How long is an 11 mile drive?

SuperSaiyan2TeenGohan 2009/02/28 06:10:47
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I want to know how long it takes to drive 11 miles because I want to see how long it will take me to drive from my home to Barnes And Nobles.
So can someone help me out with this?
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  • gone 2009/02/28 18:47:51
    It is a bit of basic math ....

    let X be the distance .. in this case 11 miles
    let Y be the speed limit in miles per hour
    let Z be the time it will take to go one way in minutes

    Z = 60 * X / Y

    if the speed limit is 30 mph (a reasonable speed in the city)

    you have 60*11/30 or 22 minutes

    and yes ... this was completely pedantic and I was bored
  • LilHulk88 2009/02/28 07:00:40
    Depends on the route...
  • TJ- Genetically Superior 2009/02/28 06:17:25
    TJ- Genetically Superior
    going at an average of about 45 mph I would say about 12 minutes?

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