How do you get rid of fibreglass splinters?

feelin'fresh 2011/07/03 12:21:04
I tried to fix my kayak today and was stupid enough to lean on my arms INSIDE the kayak... now I have fibreglass splinters all up both arms and hands. How the fluff do I get rid of them? I've done this before (stupid I know), but it took AGES to for them to come out naturally.
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  • Hamm0ckjames 2011/07/03 13:34:50
    Duct tape works pretty well. Another thing works Very well at removing those pesky fiberglass splinters, but it's not for the weak at heart. It's the hot wax hair removal kit women use on their legs and such. Sounds weird, hurts like anything. But it works Very well,,,,,,,,
  • feelin'... Hamm0ck... 2011/07/03 13:38:05
    Thanks, I will remember all these methods for the future, I'm bound to do it again!
  • Hamm0ck... feelin'... 2011/07/03 13:42:54
    I used the hot wax kit after I re-Glassed the bottom of my canoe a few years ago,,,,
    It only took a few weeks to grow back,,,,,lol,,,,,,
  • fer_reals 2011/07/03 12:40:46
    Take a piece of duct tape and cover the area where you have the splinters. Gently, press the duct tape to the skin. If you press too hard, you will drive the splinter deeper.

    Pull the duct tape off slowly and it will bring the splinters with it. If it doesn't get all of the splinters in one try, then repeat. This works best on areas that don't have a lot of hair (hands and feet).
  • feelin'... fer_reals 2011/07/03 12:42:49
    Thankyou! I will try that! :)
  • feelin'... feelin'... 2011/07/03 12:49:40
    OMG it worked! Thankyou so much! Now its not so painful to move! :) :) :)

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