How do you pull away from a guy u know doesnt love you?

soccersinger95 2011/03/28 21:25:25
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  • xxAiRhEaDxx 2011/03/29 21:02:15
    idk. i ask myself that everyday and i try to let go and i cant :( when i start to forget about him...
    i c him smile and he looks at me and all the feelings come back.
  • TXgirlbybirthCALgirlbheart 2011/03/29 05:49:51
    stop being around him its hard but you can do it. get closer to your family, friends, take this time to really find out what you really want.
  • Ms.Gamlieli 2011/03/29 04:57:54
    be closer to friends. Go out have fun distract your mind from that guy. and while u have fun hanging out, who knows maybe a guy worth looking at will come into your life :)
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2011/03/29 01:41:02
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Show him the meaning .
  • Arika 2011/03/29 00:05:18
    I wish I knew myself -___-
  • Razzy Ratchets 2011/03/28 23:25:25
    Razzy Ratchets
    Easily. Why waste my precious time?
  • Maself17 2011/03/28 22:55:38
    That's make no sense
  • Olive Oil 2011/03/28 22:45:07
    Olive Oil
    This is tricky. If you love him and you are having a hard time pulling away from him, then do it slowly, Lessen the amount you spend with him by increments daily, til one day you do not feel any need for him. Also be careful not to lead him on. My question is why is he spending time with you if he does not love you. Maybe subconsciously you do not love
  • Someone 2011/03/28 22:36:01
    Do you think he is with you only for passing his time?
  • Rakohammas 2011/03/28 22:30:13
    by saying *clears throat* I dont love u :) ....so its over....lets move on to find our special someone (if theres such a thing and then followed by the typical words)....its not u its me :D
  • Gwenith nicole 2011/03/28 21:59:33
    Gwenith nicole
    just tell him that it is not working out
  • SourCherry 2011/03/28 21:38:43
    Great question.... I don't know
  • baby cakes 826 2011/03/28 21:31:26
    baby cakes 826
    You slowly stop communication, and find someone else who does
  • lrb 2011/03/28 21:31:05
    Telling him directly that you don't want to be with him would probably best unless there is some reason that you can't.
  • angelbaby 2011/03/28 21:30:34
    You just do it !
    What would it benefit you not to?
    Good Luck..:)
  • sd *TROUBLE* 2011/03/28 21:30:03
    sd *TROUBLE*
    Just tell them that your not in love, no matter what. Its not enough.
  • WTLC1970 2011/03/28 21:27:47
    Don't know
  • Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm... 2011/03/28 21:26:52
    Barefoot Peace and Love∞ijm♥☮♥∞
    I have been asking myself that all day!!
    Peace and Love♥
  • soccers... Barefoo... 2011/03/28 21:28:51
    its really hard but good luck to you too!
  • Barefoo... soccers... 2011/03/28 21:41:37

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