How Fat Makes The Old Look Young

Ever wonder how not to look old when you're over 40? Try not being afraid to put on a few pounds. A study done 186 pairs of twins showed results that the twin over 40 with the higher BMI (body mass index) looked years younger. Obviously this doesn't mean it's healthy to be overweight, but for adults over 40 who are obsessed with being thin, maybe gaining a few pounds would make you look younger. This study is led by Dr. Bahman Guyuron, who analyzes pictures of the faces of identical twins from the Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio every year. Basically it is all about "volume replacement" where the fat is filling in the wrinkles...

Check out the video about how fat makes you look young.

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  • HeliAce 2009/02/11 00:39:26
    I guess it might, but when I turn 40 which is decades from now, I don't care what you all think, I'm becoming a fat man!

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  • SandraHernandez 2010/06/08 17:06:17
    Im 38 and I am going to college to get my degree. I have had classmates tell me that I look between 21-27. Being around young people has made me be more conscience of my appearance and I have made an effort to fit in and now I look younger for it. Yay.
  • fedupwithit 2009/03/17 23:51:14
    Yep, I always thought the cute apple cheeked grandmas were way cuter and nicer than the skinny grouchy looking grandmas! And they ALWAYS look younger. LOL apple cheeked grandmas cuter nicer skinny grouchy grandmas younger lol
  • Student fedupwi... 2009/04/07 05:39:22
    Some people are cute at any age and size.
  • Silver 2009/03/04 21:15:40
    This is indeed true and one of the few bonus things about being fat. The horror comes when you loose weight. Sigh!
  • independent01 2009/02/27 14:42:46
    I remember be more concerned about getting THE one to look....now who cares ...its all in attitude too!!
  • Zozo 2009/02/24 00:15:21
  • noahjam326 2009/02/19 22:53:42
    I guess it makes a little sense. But I know people are going to read this and take it to the extreme.
  • tj 2009/02/19 06:05:37
    Balance is the key. Some people are obsessed with being skinny which can be just as unhealthy as being fat. Being a few pounds over isn't bad as long as your fit. Key is a few. Not 20 or 30 or 50 etc...
  • Biggest LP Fan Eve 2009/02/15 05:16:08
    Biggest LP Fan Eve
    Well being overweight isnt good and it isnt healthy at all. I say that just stay at a healthy weight and be done with it and ppl are going to get wrinkles cuz it is a sign of getting old but everyone does get old. I think that being and staying at a healthy weight is your best bet.
  • Sarah 2 2009/02/13 20:05:50
    Sarah 2
    They mean the face. Fat plumps out the wrinkles. I'll stick with my average weight and face.
  • martiebaby 2009/02/13 06:17:45 (edited)
    well, I know it sure works for me, lol

    and fat makes people float better in the water. :)

    works lol fat people float water

    and fat makes people harder to kidnap

    works lol fat people float water harder kidnap
  • Coffee-... martiebaby 2009/03/12 02:54:38
    lmao. love the coments
  • jennifer1969 2009/02/12 13:56:26
    some fat fills in those wrinkles that's for sure. If you have maintained a slim body your whole life, don't fight that 10 lbs your body naturally puts on after menopause. It will help keep you warm , look younger, and besides, it's very hard to fight due to changing hormones.
  • Sunshine 2009/02/12 07:34:51
    I feel uncomfortable carrying around extra pounds... it wears me out to walk around.. i feel like i have more energy with less weight to carry... but i think it all in the way you feel.. so if you feel good then GOOD!
  • MO.gal 2009/02/12 03:19:07
    I think extremes either way are not good. Just try to keep a healthy weight. extremes healthy weight extremes healthy weight
  • XspecialX 2009/02/12 03:11:05
    that's....interesting. i don't think anyone will try it, though. the best way to look younger is to eat healthy and exercise healthily. =) it's safer.
  • Carey 2009/02/12 01:11:22
    I got sick and lost almost 80 lbs in 8 months. Everyone that saw me was sure I was going to die. After they found the problem and fixed it I went right buck up to my weight that is 265. I am 5'8" and always have be stocky. Now everyone thinks I look way better. So I guess this really is true!
  • kate 2009/02/11 19:10:52 (edited)
    I might care in another 30 years, but for now, I'm a lithe 117, 5'4'' young person! Sherry, I am all muscle, unfortunately underweight by 13 pounds, no, skinny people have health issues exclusive to our poor souls. ;) I WISH I had fat!
  • sherry 2009/02/11 16:00:33
    bad fat is like having a bad hair day. It goes where is wants and does it own thing. There are fat injections that can fill out hollow places in the face, etc. Controlling the fat would be great. Then we wouldn't need breast augmentation or Abdomenoplasties (tummy tucks). Unfortunately, baby fat is cute and overweight old people aren't. Skinny people aren't either, but they are probably healthier, unless ill health has caused weight loss. If older people would exercise on a regular basis, a little extra weight controlled by muscle would probably be flattering....
  • Woody 2009/02/11 14:26:16

    See, don't I look younger?

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