How many adjectives can you use to describe the one you love?

Sister Jean 2009/01/31 14:26:27
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  • jackolantyrn356 2009/03/09 04:11:41
    the most wonderful woman in the Earth. I often am tried by her a lot, but since I was matched up with her by the Lord God, I will not abandon her, nor become angry and beat her as Rhianna was beaten, I will be and will live up to GOd's ideal of what a husband should be to his wife. My wife is a non-christian and has a terrible time understanding me.
  • Michelle 2009/02/11 03:03:37
    Caring, sweet, talented, intelligent, funny, musical, creative, cute, handsome, dorky, tall, moody, honest
    So so many.
  • Amertume 2009/02/01 05:52:51
    Caring, sweet, charming, poetic, artistic, tempermental, passionate, intelligent, funny, and handsome.
  • ¬©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2009/01/31 22:25:01
  • Sister ... ¬©TransA... 2009/01/31 22:57:23
    Sister Jean
    yes and only God can create god create
  • ¬©TransA... Sister ... 2009/01/31 23:01:50
  • Kanaka Rican - Now's the ti... 2009/01/31 17:46:59
    Kanaka Rican - Now's the time for ACTION
    compassionate, loving, funny, giving, gentle, gracious, honest, God fearing, patient, hard working.....and he was extremely hot!
  • Lin Kanaka ... 2009/03/08 19:48:20
    was... lol
  • Kanaka ... Lin 2009/03/09 03:23:10
    Kanaka Rican - Now's the time for ACTION
    My husband passed away a few years ago.....my bad....I should have made that clear....you didn't know though. ;o)
  • Lin Kanaka ... 2009/03/12 03:51:34
    OMG I'm so sorry! I thought you meant he let himself go... I'm so sorry...
  • Lin Kanaka ... 2009/03/12 03:52:29
    OMG! I'm so sorry... I thought you meant he let himself go... I'm so sorry...
  • sandy60 2009/01/31 17:24:50
    He's gentle, smart, good looking, tall, patient, kind, trustworthy, religious (sometimes I call him J.C. cause he is so much what I envision him to be), tolerant, hard working, etc. (it's all true, honest!).
  • Moderated 2009/01/31 15:08:03
    peter pan with anger management issues....lol
  • Sister ... Moderated 2009/01/31 21:59:10
    Sister Jean
    we take the good with the bad
  • Moderated Sister ... 2009/01/31 22:01:13
    yes, we do. lol
  • bye 2009/01/31 14:40:16
  • Sister ... bye 2009/01/31 14:41:24
    Sister Jean
    sounds wonderful
  • bye Sister ... 2009/01/31 14:44:34

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