How Do You Say Goodbye To A Deceased Loved One?

Geezertalk 2009/05/15 11:59:32
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Goobyes are best expressed ______________________________
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  • GreatLakes 2009/05/15 12:14:17
    I don't know. It's been 11 years since my father passed and I still can't believe he's gone.

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  • Derek 2009/05/24 22:26:55
    Go to their graves, by yourself. Tell them the things that you could never say to them when they were alive. graves alive
  • Freddie 2009/05/24 13:56:24
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    I burry them with their most prized possiens and with peace and love
  • HappyTime 2009/05/21 23:22:38
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    ... in the best manner you can muster.

  • SABLE 2009/05/20 11:46:43
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    I placed a keepsake in my Dad's coffin and prayed for his instant entrance into Heaven. I miss him but I know he no longer suffers from the cancer that was raging through is body. Having smoked for 50 years and worked with asbestos to make a living for his family, he had lung cancer. He also had prostate and stomach cancer. So I know he no longer has pain and he was such a good person, God brought him home that day.
  • kalynn 2009/05/19 16:52:11
    This one hits close to me. I just found out that the love of my life died 8 years ago. There isn't any closure yet, but he will have a place in my heart forever. Oh if I had only done some things differently...but what can you do really???
  • lucifer 2009/05/19 16:00:15
    i never say goodbye......................... why would i??~~~~~~
  • Milk Maid 2009/05/18 20:57:23
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    Milk Maid
    I only cried once when two little girls 2 yrs and 5 yrs cried out for their dead mother. I didn't cry because the person died but because the little girls were torn up about it.
    The only person I cared to say good bye to was my Grandmother. I can't cry at funerals....I don't cry at all for the person...I think because I am comfortable with the fact that we all live and die. I can sympathize with those who grieve but deep down I don't get it.
  • ♥ Mariposita ♥ 2009/05/18 17:08:16
    ♥ Mariposita ♥
    prayer and love! i think that u could never be able to say goodbye to a loved one! its not possible! but with love and support from loved ones around you can help the pain! like i said u might not be able to forget or get over the fact they are gone, but u can learn to live wit it. and prayer, cause i believe God helps the ones that ask for help! God can heal broken or lonely hearts!
  • Candi; Bella 2009/05/18 16:15:58
    Candi; Bella
    I usually go to the visitations and when i get up to the casket, i say a prayer over the person and just ask god to bless their soul, then I ask that god heals the hurt that is going on.
  • Amanda_50158 2009/05/16 18:46:49
    Its hard to say goodbye to someone you love. Everyone has good days & bad ones but its what gets you through the bad days that show us how to say goodbye.
  • Kelly 2009/05/16 16:19:55
    I was only 7! I didn't react because I didn't understand what happened
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2009/05/16 15:16:38
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    Just MEH....Piwan
    with prayers.
  • jacktown kid 2009/05/16 15:02:01
    jacktown kid
    Not very easy
  • kaylee 2009/05/16 05:49:00
    I always give them a song.........then when I hear it, I always feel like they are with me.
  • free voter 2009/05/16 04:50:38
    free voter
    The best way if you where really close is to write them a letter and express your feelings and then if they are buried go to there plot site where they are and dig a small hole and put your letter in the ground and cover it. If they are not put it in the casket with them. I did it with my 2 brothers and my father and my grandparents and it gave me time to think of what i wanted to say and tell them how i felt and it made it easy to say i will see you in heaven and i feel this way because of your death.
  • AnaBee<3 2009/05/16 03:55:40
    It depends on whether or not I am very close to the person. I've only been to one funeral in my life and it made me very upset even though I wasn't very close to the person. I can't stand the thought of something so final, something that just ends as swifty as it began. Usually I mourn with tears and prayers.
  • ken 2009/05/16 03:19:29
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    See ya!!
  • Isabel-Publius 2009/05/16 01:47:31
  • Rondolce 2009/05/16 01:27:53
    Goobyes are best expressed ______________________________
    I allow myself to mourn. I recognize that it's simply painful and accept the pain. If it's appropriate I declare the date of their death as a personal holiday with a theme. I have a half dozen of them now.
  • leqacy 2009/05/16 00:54:37
    I mean live your life. Things live and then they die. Harsh way to say it but its the truth. Enjoy your time with them while they are alive and that way you don't mope around crying for centuries and what not. My mother has 3 types of cancer so I am enjoying myself with her while I can and taking as much time to have her company. I know when she passes its going to hurt but at least I won't regret not spending enough time with her.
  • Denise 2009/05/16 00:38:51
    Tears, prayers, and recalling good memories
  • lisa\m/ 2009/05/15 23:48:22
    it takes time and alot of tears
  • Beverly 2009/05/15 23:01:20
    I would just cry because i loved them to much.. I miss Jake!!
  • Anna.™ 2009/05/15 22:59:11
    i know this is gonna sound totally crazy and everyone here is gonna think i am wacko but:
    a couple of days after my dad's funeral, he was in my dream and in my dream he hugged me tight and told me that he was sorry he had to leave and that i had nothing to worry about and to tell my mom and brother and sister that he would be watching over us.

