How do you feel when when family and friends forget your birthday?

Tirza_C 2009/03/06 02:36:46
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  • Mike Watts 2013/02/11 20:08:20
    I dont care
    Mike Watts
    If they can't remember the day you were born,they don't matter. My family does this all the time,they don't remember my birthday but get mad when I make no effort to acknowledge theirs
  • michelle 2009/07/12 01:28:05
    I dont care
    I am 13.My mom and Dad never forget...they just never really phazes them....all my friends remember though and that makes me happy.
  • Mariposa[◕‿◕Gleek❤PHAET] 2009/03/28 03:44:25
    I feel...
    i used to get so sad...me and my family are tight...so when they forget i feel more then sad and a little angry. but now that i'm older its easier to not really care.
  • Scarlette 2009/03/07 17:11:42
    my mom (who reminds dad) and daughter never forget. thats all the family i have. a good friend of mine always remembers. its all good.
  • ~PEACE, TWILIGHT, AND TAYL... 2009/03/07 16:21:01
    it's never happened to me so i dkont know how that feels.
  • Neesha 2009/03/07 03:05:51
    I dont care
    But they never do.
  • AmericanVirus 2009/03/06 22:46:27
    I feel...
    Just forgotten... just forgotten
  • thakatchaser 2009/03/06 19:48:41
  • Sarahi Zavala 2009/03/06 17:29:34
    Sarahi Zavala
    if i had to reminde them they have to get me something really BIG lol
  • AnnaLynne! 2009/03/06 16:10:23
    I feel...
  • animelover_in_God_I_trust 2009/03/06 13:25:49
    I have a lot of things at home and it won't be differnt from anything else + they never forgot so far
  • S 2009/03/06 13:02:55
    I feel...
    it sucks but it is a lot worse when they forget that you are part of the family.....
  • cindyher 2009/03/06 12:35:33
    I feel...
    pretty sad. i can careless about friends, but family? man, that's gotta burn somewhere, lol. it's never happened to me before, but i have bought my own cake... lol, so much for a big family.
  • sky blue pink - American 2009/03/06 11:16:29
    I dont care
    sky blue pink - American
    My mom forgot my 19th, didn't care. Had fun anyway, a little of this, that and the other.
  • Kari 2009/03/06 10:44:42
    I feel...
    Well, that has never happened to me. My family always celebrates everyone's birthday. They've never forgotten about my birthday. xD
  • LPYasna 2009/03/06 09:59:06
    I feel...
    It`s sad... I don`t forget anyone`s B-Day... And i`m sad when that happend to me.... I hoppe they just to call to say Happy B-Day, or write a message... without gifts...
  • cherish tan 2009/03/06 08:13:51
    cherish tan
    Today is your day,
    Where you are free to live your every dream,
    A day where you can achieve,
    All your fantasies,

    You can wish for a pony or two, whatever you want because,
    This day is just for you, neutral free live dream achieve fantasies pony
  • Samie8908 2009/03/06 05:40:00
    I dont care
    I've had too many anyway. But that's not my problem because they always remember.
  • ImgonaluvAztroBoi4eva 2009/03/06 05:37:29
    I feel...
    I'd feel a tiny bit sad I think. They don't have to make a big deal out of it but at least remember it.
  • Liz often bored 2009/03/06 04:38:54
  • ninibear 2009/03/06 04:09:38
    I feel...
    well since im still young im like how could you forget the day i was born and be sad
  • NorthSunFlower 2009/03/06 03:46:32
  • Surfsrock~RWAC~CFM 2009/03/06 03:35:24
  • S Surfsro... 2009/03/06 13:03:58
  • Surfsro... S 2009/03/06 17:19:40
  • LOTR_HP... Surfsro... 2009/03/06 23:02:51
  • Surfsro... LOTR_HP... 2009/03/07 01:18:46
  • LOTR_HP~RWAC~CFM 2009/03/06 03:25:00
  • LPYasna LOTR_HP... 2009/03/06 10:05:25
    You don`t belive that??? My mother-in-low forgot my B-Day. We "konw" each other for a 9 years.... And she forgot a B-Day of she`s own grandchild ( my son)....
  • LOTR_HP... LPYasna 2009/03/06 16:01:13
  • LPYasna LOTR_HP... 2009/03/06 21:14:27
    It`s really hard to swallow something like this, but with time you become peacefull.... And for this year, my sister-in-law says we should organise a suprise B Day party for my mother-in-law.... No way!!!!
  • LOTR_HP... LPYasna 2009/03/06 23:01:15
  • LPYasna LOTR_HP... 2009/03/08 11:13:22
    mother-in-low are so.....I dont know how is in USA but hire, mother-in-low is a monster-in-low.....hahahaha....
  • S LOTR_HP... 2009/03/06 13:04:22
    can i forget the family? hehehe
  • Surfsro... LOTR_HP... 2009/03/06 17:20:21
  • mel 2009/03/06 03:05:03
    I feel...
    upset cuz I feel like I am not important enough to them. I do my best to remember their's. Why can't they do that for me?
  • Tirza_C mel 2009/03/06 03:07:41
    i agree i remember everyones birthday but when someone forgets mind i feel let down
  • Scarlette Tirza_C 2009/03/07 17:16:04
    at least you are thoughtful.
    i remember ppls b-day's cuz i like astrology.
    i always txt ppl and blow their mind i remembered. lol
    i dont expect the same at my age anymore. i use to feel let down tho. ;D
  • Tirza_C Scarlette 2009/03/07 20:55:51
    yea me too i dont really care like i used im getting older so yea
  • BUNNIES 2009/03/06 03:04:34
    I feel...
    ..sad, and uninteresting. *sigh*

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