How long would you wait for a spouse?

Chozn4u 2007/05/15 16:30:39
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If you were not married but wanted to be would you wait for him/her? I guess some would say if they are already in a relationship with them they would make it known that marriage is a priority for them in the future, but just how far into the future will you actually hold on until the BIG day?
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  • EastIndianFemme 2009/07/12 14:01:18
    1-5 Years
    With my current ex...I told the person that I would be wiling to wait again; but then again....the person broke my heart and doesn't know what the word "sorry" means, either!!

    I try not give my hopes up and we talk how we miss each other; even though the person cheated on me with both genders; but that's besides the point!!

    We will see what the future holds for us both; I'm in California and my ex lives in New York (this is my 3rd long distance relationships via them meeting me online.)

    I haven't had a local California relationship since 2003. They have all been out of town where I live or out of state!!
  • Chozn4u EastInd... 2009/08/27 19:00:25
    Uhmm! Sounds confusing but you seem happy so what can I say. The part about him cheating on you with both genders------ewwwww! I couldn't stomach that. I hope that oneday you find a true and faithful local love where yall can see each other in person and enjoy a good healthy relationship and even marriage in your future. God bless!
  • Beef 2008/02/12 01:03:31
    Less than 6 months
    It ain't worth it if you have to wait. No excuses with the worlds female population at 53%, yo!
  • Rockin_Heather21 2008/02/04 23:00:29
    5-10 Years
    I've already been in the same relationship for about 4 yrs. now -n- we still aren't married..I'm ready but for some reason he is not....I want marriage with him but I can't wait forever!!
  • Bust it Baby #1 2007/11/16 13:01:16
    Less than 6 months
    Bust it Baby #1
    because it wouldn't take that long
  • Beef Bust it... 2008/02/12 01:01:26
    Right on.
  • AngelEyes 2007/08/24 10:55:34
    1-5 Years
    I waited 4 years, and once he came into my life I almost lost him, because I would not give him the time of day, thank God he did not give up, it took him 6 months of bugging to get me to go on our first date, 12 years later, no regrets, love him more today than I ever thought possible.
  • Stephanie K 2007/05/18 00:34:20
    1-5 Years
    Stephanie K
    Really it would be no more than 3.
  • K-Dog 2007/05/17 15:29:35
    1-5 Years
    My husband waiting 2 years to be ready. I would have giving him about 1 more year. I told him from the beginning that someday I would like to be married. So I think if you let the person know what you are looking for in your future then they know what they are getting into and if they don't like it, they can leave.
  • Marky 2007/05/16 22:43:03
    10-20 Years
    Actually, a lifetime if that's what it takes. Why would I have a serious relationship with someone just because I was tired of waiting? Marky :o)
  • Kim 2007/05/15 22:54:46
    10-20 Years
    If you really had strong feelings for him or her as long as it takes....
  • Adi 2007/05/15 18:45:56
    10-20 Years
    Marriage is the ceremony of commitment. Committing is the daily act. I'd wait a lifetime. Marriage is only the symbolism of how i feel.
  • Britty 2007/05/15 18:03:36
    10-20 Years
    I'd wait as long as it takes.
  • oy 2007/05/15 18:02:37
    1-5 Years
    I'm going for the middle one for the lack of a " none of the above" . I guess it depends on where you both stand. For example, if you both want to get married... what is getting in the way? Then whatever it is, you just do your best to get past it, and then you can get married. If you both love each other and want the same, I don't see what the problem would be in waiting (or not waiting for that matter). The problem is when you're not on the same page.

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