How do you tell someone that the relationship is over without hurting them?

Treasure ♥ijm♥ 2011/01/17 00:09:55
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  • sarah 2013/06/13 21:31:51
    well you cant expect to be friends but if he or she feels the same maybe you can. if you have been acting fake around him and not showing you don't like him anymore the you will never be friends because if you were friends before then he or a she is expecting you to be honest and its only going to hut them bad if you break up out of the blue when he or she did nothing wrong you shouldn't do that and if you like someone else you should hope the don't know them because then they wont be friends and neither will you guys when you break up tell him why even if it huts him he will appreciate your honesty
  • Maddie 2011/09/28 04:08:55
    Try to be as nice as you can cuz someone is always going to be hurt
  • LQ~phaet 2011/09/27 23:38:54
    No such thing. And, if you ever gave a damn about them, it's gonna hurt you both.
  • lolo 2011/09/27 22:57:40
    Give them reasons to not like you anymore.
  • Dum Luk lolo 2011/09/28 00:40:07
    Dum Luk
    Sometimes that backfires.

    Yes, I know from experience. :D
  • lolo Dum Luk 2011/09/28 02:43:05
    Yea, I guess honesty is the best policy.
  • BaLou 2011/09/27 22:41:13
    Unless both are in total agreement, someone is going to get hurt! It's inevitable!
  • Knight Owl 2011/07/09 17:04:05
    Knight Owl
    Never easy unless it is a mutual feeling!
  • lilsischika 2011/02/04 15:32:25
    well i guess it hurts either way...but just because you dont wanna be together with this person anymore doesnt mean its not hurting you to...if they have feelings for you they will come to understand dont worrie :)
  • Theresa 2011/01/19 09:38:22
    You can not! That is the simple answer! Someone who has invested time and energy into this relationship will feel hurt and angry once you leave! It may not show it but breaking up is one of the worst feelings especially if you were intimate for a long time. Believe it or not your body chemistry is attuned to your partner. So when you remove that partner you whole body goes through withdrawals! So it will take about 3 months before you have your equilibrium back.
  • Modest but real. Yah heard me? 2011/01/18 20:12:44
    Modest but real. Yah heard me?
    SweeetHeart, please come into the living room I have something to discuss with you. Are you happy, if it takes you that long to respond there is some serious reasonings we need to do.......pause. I have loved you but now that has changed............ what! oh you do!.. You live, oh wait you lived with me, i was trying to be polite but since you wanna be a smart ass your shyt is to the left, everything you own in a box to the left... exit right.biooootch!
  • Kitten 2011/01/18 14:43:01
    be honest and hope for that to be enough.
  • Laja 2011/01/18 12:38:46
    It's going to hurt BOTH parties involved if you have been in a close relationship for years. Sometimes it is just over.
  • TCFla 2011/01/18 05:19:00
    One person is always going to feel hurt but it's important to face the person and be honest. Not providing a clear, honest reason is more hurtful than the actual breakup.
  • Anna E 2011/01/18 00:19:57
    Anna E
    Get them to think it was their idea? Just a guess cuz it's the only thing I can think of.
  • MushroomQueef 2011/01/17 21:28:39
    i think there is always going to be someone hurt. buttt... just be careful about the words you use and try to make them feel like they were a valuable part of your life but they arnt the one for you.
  • Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^ 2011/01/17 19:09:25
    Nick~believe ^MOTOOP^
    I don't think that can be done unless you've both come to the same conclusion at the same time. It's possible not to be cruel, but someone usually gets hurt in the process.
  • Mushroo... Nick~be... 2011/01/17 21:28:56
  • Bright_mind_maden 2011/01/17 17:04:40
    it’s going to be painful, you can’t skip that phase, if you are in a relationship – it’s inevitable! Only if you run for it, but it sims cowardice..
  • Answer Ops 2011/01/17 16:45:34 (edited)
    Answer Ops
    That's like saying how do you rip someones heart out so that they won't feel a thing. Do it quick, the faster you do it the more time the person will have to recover from their feelings.
  • Charlie 2011/01/17 15:45:24
    It's always going to hurt but be honest.I'd never want anyone to be with me that wasn't happy with being with me.
  • Chatty 2011/01/17 15:28:32
    You can't. It's just one of those things. Just don't relent if they start to cry or beg you not to dump them if you know it's over.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/01/17 14:40:56
    Just MEH....Piwan
    I don't think it is possible to not hurt the person you are breaking up with, but handling it as civil and compassionately as you can helps.
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/01/17 13:57:49
    Jack's Pearl
    Unless it's mutual, it's going to hurt. But at least be kind, face them in person and tell them how much you still appreciate them.
  • Huki68 2011/01/17 13:44:28 (edited)
    It will hurt not matter what how you say it, where you say it...
  • Jaguar 2011/01/17 13:16:57
    It will always hurt, whether it's them, you or both of you...
    But if it's over, it's over... And there is never any easy way of putting it I'm afraid...

  • Gun665 2011/01/17 12:58:17
  • chocolate-lover 2011/01/17 12:44:11 (edited)
    it won't hurt only when both want the relationship to end....otherwise it would be hurting!!
  • Ravenholm 2011/01/17 10:48:51
    "It's over. Sorry."
  • Nabael 2011/01/17 09:42:21
    You don't. Ending a relationship isn't a comfortable process. And while you can minimize it by just being honest and not doing something that out right betrays them like cheating, it is still going to sting like hell unless both of you damn well know it is not going anywhere or it has just started.
  • Mayday 2011/01/17 08:12:53
    Sometimes there are dynamics that can't be compromised. If it isn't working, someone is suffering. If it ends someone suffers loss.
  • Metalthatroxursox 2011/01/17 08:06:39
    Well I know what not to do...don't pretend you're dead.
  • rosie 2011/01/17 05:56:18
    You don't. If the other person is really into you there is no way of telling them in a way that's not going to hurt them, it's just apart of life. Just be real with them and they'll eventually appreciate it
  • Zippcodey 2011/01/17 05:53:46
    Leave town and don't come back for at least 6 months.
  • Talisman 2011/01/17 05:42:48
    Unless you both admit that it's over, you don't. Either way, somebody is going to end up hurt. You just have to look at it from the perspective of just how long do you both want to keep on hurting until you finally admit to yourselves that the relationship has run it's course? It's a tough call, but someone has to play the heavy, just don't be an ass about it. Show some respect, and compassion for what was there when it was good...
  • thegalnextdoor 2011/01/17 05:24:42
    I wish I knew...
  • rileybriboy 2011/01/17 05:24:25
    Tis Impossible to not hurt the one that loves you without hurting yourself
  • Fan0Reilly 2011/01/17 05:11:55
    If they don't like you either, then it's a piece of cake. I try to only get involved with women who hate me, so I can pretty much leave whenever I want.
  • Happy Face 2011/01/17 04:55:53
    Happy Face
    I don't think you can do it without hurting them in some way. If they aren't hurt there was something wrong. You just have to break it to them as easily as possible, and be nice about it. Face to face is always a great thing too. It's more personal.
  • debbie 2011/01/17 04:30:29
    You can't. It's always painful to tell someone you once loved, that may or may not still be in love with you, that it is over. And I think the more years you have been together, the harder it is.. Just be honest, its all you can do...

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