How many people have you heard of dieing from smoking marijuana? How many people have you heard of experiencing any problems at all from marijuana?

Captain K.A. 2011/03/25 00:00:00
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Marijuana is a beautiful plant!
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  • Spider20 2011/03/25 01:10:13
    I know quite a few.....too many in fact
  • Captain... Spider20 2011/03/25 02:04:26 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    Problems? Did they die... from pot?
  • Spider20 Captain... 2011/03/25 05:34:23
    In a way....one in particular, a good friend from my hockey days, can no longer function in life....he lives in a care facility, been there for some time....fried brain
    I have another friend who used it so much that he can't remember many years of his life...he has to ask me and others about those years
    And unfortunately, I have many more stories related to pot use
  • Captain... Spider20 2011/03/25 17:22:49
    Captain K.A.
    Well clearly they were taking acid.
  • Spider20 Captain... 2011/03/25 17:56:51 (edited)
    You really can't say they were taking acid....you weren't there.....who knows what else if anything, they were abusing.....I don't.
    Pot isn't supposed to be a gateway drug, that's one of the things all the users say, but I have to disagree, because I've seen it be exactly that....the hockey player friend did go on to heavier drugs (and he's not my only friend that went that path) from what I was told, although I never personally saw him do anything but pot....he and I lived in different towns, so I have to go by what mutual friends in his town told me
    As far as I know the second friend tried other drugs but didn't become a regular user, or at least that's what he says
    I've seen pot kill marriages and careers, and some seriously talented musical projects I've been in over the years

    Users, or those who are pro pot, put up silly arguments such as you've posted above in an attempt to convince others that pot's no big deal....users have jaded arguments because they use

    Your posting has been done so many times before...the people not dying from pot thing. Making a point of people never dying from pot is like making the point that people don't die from taking mild painkillers like ibuprofen.....doesn't hold water as I see it.
  • Captain... Spider20 2011/03/25 18:44:41 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    Sounds like acid to me. Acid does that. Provide me with like a doctor's report or something. I need to see in writing that the sole reason for their issue was pot, and there was not some other reason. I need facts not rumors.
  • Spider20 Captain... 2011/03/25 20:13:32
    All I'll give you is life experience, and that's not rumor, that's what I've seen with my own eyes, and/or been told by people who've used various substances....just because it's secondhand info doesn't mean it's wrong info.....I can't provide you with information from somebody else's doctor, you should know that, and as far as looking up info, I won't do your research for you.....talk with your own doctor....you've stated you would like to use it if it becomes legal, and I'm sure you know users....
  • Captain... Spider20 2011/03/26 12:07:59 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    Ask your friend for the info. Hell just ask them if they have taken acid. many marijuana users choose to use acid as well. It's a very common drug. Do some people choose to use it way more than they should, yes, but it is their right as a human being to do so.
  • Spider20 Captain... 2011/03/26 18:45:21
    I can't ask him for the info....he's not capable of communicating or functioning anymore....he doesn't recognize his own friends, hasn't for years.....that's why he lives in a place where people care for him....besides, no matter what I say, it won't have any effect on you....you need to see this for yourself, do your own homework.....as I said, I won't do it for you.
  • Captain... Spider20 2011/03/27 02:18:22 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    Well then he was using acid. I have talked with many people who actually did know about drugs, and they told me a lot about acid. You can use it a few times, but then after a while you lose brain cells big time. Usually when someone loses that much brain power they were taking acid.

    Your case is the very first I have ever come across involving that much brain damage if any at all, so unless your friend had some other type of brain cells than the rest of the world, he was taking other drugs trust me. These stories you hear about marijuana slowing down brain waves is kind of the point.

    I am doing my homework, but I'm not about to go sit in a small box all day with a pickle on my head cause someone tells me it's good for my health. I'm tired of these ghost stories people keep feeding me about things like guns or pot. Lock up your guns, and use drugs responsibly.

    Just because you had a bad experience does not give you the right to take my right to do that to my self if I am full aware of the consequences, I am an adult.
  • Spider20 Captain... 2011/03/27 07:12:28 (edited)
    You still make assumptions, but you still can't say the guy took acid....you weren't there......you're getting off in the deep end, too....I didn't say a word about taking away your right to do what you want....if you want to waste your life doing the stuff, do so....and to clarify....it was the experience of others I refer to, their exprience did affect my life, but the primary experince was theirs....note I said "theirs"....plural...it's been way more than 1 bad experience....if you want to use so bad, why let the fact that it's still not legal stop you? Just go out and do it
  • Captain... Spider20 2011/03/29 18:44:34
    Captain K.A.
    You're the one assuming. I am only interested in facts. Please only share with me the facts. You were not there either.

    So did he or did he not take acid or something along those lines? Did you even know that guy?
  • Spider20 Captain... 2011/03/29 20:15:22
    I've already told you I wasn't there, that I don't know what all he got into, so don't try to turn my words....but I do know the people he hung out with and what they were into....and there is truth in the old saying "birds of a feather".....and with your last comment about me even knowing the guy....really now
  • Captain... Spider20 2011/04/01 14:02:58 (edited)
    Captain K.A.
    You were not there....? Seriously... Did you know him? Or did you just kind of know him. Clearly you were not hanging out with him. Yes... Really now. I am interested in reality not opinions.
  • Spider20 Captain... 2011/04/01 16:37:46 (edited)
    You forget parts of this conversation....once again, as I said earlier, I didn't hang out with him regularly, but I did know guys who did and what drugs they got into....but I do know for fact he started with pot....we lived in different towns, and I played hockey either with or against him for a number of years....I think we've reached a point where there is no use in further talk....no disrespect, but grow a pair and use the stuff....then you'll have the facts you need
  • Captain... Spider20 2011/04/13 14:37:21
    Captain K.A.
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2011/03/25 00:31:25
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    Yes, I have. I know pot heads. They are slow, immature, laugh at things that aren't funny. marijuana is harmless; HA!!
  • sue 2011/03/25 00:01:46
    I'm actually allergic to most grasses and to smoke. If I smoke pot, my eyes totally swell shut and I can't see at all!! It was so hilarious the first time I realized this. (Of course everything was hilarious that day!)
  • BUNNIES 2011/03/25 00:00:56
  • Captain... BUNNIES 2011/03/25 00:41:28
  • BUNNIES Captain... 2011/03/25 00:42:37
  • Captain... BUNNIES 2011/03/25 00:55:17
    Captain K.A.
    Meh what?
  • BUNNIES Captain... 2011/03/25 00:57:13
    I'm currently angry at weed. So I 'Meh' at it.
  • Captain... BUNNIES 2011/03/25 02:05:19
  • BUNNIES Captain... 2011/03/25 02:13:41
    It doesn't work. LOL.
  • Captain... BUNNIES 2011/03/25 02:14:36
    Captain K.A.
    So can you provide me with evidence relating to my question?
  • BUNNIES Captain... 2011/03/25 02:15:54
    Nope! My initial answer was irrelevant to your question. Sorry! -^_^-
  • Captain... BUNNIES 2011/03/25 02:22:42

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