How Do You Typically Pay for Groceries?

Living 2012/09/05 22:35:48
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What can we say? We're gaga over groceries! While we shop for our favorite snacks at the store, we often wonder if our grocery store etiquette is the same as others. Do most people sneak in samples at the candy bins while deciding whether or not they're going to buy the goods? What do you do when the cashier gives you too much change? And is it normal to go grocery shopping three times a week? We're finally going to find out.

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  • kitkat42 2012/09/07 23:07:15
    Cash or debit card, so cash.
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/09/07 23:06:18 (edited)
    Food Stamps
    All of the above. Not Checks
  • Karl 2012/09/07 23:04:37
    Debit Card
    I almost never have cash. Too tempting to spend it.
  • Alexis82 2012/09/07 23:03:16
    Food Stamps
    And proud of it
  • doctorw... Alexis82 2012/09/07 23:07:10
  • flrdsgns Alexis82 2012/09/07 23:12:40
    Why proud of it?
  • Crystal... flrdsgns 2012/09/08 04:06:20
    Why not?
  • Tasine Crystal... 2012/09/08 18:45:04
    Well, for one thing, it tells the world that you are not capable of taking care of your own needs.
  • Naked Tasine 2012/09/08 21:29:39
  • Tasine Naked 2012/09/08 21:34:17
    I'll be whatever I want to be, mein controller. God, you hypocrites on the left are so hung up on controlling others without policing yourselves that you make me sick. Truly ill. You might try getting a life - as should all the other imbecilic "brains" on the left.
  • Naked Tasine 2012/09/08 21:39:32 (edited)
  • Tasine Naked 2012/09/09 02:20:09
    I'll stop as soon as you all on the left quit trying to run everybody's life instead of your own. You must have absolutely horrible lives that you want to escape.
  • Naked Tasine 2012/09/09 04:05:07
  • Tasine Naked 2012/09/09 14:23:30
    Who is trying to "prove" anything? I frankly don't care what you think, if in fact you are familiar with the concept of thinking. Let me ask you a real question to which I would like a real answer, all BS aside: How does the government hand out food stamps without first force-ably taking the money to pay for them from OTHER PEOPLE'S pockets? Is not forcefully stealing people's money an abuse? What is so glorious about robbing Peter to pay Paul? How is this justifiable to people on the left who tout "fairness" and "fair share" constantly? Is fairness only available to those on the left? Are some Americans left out of the "fairness" pool?
  • Naked Tasine 2012/09/09 15:42:31 (edited)
  • Tasine Naked 2012/09/09 18:04:04
    You failed to answer my question so I will ask it again: How does the government hand out food stamps without first force-ably taking the money to pay for them from OTHER PEOPLE'S pockets? Is not forcefully stealing people's money an abuse?

    If you don't know the answer, we are through.
  • Naked Tasine 2012/09/09 20:47:51 (edited)
    No I answered it... YOU DIDN'T READ IT. It's no abuse, Or robbing, it's called taxes. And if you won't want to pay taxes, move.
  • Tasine Naked 2012/09/10 00:25:51
    Let me rephrase it - where do you suppose the government gets taxes and how do you think they make people pay them? If I point a gun at you and say "give me $100.00 or I'll shoot, is that theft?
  • Tasine Tasine 2012/09/10 00:28:38
    It almost sounds like you've never paid a tax in your entire short life.......that could account for your determination to make something bad look so great.

    Last chance. If no real answer, you will be blocked because I have better things to do than argue with someone who has no ability to learn.
  • Naked Tasine 2012/09/10 02:33:35
  • Naked Tasine 2012/09/10 02:33:16
    NO ONE IS HOLDING A GUN TO YOUR HEAD. It is a privilege to live in America. You don't have to pay anything you don't want to. Move somewhere else.
  • TKramar Tasine 2012/09/16 09:39:49
    you still really don't have a choice about paying taxes. If not for this thing, then the other. The government itself, and all its employees, get paid by stealing from you. So why do you not want to get rid of the government entirely, as I do?
  • eliza Naked 2012/11/23 23:36:09
  • Naked eliza 2012/11/24 05:42:17
    Of course I know what taxes are. I pay them! I started working at 17. I'm not apposed to taxes, and I never said that I was. So i'm not quite sure what your point was.
  • Crystal... Tasine 2012/09/11 02:27:49
    There is no answer to your question because it is an opinion that you feel is justified somehow.. maybe fox news told you so. The other person did answer your question! TAXES.. that is what helps pay for food stamps to others.. TAXES.. if you feel you are FORCEFULLY being made to pay your TAXES than move! Have you yourself EVER been in need and asked for assistance?. IF not then we are through!
  • Tasine Crystal... 2012/09/11 12:46:56
    I don't "feel" I am forced to pay my taxes. I KNOW I am forced to pay my taxes. Yes, I know, I could refuse. And that would result in my income being taken, my home being taken, or my freedom being taken by putting me in jail. If you don't call that "FORCE", what do YOU call it? Move?! Absolutely NOT - other places are worse. Instead I'll fight to reduce the tax burden of all Americans who pay taxes.
  • Crystal... Tasine 2012/09/13 03:28:32
    That is great! While we differ in opinion we agree in passion!
  • Naked Crystal... 2012/11/23 14:58:15
    I don't even get it. We're complaining about taxes being taken out for foodstamps. I'm FINE with that. But how about Taxes taken from my pocket and from my husbands pocket for WAR? I don't support that, I don't want to have to pay for it. But It is a part of living in America, so you have to suck it up at some point. The money spet on war, weapons, and defense FAR outweigh the money going into the food stamps system. Why aren't people as outraged about their money being spent that way? I know I am.
  • Crystal... Naked 2012/11/27 00:32:29
    Seriously a very well put perspective. I don't support the War and hate that my taxes are paying for it. I gladly will pay my taxes to help poor people though. Cause that is the kind of person I aim to be.
  • Naked Crystal... 2012/11/27 01:09:47
    Same here!
  • eliza Tasine 2012/09/09 16:20:42
    Wow imsmarter is bloody annoying!!!!!!! She needs a life!!!!!! She's been doing my head in
  • Naked eliza 2012/09/09 20:49:41 (edited)
    No I haven't. You're doing your own head in by replying to me over and over with your poorly formed sentences calling it "proper English" you need a life. A little schooling wouldn't hurt as well.
    tina fey gif
  • eliza Naked 2012/11/23 13:55:36
  • Naked eliza 2012/11/23 14:47:53
    Happy thanksgiving to you too.
  • eliza Naked 2012/11/23 23:29:11
    Australian love!
  • Tasine eliza 2012/09/10 02:40:41
    She's on a tear. Welfare check must have been late in coming. And she hasn't a clue what I mean about a "gun to my head", probably because she's never filed a tax return.
  • Crystal... Tasine 2012/09/11 02:23:18
    My life is great! I am neither left nor right.. I am a person with an opinion . That is all.. All this labeling nonsense is just a way we project our fears on to other people because we don't understand them or want to take the time to do so.. Xenophobia.. this nation is full of it!
  • Meagan Alexis82 2012/09/11 13:50:11
    I can't understand saying you are proud of using food stamps. Needing them is one thing, being proud of needing to use food stamps? That doesn't make any sense.
  • ZB Meagan 2012/09/17 03:05:34
    More like not afraid to admit that she cannot do it on her own, that she needs help.
  • Dan 2012/09/07 22:45:06
    Debit Card
    Easier than carrying a wad of bills around.

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