How have you changed in the last five years?

Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2012/06/09 15:13:47
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  • sglmom 2012/06/16 15:13:48
    Biggest change in the last five years ..
    was one that affected my lifestyle .. the way I LIVE my life ..
    and that was the Vision Loss (the blindness)
    I've had to work hard to relearn how to live on my own ..
    still be independent in my own home and enjoy life ..

    I've grown older .. (we all have)
    I've found new interests/talents that I've finally had the time to explore
    (including in the Fine Arts)
    my children became ADULTS and moved out on their own (whew!)
    (that's positive here ..I Survived their teen/early 20s!)
  • Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2012/06/10 15:21:44
    Treasure ♥ijm♥
    I have learned a lot and hope that I have gotten wiser.....I hope I am a better person today than 5 yrs ago. :)
  • The Potato Princess 2012/06/10 15:18:06
    The Potato Princess
    Grew older, grew up, matured, made friends, different tastes, stuff.
  • Katherine the Renaissance W... 2012/06/10 15:17:08
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    I've gained about 100 pounds.
  • kfallslady 2012/06/09 22:13:46
    yes I have in the last year and a half losing my mom made a big change in my life.
  • john 2012/06/09 21:56:07
    I am 5 years older, a stone lighter, fitter and a bit wiser....
  • JohnT 2012/06/09 20:21:41
    I have come to the realization of the fact that life is limited, so enjoy it more and worry less about having to get things accomplished. I spend more time doing what I enjoy and less time on worrying about whether the lawn is mowed or the gutters are cleaned or that area with the smudge needs to be touched up. I used to be very retentive on having to get things done all the time, not so much now.
  • Awesome T 2012/06/09 20:17:50
    Awesome T
    Yes I am more calm and laid back
  • Elizabeth 2012/06/09 19:40:00
    Yes, I've matured a lot ever since I was 9 about 5 years ago, I've gotten taller, my hairs gotten longer, I'm almost done with puberty and yea. I look different and I act more nicer than I used to be, I used to be a little devil 5 years ago.
  • blissful 2012/06/09 19:26:29
    In some ways I have and the others I am still working-on.. Lol!
  • The Winter Sodahead 2012/06/09 19:19:40
    The Winter Sodahead
    I don't hate things because they upset me as much anymore.
  • becca 2012/06/09 19:19:34
    grown up.. realised things that were important arent so important now
  • Maddog 2012/06/09 19:17:58
    Of course...I've gotten older!
  • rwsncool 2012/06/09 17:22:20
    i have never changed, i just discovered myself
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2012/06/09 17:14:32
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    I left the Democratic Party and became an Independent after the DNC, DRC, and
    members of the Democratic Party and LSM manipulated the primaries to make sure
    0bama would be the presidential nominee.

    That was a BIG change for me because I had been a Democrat my whole adult
  • Vision of Verve 2012/06/09 16:14:41
  • bluelady 2012/06/09 16:02:45
    yes...I am becoming a better person...thru Christ who forgave me
  • peaches 2012/06/09 16:01:51
    5 years ago, I was 11. I obviously learned a lot about the world since then lol I could not even begin to list how I've changed, as we're constantly growing into who we are, and this is the time in my life where that is most prominent!
  • rand 2012/06/09 15:42:44
    Enormously. The more I know, the more I realize how little I know which leaves me even more unanswered questions. It's my addiction. I'm far more knowledgeable, and hopefully wiser, than I was 5 years ago.
  • Christi 2012/06/09 15:42:07
  • beach bum 2012/06/09 15:40:56
    beach bum
    it has been a long journey
  • Linkums 2012/06/09 15:37:25
    My hatred for humanity and the world has deepened and I now find myself facing the remainder of my life in relative hopelessness.
  • rand Linkums 2012/06/09 15:43:44
    Consider reading "The Better Angels of Our Nature" for the sake of contrast, if nothing else.
  • Linkums rand 2012/06/09 15:47:30
    It's not really even about the violence... it's more just... stupidity. And my own view that life is suffering and nothing in life is really worth doing or worth putting up with the hassle of it.
  • rand Linkums 2012/06/09 15:54:28 (edited)
    We are the products of our thoughts. Yes, people are often ignorant (root word "ignore"), choosing to live in delusion, but according to the book I've recommended and "The Rational Optimist" and "Spiral Dynamics" and others like the chapter on progress from "The Lessons of History", man continues to progress. Besides pessimism is bad for your health. Also consider reading books on happiness. The Dalai Lama's is excellent, and consider what he's been through. "Man's Search for Meaning" is even better; by a survivor of Auschwitz.

    "Live is suffering" is just the first Nobel Truth. Study the others.
  • XXrawwwrXX 2012/06/09 15:24:52
    i have 2 more children and got pregnant again, im still not very trusting but its been getting better, my bestfriend/boyfriend moved out of his mothers house. and im 5 years older.
  • me4ever 2012/06/09 15:22:32
    a looooooooooooooooot
  • Sister Jean 2012/06/09 15:18:55
    Sister Jean
    more bones creaking
  • rwsncool Sister ... 2012/06/09 17:35:15
    i guess that's how life goes, hope the creaking bones don't trouble you much sister
  • Aksana 2012/06/09 15:17:08
  • viola 2012/06/09 15:16:47
    yeah, more than i thought i would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Reggie☮ 2012/06/09 15:16:23
    Not so much except I'm five years older and a bit wiser.
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2012/06/09 15:15:52

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