How do you make new friends?

≌PoPTart≌ 2012/05/25 15:32:23
The Interwebs
I go out to a bar/club
Grocery store/market
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  • METALheadMom 2012/05/25 18:22:25
    I make new friends by...
    I don't. I've learned that my life is easier without the added stress of dealing with other peoples lives. I have several acquaintances I enjoy talking with, never on deep personal levels. I do not find trusting easy, as I had 3 relationships I believed were friendships for over 30 years (we all went through school together and far beyond that), all three relationships dissolved due to their drug and/or alcohol abuse. What I trusted more than anything, was their intelligence - clearly I was wrong. Being a fool for more than half my life, made me protect what life I have left from fools, and me from being a fool again.

    My advice to you, is be EXTREMELY cautious who you trust BEFORE you let them get too close emotionally, and especially if THEY want to get very close quickly. Stop them if they start telling you stuff they really shouldn't be telling you. If they get angry, they can't be trusted - that's how backstabbers and rumor spreaders get their dirt. They gain peoples trust, by pretending to trust you with theirs. Friendship DEVELOPS - it isn't something you'll find at the store, on the web, or especially when people are drinking or doing drugs. Trust me, I KNOW.
  • Cuppajo 2012/05/25 17:43:47
    I make new friends by...
    If I must...

    While participating in an activity you enjoy, speak to others also engaging in said activity. You already have a common interest.
  • das 2012/05/25 15:50:48
  • ≌PoPTart≌ das 2012/05/25 16:02:35
    i'm gonna give it a try by Gum.
  • JustMe 2012/05/25 15:50:05
    I make new friends by...
    Its easiest for me to make friends online, but usually I find someone with a common interest or something and try to start a conversation
  • METALhe... JustMe 2012/05/25 18:24:01
    Tell us - how do you consider a person a friend, when you cannot look them in the eye or watch their body language? How do you know they are trustworthy?
  • JustMe METALhe... 2012/05/25 18:38:13
    because i have met many people online and then in person, just because you see someone in person doesnt mean they are trustworthy either

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