vegas the next weekend, lol.

    And it's not really what you spend, it's how you spend your time together showing each other how much you care................. I mean that is the point!
  • Princess 2013/02/07 14:25:08
    $80 - A bouquet of roses
    I only do it if I have somebody that I want to waste money on them.
  • Stephan 2013/02/07 11:44:16
  • wes 2013/02/07 11:07:06
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    She gets all my money every payday, I have nothing left......except for my unending devotion....
  • Mopvyzo USA 2013/02/07 10:18:44
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    Mopvyzo USA
    I don't spend a dime, since I don't have a relationship.
  • Chere 2013/02/07 09:38:45
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    I boycott the cheesy holidays. I do go and buy candy on the clearance sale after V Day.
  • Pitbull01871 2013/02/07 07:51:54
    $200 - A romantic dinner out
    jewelry that doesnt exceed $200
  • Darr247 2013/02/07 07:34:32
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    Actually, $20 is enough for a single long-stem rose and a bottle of Tosti Asti 'sparkling wine.'
  • Avi Rosen 2013/02/07 07:11:51
    $80 - A bouquet of roses
    Avi Rosen
    A bouquet of roses -
    Only I would never throw away the exorbitant 80$ for a bouquet that lasts 1 week,
    25$ will be more like it.
    Wouldn't mind paying 500$ or even a 1000$ but not for a corporate holiday...
    It must be a more meaningful event.
  • Anarimus 2013/02/07 06:49:10
    $200 - A romantic dinner out
    Last year it was a new laptop. The year before that lingerie and a bunch of new clothes.Averages out to 200$ this year we're going light.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2013/02/07 06:03:03 (edited)
    $200 - A romantic dinner out
    Christopher Kirchen
    @$200 and that includes the flowers, the dinner and the present. Also. I don't consider Valentine's Day a corporate holiday. That's Sweetest Day.
  • Alacrity 2013/02/07 05:44:18
    $500 - Something sparkly and very expensive
    It's close to a thousand dollars a month, every month, including treats and essentials
  • Miss Fiona 2013/02/07 04:20:18
    $5 - A simple card is enough
    Miss Fiona
    Simple card with a loving embrace.
  • cat 2013/02/07 03:38:13
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    An overated waste of money
  • Amelia 2013/02/07 03:29:30
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    Go single peoples! We are our own Vtine! single
  • Dave McLeod 2013/02/07 03:03:30
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    Dave McLeod
    Romance is a crutch.
  • Katt 2013/02/07 02:26:21
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    Maybe about $7 for my family and friends. But for me...
    valentine s day food meme
  • American Nate 2013/02/07 02:22:54
    $500 - Something sparkly and very expensive
    American Nate
  • Tomboy110 2013/02/07 02:22:36
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    I do celebrate corporate holidays I just hat valentines day. What's the freaking point of valentines day? There's already birthdays, aniverseries, honey moons, marriage, dating/ date nights, family nights. Practicaly everyday's a valentines day what the hell's so special about Febuary the 14th? In my perspective it's a Waste-your-money-tines Day, which I have no interest in participating in.
  • KitKat 2013/02/07 01:23:15
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    I just say Happy Vals Day. If I'm in the mood I end up buying chocolates for people and stuff though, but that rarely happens.
  • Mike 2013/02/07 00:08:25
    $0 - I don't celebrate corporate holidays
    and I don't have any hook-up partners to appease
  • John T. 2013/02/06 23:21:51
    $80 - A bouquet of roses
    John T.
    Something personal that says “I Love YOU” can be put together for less than $100 if you take the time and put the gift together yourself. The knowledge that YOU took the time and care to do something personal and sweet will mean more than the price tag.

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