    that dream really was kinda closure for me because it was the closest thing to a real goodbye i had.
  • Rondolce Anna.™ 2009/05/16 01:31:54
    I had a moment after my dad's funeral that was powerful like that. While I was driving from the church I had the radio on and the Beatles' "Here Comes The Sun" came on. It was a beautifully sunny January day in Chicago; not too cold but bright. I began absentmindedly singing along and soon noticed my seven year old daughter singing with me. Suddenly I felt closer to my family and, my heritage and my lineage than ever. It was an intense moment.
  • halfbreed Anna.™ 2009/05/16 14:39:25
    Does not seem crazy to me at all. And just maybe it was not just a dream at all but a form of reaching out to you from a different realm. I have seen too much in my life to think that death is the end. It is just another beginning and a person is sometimes as close as a thought. My son who was only three at the time talked and saw my dead grandmother all the time and what he said she told him could not come out of a three years old mouth and the words were words that were all her. She raised me and I knew how she thought and how she expressed those thoughts. Thoses messages were hers and not the babbling of a three year old. So I have made it a point to never say "Goodby" and always keep my mind and heart open for when they are ready to say "Hello"
  • secretkoi 2009/05/15 22:20:05
    Goobyes are best expressed ______________________________
    goobyes expressed ...with silent screaming...
  • Silky p... secretkoi 2009/05/16 14:27:21 (edited)
    Silky pal of Jesus

    but know that you will meet again, my sweet. Real love, God's love never fails. Life is eternal, and they walk with us in memory
  • secretkoi Silky p... 2009/05/16 15:25:20
    it hurts so much though! hurts
  • Silky p... secretkoi 2009/05/16 15:32:08
    Silky pal of Jesus
    I know, baby. I felt like my heart had been ripped out. I lost my Dad in 99. We were very close. The only thing that keeps me sane, after all the losses, is knowing that God has another door He is opening for me. ripped lost dad 99 close sane losses god door opening
  • secretkoi Silky p... 2009/05/16 15:48:08
    This is my worst nightmare.....losing my father!I'm just not ready yet to deal with something like that!
  • Silky p... secretkoi 2009/05/16 15:52:14
    Silky pal of Jesus
    Your Dad will be around for sometime to come. My Dad was 80 years old when he passed. I promise you Ana, I will be there for you if I have to fly to UK to do it when it happens. I love you that much, And honey, I am one person who keeps her promises. My Daddy taught me that a person is no better than their word. I will be there for you!
    Love, mummy Silky
  • secretkoi Silky p... 2009/05/16 16:21:29
    LOVE YOU!!!!!
  • Silky p... secretkoi 2009/05/16 16:53:44
    Silky pal of Jesus
    I love you, my heart
  • Happy Face 2009/05/15 21:57:28
    Happy Face
    I shut everyone out and don't go to the funeral...then after a while I break down...and after that i never forget them and I still can't believe they're gone.
  • OLD CRACKER 2009/05/15 21:42:07
    still trying to say goodby to many, many good people I have known. Still hurts.
  • De'~ 2009/05/15 21:21:13
    Depends on how they go and how attched to the loved one we were/are... Each case would be individualized.

    You're putting the question to the wrong person becasue I don't subscribe to the norm in the method of dealing with the deceased. I'm not into funerals and as I stated before it would have to be someone monumentally important in my life in order to get me to show up for the ceremonies. I never could understand the folks that rush to everyones funeral tha they hear of. Friends, a mere acquaintances, enemies, lol, they show up for all of them. : D
  • MARCY 2009/05/15 21:09:34 (edited)
    When my father passed away I could not get over it for a long time,I sank into deep deppresion,I didn't want to look at his pictures I'd cried a lot,I was mad at God for taking him knowing that I loved him and needed him,It was a very hard time,after a while I start looking at his pictures,my sisters and I remembering him how he was,he was a very loving and kind person,that is how I remember him,in fact you can never say goodbye,I never got over it,I just learn to cope.
  • JenHeartsConverse 2009/05/15 21:08:35
    you dont need to say anything. you just need to think of the good times. and remember them. that way their never dead.
  • Ghostlyhaunt 2009/05/15 20:52:01
    I've never say 'goodbye'. I prefer to say I'll see ya later.

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